Life’s theaters can be a gracious host to myriads of positive human qualities. Love, passion, kindness, fairness, empathy and listening, to name a few.

There are certain qualities that at times Life should never answer the doorbell to or open the door for.

Mercy is one of them.

Please restrain your gasps of shock.

Mercy should always be exhibited no matter the theater, true? article, photo by William Edward Kilburn, wikpedia

The educational source relates, “Frederick William Robertson, byname Robertson Of Brighton (born Feb. 3, 1816, London—died Aug. 15, 1853, Brighton, Sussex, Eng.), is an Anglican clergyman who became widely popular particularly among the working class because of the oratory and psychological insight in his sermons preached from 1847 at Trinity Chapel, Brighton.

Appealing to a broad religious consensus within Anglican belief by avoiding theological concepts, he advocated the reform ideas of the 1848 Revolution, but his views generated strong opposition. His Sermons, published posthumously (1855–74), deeply influenced Anglican devotion.”

He was a brilliant and powerful man. It is so deeply sad that he passed at the young age of 37.

He was once quoted as expressing, “There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.”

Makes sense.

Since he never lived to see the formation of the National Football League, it’s forgivable that he left out another scenario where mercy should be shown.

The elite sports world.

On Sunday February 5, 2017, did you watch the Super Bowl?

Yeah, the one where the Atlanta Falcons raced out to a 28-3 lead only to lose 34-28 in overtime.


How can we forget?

One media group, explains why we should never forget an important life lesson. Regarding the wingless Falcons they document, “Not only are they still one of 13 NFL teams who have yet to win the Super Bowl, the Falcons are now in the record books as the only team ever to surrender a 25-point lead in the big game.”

“Many people don’t focus enough on execution. If you make a commitment to get something done, you need to follow through on that commitment.”… Kenneth Chenault

Even up 28-3, please take a knee, call your mates over and emphasize that you can’t let up off of the gas.

Show no mercy at all or else.

In our competitive female grappling industry, one common human behavior that is rarely deviated from is that when one Fem Competitor begins to dominate another, they almost never let up off the gas.

When ahead in a serious match, they virtually never show mercy.

A few matches come to mind.


There is one female submission wrestler that no matter how much she is demolishing her opponent, she will almost never show mercy.

This is competitive sports. That’s a good thing.

Meet Karina Gotika of Russia. Below are two of her articles.

Fem Wrestlers: Win Like Russia’s Karina, Stay On Top  

When she took on the United Kingdom’s Thunder in Troisdorf at the great Femwrestle Event, not only did she completely dominate her, she did it with style. article, photo credit

Later she would face Siberia from the Czech Republic who seems to find virtually everything funny. Karina wrestled the funny right out of her and showed her no mercy.

Karina is emerging as one of the toughest female submission grapplers in the world.

Mercy on the sports battlefield is not in her vocabulary.

Great focus is.

“I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.”… Venus Williams

Next up……


Here in Nor Cal, another beautiful Fem Competitor who shows no mercy when she is ahead is Olivia D’Angelo.

Here is the match description vs Samantha Grace. article,

“There are certain matches that occur where you say to yourself as a producer and cooperative group that we need to change the rules so that this doesn’t happen again. This is one of those matches. This is why we collectively came up with the idea of ranking the female wrestlers by Division so that one doesn’t completely get devastated as Samantha does here by San Jose tough girl, Olivia D’Angelo. To say Olivia dominates this match is like saying sugar cubes have a little bit of sugar in it. This was so devastating that we thought about stopping it. Samantha is looking beautiful, feminine and very shapely so with an up close video camera, in this fully competitive match it’s extremely methodical and erotic.”

Here is the match description against Eden Cox. article, photo

“Olivia has been around the competitive female wrestling scene for some time. She is a tough girl out of San Jose CA. Young, feminine, sweet Eden agrees to take her on with only a few bouts under her belt and at this point, no victories. As you would expect, Olivia was relentless and merciless completely dominating Eden who put up a strong fight but given Olivia’s rage agreed the fight should be called early. It was. Enjoy the fight up close, erotic and personal.”

Please notice in both match summaries. Mercy is never mentioned.

In the elite sports world it is not cruel to show no mercy. You are there to get results.

So much of that is about focus.

To achieve great success on the greatest sports stages, you must stay focused and keep the gas to the floor.

We have an incisive female writer who clearly agrees and much can be learned from her.

Please enjoy.

7 Simple Steps to Help You Focus on Playing the Game to Win article, photo

By Diane Cossie

All too often people start an online home based business expecting it to be the solution to their financial situation. It is often remarked upon, yet all too often misunderstood that when you focus on your online home based business being just about money you will be sadly disappointed with your results.

If you ask any great marketer whether it was marketing skills or mindset that gave him or her their first breakthrough month, they will more often than not respond with mindset. Here are ten simple steps to help you focus on not just playing the game, but playing the game to win.

  1. If you stay in the game and play it with regularity, executing and incorporating new habits daily into your business, you will begin to develop a level of natural toughness that comes with the territory. By achieving physical conditioning through this process you will develop what people often refer to as thicker skin and you will find everything bounces off you as if you were a fully-fledged Rhino.
  2. Expose yourself daily to others who have achieved the success you seek. Spend at least 30 minutes a day, every day reading or listening to someone who inspires you towards greatness. If someone else has achieved success before you understand that you can too if you learn what they learned and do what they did.
  3. Affirmations are positive emotional statements spoken in the present tense to help recondition the subconscious mind. Thoughts really do become things and if you spend time thinking about positive affirmations you will attract the ways into your life for those thoughts to materialize. Read your affirmations at least two to three times daily and start today.
  4. Tony Robbins speaks a lot about associative conditioning and its power to make change happen quickly. Get really mad about where you are, in fact get downright angry enough to do something about it. When you associate enough pain with where you are right now, and so much pleasure and joy from your life as you want to design it, only the will you take the necessary actions to change it.
  5. Visualization techniques are being discovered as being much more than simple fantasy. Creating a powerful image or mine in your mind about your future, where you want to live, your ideal body, lifestyle, car and income is a very powerful exercise you will need to help you achieve your goals. Repeat your visualization daily and back them up a vision board.
  6. Reinventing yourself allows you to become the person you want to be first. Whether it is real or acting, reinventing yourself does work. Think about how the person you would like to be speaks, walks, dresses and acts around other people, the simple philosophy of be, do have is a fundamental to success.
  7. Focus is something that can be easily disrupted by distractions. You must stay cantered and totally focused on the task in hand, your end goal. Focus totally on success, victory and winning. Keep your eye on the ball until the game is over then you really will be playing to win.

Diane Cossie is on a mission to empower others to achieve independent financial freedom, track the trail of breadcrumbs to follow her passive income march at her business blog []

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