One of the aspects of session wrestling that I love is the feminine smell of a gorgeous woman. Some of it is natural and others are enhanced by sensational perfumes. I’ve hung out with them on social occasions and at times I’m in heaven.

What you like is just like beauty. It’s in the eye of the beholder.

In our business we have met so many sensuous female submission wrestlers and sit with them before a photo shoot and they smell sweet, feminine and wonderful.

There is a new perfume that has come to the market that is making a buzz and it’s by the mind blowing beautiful singer Rihanna. article, photo article, photo

Here is what her team has to say about this scent that is taking the world by storm in December of 2014.

Rihanna announces the debut of ROGUE LOVE BY RIHANNA in time for holiday 2014 expanding her presence in the world of fragrance and giving her fans new fragrances for men and for women this holiday season. article, photo article, photo

Just last month over 3,500 fans celebrated with Rihanna at Macy’s Lenox Square in Atlanta the debut of ROGUE MAN, her first fragrance for men.

ROGUE LOVE BY RIHANNA complements ROGUE MAN, and is a delicious floral fragrance dedicated to her female fans.

ROGUE LOVE BY RIHANNA captures that moment when love first hits you with a wild rush that goes through your whole body. Delicious fruits tempt your senses with notes of fresh citrus and succulent peach mingling with the temptation of juicy berries. Just as the facets of love take multiple twists and turns, the core of ROGUE LOVE BY RIHANNA is built with layers upon layers of lush, rich florals. A bit uncontrollable like the fluttering of the love-struck heartbeat, the petals are a radiant texture with vibrant colors of honeysuckle, jasmine and orchid splashed with the simply irresistible seduction of coconut.

In the background lies the pure beauty of the sophisticated sweetness of vanilla and golden amber. A mysterious femininity emerges as powerful, lingering notes of rich creamy woods are drizzled with an addictive hint of caramel.

THE PACKAGING:  ROGUE LOVE BY RIHANNA is housed in a sleek white-on-white stingray patterned carton trimmed with sensuous rose gold accents and features the ROGUE LOVE BY RIHANNA ad image on back.  The bottle design is a heavy glass with inverted spikes kissed in rose gold. A matte white cap complements the carton.

THE AD:  Fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti captures Rihanna’s sensual side.

ABOUT RIHANNA article, photo article, photo

Rihanna has taken the music, entertainment and fashion industry by storm. As an accomplished performer, she has sold 50 million albums and 180 million digital tracks worldwide making her the top-selling digital artist of all time. She’s put out 7 albums in 7 years, achieved 12 number-one singles and won 7 Grammy Awards. With over 4 billion views and 16 Vevo certified videos she is the most viewed artist on Vevo/YouTube and the biggest artist on Facebook with over 80 million friends.  In addition, she’s successfully launched four fragrances, two capsule collections with Armani, as well as four River Island collections and is currently the spokesperson for Viva Glam.


Parlux Fragrances LTD, a leading global beauty company designs, manufactures, markets and distributes prestige fragrances and related products since 1987.  It holds the licenses for notable fragrance brands including Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Vince Camuto, Kenneth Cole, JAY Z and Tommy Bahama among others.

As usual gives us an inside scoop. “Rihanna, 27, already has a handful of super successful perfumes, but this new scent may become the best yet! The aptly named “RiRi” is a fruity, fun floral that is sweet — just like the singer. Read more about the perfume below and see when it’s available! article, photo article, photo

Rihanna looks pretty in pink in the super glamorous advertisement. It looks totally inspired by Marilyn Monroe‘s famous pink outfit in Gentleman Prefer Blondes. This perfume and campaign is a 180 degree departure from her hard, sexy, edgy “Rogue” franchise. “RiRi” is girly, glam, and playful. The perfume itself is delicious — I got to smell it yesterday and I am already obsessed! Here are the top notes: Passionfruit Extract, Rum Absolute, Sparkling Cassis, and Italian mandarin.

Mid notes are Japanese Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Exotic Jasmine, and Pink Freesia. Base notes round out the scent: Madagascar, Vanilla, Warm Skin Musk and Indonesian Sandalwood.

For now, pick up Rogue Love, a fresh, floral scent with notes of juicy mandarin, red berries, honeysuckle, orchid, caramel and coconut.”

Her other perfume includes Rebelle, the second fragrance for women by Rihanna.

The fragrance was released in Spring 2012 under the same perfume line Parlux Fragrances.

The fragrance was made available for purchase on, on February 15, 2012.

Rihanna described the fragrance, as having a “feminine romantic element,” while maintaining a “defiant quality.” She added, “my new fragrance is about taking control but still being a lady.” The top notes of the fragrance include; plum, strawberry and ginger, the middle notes include orchid, cacao and heliotrope, and the base notes include musk, patchouli, amber and coffee. The fragrance is packaged in a flacon shape, created of red and gold surfaces, similar to that of Rihanna’s previous fragrance.

The promotional campaign for Rebelle, was shot by renowned music video director, Anthony Mandler, who also shot the promotional campaign for Reb’l Fleur.

The fragrance was also marketed on the social networking service, Facebook and on Twitter. Additionally, a large billboard, displayed in Times Square, New York, features Rihanna, promoting the fragrance.

Since the release of Rebelle in the United Kingdom in February 2012, it has sold over 2 million bottles. Rihanna’s fragrance has beaten other celebrity scents, in terms of bottles sold, including Heat by Beyoncé, Glow by Jennifer Lopez and Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears. Rebelle sold a record-breaking, 4 million bottles, in the UK, at the end of 2012.

Based upon the soaring participation of young women in amateur No Gi tournaments, high school and collegiate freestyle wrestling and submission wrestling, ours is an industry where young women want to look great and smell even better after a competition.

It’s nice to briefly take a look at the glamorous world of perfume and see what’s out there, to make who’s in here (our industry), smell wonderful.

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