The expression that there is no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving your goals is as old as the wrestling ring. article, article article, photo

The problem that occurs for many is they do work extremely hard and still don’t fulfill their hopes, dreams and goals while they have the uncanny suspicion that others with similar credentials are surpassing their goals with far less effort and can’t understand why.

While we can never really know the full capacity of what someone else is doing or who is assisting them in goal achievement, there still may be truth in the belief that they are simply working smarter than us.

The results could speak to goal planning and executing.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.….Henry David Thoreau

As you can guess there are as many articles about goal setting as there are goals and who has time to research them all. We appreciate that you read our magazine so our responsibility is to try and do the leg and eye work for you.

In our research we wanted to avoid the pitfalls of choosing what sounds good or focusing in varied credentialed philosophers who provide great information but do so from the same industry. Obtaining all of your data from Motivational Speakers would be easy to do but not broad in scope.

So we are going to briefly focus on the ideas of two respected individuals from different industries including the motivational area.

Let’s start with one of our favorites in Mr. Robert Chen. photo, article photo, article

Robert Chen is the founder of Embrace Possibility and author of The Dreams to Reality Fieldbook. He helps people who feel stuck move forward by guiding them to see other possibilities for their lives.

No matter what your goals are, here are three ways to make sure you achieve them:

Surround Yourself with Proof

It is much easier to believe that our success is inevitable when we surround ourselves with people who have achieved what we want to achieve and being mentored by those who have taken the road we are planning to take.

If you don’t already know people who have achieved what you want to achieve, find them and surround yourself with these people. Use your personal and professional network; attend seminars, conferences and Meet Up groups, read related biographies, etc. The more you surround yourself with evidence of success, the stronger your belief of inevitable success.

Keep Trying article, photo article, photo

For myself, there are many times when self-doubt creeps in and I question whether spending all this time and effort is worth it. I get through this period of doubt by remembering that if I keep taking action, reviewing the feedback, making adjustments and repeating the process over, I will achieve my goal. My results alone tell me whether I am doing the right thing or not. If not, then I will adjust my actions. I just have to keep in mind to distinguish between ineffectiveness and delay (click here to learn how). Winston Churchill was right on when he said “never, never, never give up”.

Ignore the Naysayers

As we get older, the number of skeptics, cynics and pessimists seem to grow.

As our goals get loftier, there are a lot fewer people who have achieved what we want to achieve so the natural reaction is to be skeptical and to dissuade us from continuing on because they truly believe it is not possible. This is dangerous for us because we do get influenced by those around us whether we like it or not and their doubts create doubts in our own beliefs. The best way to deal with naysayers is to ignore them and stop being around them altogether. When someone tells me all the reasons why reaching my goal is not possible or that I can’t accomplish it (and we all know there is no such thing as the word “can’t”), I make a mental note to cut ties with that person which brings me back to the first tip: Surround yourself with proof that it can be done.

An important lesson I learned was that my plan doesn’t have to be perfect. I just have to take action and see what the results are. If it is positive, I will do more of what I’m doing. If it is negative, I’ll do something different. The key is to persevere and keep trying until you reach your goal and the only way to do that is having faith that your success is a foregone conclusion.

Thank you Mr. Chen.

I’ve always found that anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way and you’ve got to have that drive and determination to overcome those obstacles on route to whatever it is that you want to accomplish.……..Chuck Norris article, photo article, photo

Let’s get in our car, take the train, ride the bus or if we live in Davis, California take a walk. Where to? The office.

Ms. Susan M. Heathfield is a Human Resources Expert and in terms of goal setting, here are a few suggestions from her that can be found at

  • You need to deeply desire the goal or resolution. Napoleon Hill, in his landmark book, Think and Grow Rich, had it right. “The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.” So, your first step in goal setting and achieving your dreams is that you’ve got to really, really want to achieve the goal.
  • Visualize yourself achieving the goal. Lee Iacocca said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” What will your achievement feel like? How will your life unfold differently as a result?
  • Make a plan for the path you need to follow to accomplish the goal. Create action steps to follow. Identify a critical path. The critical path defines the key accomplishments along the way, the most important steps that must happen for the goal to become a reality.
  • Commit to achieving the goal by writing down the goal. Lee Iacocca said, “The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.” I agree completely. Write down the plan, the action steps and the critical path. Somehow, writing down the goal, the plan and a timeline sets events in motion that may not have happened otherwise.
  • Establish times for checking your progress in your calendar system, whatever it is: a day planner, a PDA, a PDA phone or a hand written list. If you’re not making progress or feel stymied, don’t let your optimism keep you from accomplishing your goals.No matter how positively you are thinking, you need to assess your lack of progress.
  • Review your overall progress regularly. Make sure you are making progress. If you are not making progress, hire a coach, tap into the support of loved ones, analyze why the goal is not being met. Don’t allow the goal to just fade away. Figure out what you need to do to accomplish it

The great thing about a new year is that hope truly springs eternal. There is often a feeling that if we haven’t met important goals thus far, the New Year would be the fresh time period where we will break through. article, photo article, photo

The caution of course is that we may have said that before at the beginning of last year and the previous years with no real change.

Let this be the year where things actually do change. You most likely have never read the above two plans so why not sincerely give it a try this year. They are not too extensive.

As a female wrestler, what are your goals for the coming New Year? To have more sessions? To increase revenue? To heighten your competitive skills to participate in upcoming events? To meet new female models and competitors who are already achieving what you desire?

By breaking old habits and following the above steps, as you charge into the New Year you can be confident you have a new plan that should work.

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