True Scissor Vixens possess a strong mind, superior technique, the ability to take advantage of any openings and strong killer thighs. article, photo article, photo

How many times have we seen an inferior opponent, who we are rooting for, to at least keep the trending lop-sided competitive female grappling match competitive, capture the leader in a body scissors…….

But can’t hold it.

We’ve seen that a gazillion times and you most likely have too.

One fitness training program that will help her body and head scissors become more effective despite the lack of technical skill is leg strength.

There is nothing like performing squats during a routine that will yield leg strength improvement.

Beautiful Rin, Power of Squats

The wonderful thing about doing squats is that you can take mini breaks throughout the day and do them right in the office.

Here are some beneficial suggestions as to why.

According the informative site for women, they share, “The muscle stretching that you get from doing the squats gets the blood pumping throughout your entire body and improves your overall health. Good circulation means that more nutrients and oxygen is getting to all the vital organs and muscles, throughout your body; and yes, you can say ‘bye, bye’ to cellulite, if you do squats regularly.”

“I’m not slim. I’m a curvy girl: I’ve got thighs and a bum. I don’t mind baring the fact that I’ve got a bit of cellulite because everybody has. I find it off-putting when everybody on telly is the same size or looks the same build. For me, it’s important for people to watch someone normal.”… Vicky McClure

When we look at other female sports disciplines like CrossFit, there are so many girls that we fantasize about and wish were scissor vixens because of their gorgeous strong thighs, like Kara Webb who we’ve featured.

Gorgeous feminine muscle

Kara Webb, Resilient Beauty, Fittest Woman In Australia

If you go online and view Fitness Models who are butt booming specialists, they often incorporate exercises that include squats.

One of this writer’s favorites is the absolutely curvy, yummy So. Cal starlit, Viktoria Kay. article, viktoria kay photo credit article, viktoria kay photo credit

She is mouth-watering.

Oh by the way, she actually is an extremely good instructor as well.

You know how it is with You Tube. Check out her videos while they last. Caution: the videos are erotic.

In our female submission wrestling world, a super sexy girl from across the pond is Xena who has strong sensuous powerful thighs, sexy to watch in victory or defeat.

This is one match we purchased where her thighs are scissor vixen heaven.

Another sexy strong girl named Domitia at the leading mixed wrestling site Alph Catz expressed that she can squat almost 250 lbs. That’s tremendous.

You go sexy girl!

Great world class athletes know the importance of strong thigh production.

“Playing the running back position, your legs, that’s your living, that’s how you make your living. You have to have great thighs, knees, everything.”… Eric Dickerson

Having said all of the above, if you are a competitive female submission wrestler who craves stronger thighs through squats (we crave that you do), then we have a guest writer with some thigh high suggestions.

Please consult your doctor first, then enjoy.

Squats: The Ultimate Leg And All Body Exercise

by: Ben Kong

Your legs are your foundations and hard heavy leg training will transform your physique making it more powerful and stronger than you ever imagined. However, hard heavy leg training is brutal and that’s why the majority of the masses run for the hills and don’t achieve Ultimate Body Success. Leg training is simple in many ways but at the same time has many subtle technical and psychological nuances that make it very challenging and often very frustrating when people get stuck but can’t quite figure out why or how to get past their plateau.

The Squat is the king of all exercises and failing to pay close attention to the technical aspects of this core exercise will mean that you will crash and burn with what I call the 80-90kg squat phenomenon. Very few guys squat, but still fewer squat well. If you don’t perfect your technique, eventually around the 80-90lg mark, your progress will come to a grinding halt. You won’t be able to get proper depth, the movement will feel awkward and at worst you may even injure yourself. I have seen it countless times, guys that weigh 80-90kg or more getting stuck at around the 80-90kg mark who end up 3/4 squatting that weight for years on end.

Don’t let this happen to you – technique is everything, otherwise you’re just wasting your time and energy needlessly. It is absolutely imperative to practice until the bar sits well, you feel your groove and you can hit your depth consistently, staying tight and strong throughout the whole movement.

Like the deadlift, the squat is a hard and heavy simple movement yet has many subtle nuances that you will discover as you progress in your training journey.

As with any progressive overload, over time you will come up against sticking points or even from the start you may find that you may not be able to hit proper depth with any appreciable amount of weight.

The most common technique flaw is not going to at least parallel. Even if you are never going to enter a powerlifting competition, going to parallel is so crucial for long term squatting power, effective leg training and balanced development of the quads, glutes and hamstrings that you always have to be fastidious about your depth.

Whenever you increase the weights, make sure that you still keep your depth.

If you lose some depth, get it back before you increase the weight again. Simple. On the subject of proper squat depth as well, once you get beyond the basics, it should be a never ending constant refinement to improve your feel or awareness of where your proper depth is so you can work on hitting it precisely EVERY time and not spend any more time ‘in the hole’ than necessary before powering the weight back up.

There is a saying that I think relates beautifully to the squat: “amateurs practice until they get it right, professionals practice until they never get it wrong.”

~ ~ ~


I Love Squats YouTube video photo credit

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