Fierce and marathon like in nature, some of the best championship level female tennis matches have graced the green battlefield of Wimbledon. article, photo article, photo

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, and is widely considered the most prestigious. It has been held at the All England Club.

They have many wonderful events, matches and attributes there, including some of the prettiest ball girls in the world. article, photo article, photo

Our fascination with beautiful English girls never cease.

Especially on the mats of the female submission wrestling industry.

Our industry has had a wonderful love affair with the female wrestling companies of England. There are many that have made their mark over time but two that currently stand out above the rest are The Submission Room and Alpha Femmes UK.

First let’s get re-acquainted with The Submission Room. article, photo article,  photo

They smile at, “Welcome to The Submission Room. I am Pippa the Ripper and I have been wrestling since 2006.

I owe a lot of my training and experience to the wonderful Honey, from London Wrestling Studio, who passed on her wrestling knowledge to me several years ago.

My passion for wrestling resulted in me opening my own wrestling studio – The Submission Room.

We have lots of very talented and beautiful female wrestlers waiting to grapple with you on the mats. CLICK HERE to see our wrestlers.” article, photo article, photo

Let’s listen in on Alpha Femmes UK.

Alpha Femmes UK Wrestling Studio is a London wrestling studio, session wrestling agency, production company and events owner, based in Hackney Wick.

Alpha Femmes UK Wrestling Studio brings you the same exciting private underground mixed wrestling experience that you know and love, and also some new experiences not so widely catered for …until now.

Talent article, photo article, photo

On the Alpha Femmes UK Wrestling Studio site, you will see some familiar faces, and new ones too. Alpha Femmes UK intends to create a platform for newly sourced mixed wrestling talent, and regular monthly travelling mixed wrestlers.


We will be hosting quarterly events designed to showcase a diverse range of mixed wrestling talent, of all skill levels. There will be good old-fashioned novices, to the skilled grapplers we are becoming accustomed to. But it won’t be all about the girls (just most of the time), we will also host male vs male events and of course the fun mixed wrestling occasions too.

Custom Video Orders

Alpha Femmes UK Wrestling Studio caters for custom video clip orders. Take your pick: fem vs fem, mixed wrestling, or male vs male. We can do it all. Just create your script, or give us a premise, we will take care of the rest.

All of our listed ladies are available for video work. We also have a choice of men available for videos too. If there is a lady you would like to feature in a custom clip, who is not on our site. Do not worry, we are well-connected and we can approach the desired female of choice to work with us. We now produce a number of independent wrestler’s clips, including Laken Wrestler.”

Sounds like fun.

What is even more enjoyable is when many of the UK Girls travel to Troisdorf, Germany, leave the safety of their pond and wrestle against some of the best female submission wrestlers around the globe at the elite Femwrestle group. article, photo article, photo

Here are some of the matches that we have purchased and enjoyed.

Axa is one of our favorite UK girls who has evolved into one of the best female submission wrestlers in England, a memorable session provider and dynamic website owner.

We met her in her wrestling baby days when she was cutting her teeth and loved her so much that we wrote about her.

Axa Jay, UK Wrestler Proves She’s For Real

For great sessions, here is her email:

On March of 2014 she met Ella of Hungary in one of her first ventures outside of the United Kingdom and though she was on her wrestling training wheels, she didn’t disappoint. article, photo article, photo

It was a very sexy match as Ella, a shapely Hungarian beauty with great talent, made it very competitive. Adorned in her rainbow bikini, Ella mostly controlled the match but that day Axa won our hearts. She let us know, though previously wrestling primarily for a semi-competitive UK company, she was ready to take risks and seek competitive wrestling adventure.

Now she is a proven star.

Xena form England is a rock solid sexy girl with a granite wrestling reputation but taking on former DWW super star Kimbra was going to be a tall order and it was. Xena looked stunning in a solid black bikini that made her gorgeous strong thighs look more desirable. Her workouts have clearly paid off. article, photo article, photo

Ironically Kimbra the taller and more slender girl used her body to control Xena. If you love a slow moving, methodical ground war, this was a competitive and very sexy match.

Xena, LWS, A Wrestler With A Bright Future

We’ve always been impressed with the UK sexy, shapely girl Kassidy and her wrestling is as great as her looks. We couldn’t resist and wrote about her.

Kassidy, A Wrestler Who Was Always A champion

Imagine our surprise when she took on Alice of Poland and seemed to have a very tough time of it. Had we done a pre-match scouting report we would have had Kassidy running away with this one but we have to humbly say, Alice of Poland continues to delight and surprise. article, photo article, photo

Alice, Shapely Submission Wrestler, Poland, Emerging Force

Whenever we have watched Kassidy wrestle, she has gotten stellar results and is usually the victor as she was some time ago against Hungarian super star Viktoria who completely and erotically woman handled Alice.

Granted that was one of Alice’s very early matches so we suppose it is a testament to Alice that she excelled so fast that she could truly battle England’s Kassidy.

We love watching the English girls and look forward to them taking more risks and making global names for themselves by traveling outside of their pond to wrestle the world’s elite.

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Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.