Bruce Wayne needed one very badly after he witnessed his parents death, grew up an orphan and eventually fled to travel a world that was not large enough to contain him as he tried to learn and understand how to fight injustice in the exceptional understated film, Batman Begins. article, warner brothers photo credit article, warner brothers photo credit

James Bond begrudgingly accepted one after he was given up for dead but given that MI6’s servers were hacked and his longtime boss M received a taunting message via computer moments before the MI6 building explodes, killing eight employees. He had to return from the symbolic grave to London to, as they say, sort things out. article, metro-goldwyn-mayer-columbia-pictures-photo-credit article, metro-goldwyn-mayer-columbia-pictures-photo-credit

Let’s place this in perspective.

If super heroes need second chances, don’t we as everyday dreamers and cogs in the global economy machine need them too?

Our competitive female sports industry is filled with stories of sensational comebacks from the symbolic dead.

Resilient Jennifer Capriati article, By daramot - /photos/david_wilmot article, By daramot – /photos/david_wilmot

Our global female submission wrestling industry is laden with them too. There is one engagement that tends to stand out.

It’s the German standout Sandra verses the Czech Republic’s gorgeous amazon warrior Siberia who we loved dearly and wrote about. It’s fitting that she also fits the super hero profile.

Siberia, Czech Wrestler, Action Hero, Desired Destination


According to the Femwrestle producer, in Sandra’s first ever May 2015 match, she met the Czech power house and the only thing you could hope for was that Sandra did not get dominated. article, photo article, photo article, photo article, photo

Sandra would later get a second chance and boy did she make the most of it. Femcompetitor Magazine purchased both matches and we’re elated and impressed.

Hopefully you are in a very good place in your life right now but if not and you feel that you too need a second chance, we found an informative article that speaks to this subject matter and have a visiting respected female Magazine Editor who has some thoughts to share.

A second chance in life is possible.

Second Chances On The Horizon

By Deanne P Wells

“If you had, one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted – one moment, would you capture it? Or just let it slip? ~ Marshal Mathers

Do you automatically think you deserve second chances in life? If so, how are second chances determined and by who? Are they determined by others, yourself, or a higher power? Do you feel entitled to second chances and should they happen just because you want another chance? Are you spoiled and expect that a second chance will always be available? Do you believe in the old “three strikes” you’re out rule? What if there was no such thing as second chances? Would you get it right the first time? Would you try harder? Would you be more appreciative of opportunities and not let them slip through your hands?

We all get lazy and procrastinate because in the back of our minds, we think, “Eh, I always have another chance. I still have more time.” We have been raised to believe that we are in “The Land of Opportunity,” where we can obtain our goals at any given time. We are living in a country with favorable conditions of chance! Are we spoiled in comparison to people from other countries? Do they have the same opportunities within their society, living conditions, government, or culture? Or do we take our own opportunities for granted?

In America, opportunity is abundant and it seems to be ingrained in our minds that “there will always be chances” for us. William Edward Hickson, in his famous proverb once said, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” And, yes, that is true. We must never give up on success. But wait, do we take these opportunities for granted? Have we become a bit ungrateful?

The person who gives their all the first time, deserves a second chance. None of us are perfect and we may not always succeed on the first attempt. But, there are also many people who don’t give their all on the first attempt. For whatever reason, whether it’s a job interview, family event, (excuses), we believe we’ll always have another chance to get the task done. So, in our disposition, we procrastinate and complain with futile sloth to put our best foot forward. In our aversion, we are complacent about getting it right the first time. Many of us are filled with gratitude for our family, career, country, etc., but are we thankful for all the chances we have been given. Do we need to have so many? What happened to working hard and getting it right the first time? Chances are everywhere, but it seems that we cannot focus when the chance is right before us.

We are the reason why opportunities get away from us the first time. Sloth is a major problem in our inability to achieve our initial goals. Sloth is defined as the habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence and laziness. We believe that chances should be handed to us on a silver platter, perhaps with a little dipping sauce on the side for our ingratitude. We all deserve to have a second chance at something in our lives. What would you like to have a second chance at? If we all deserve second chances, then what can (and will) you do to be deserving of that opportunity? Some of us are mistaken when we think that second chances are presented to us on a silver platter. In order to receive second chances, we have to be deserving of them. Who or with what should you have that chance? When that chance happens, will it be determined by time, luck, or hard work? Where will you be in your life when chance appears? Why do you deserve one? And, most importantly, how will you bring it to fruition? article, pexels photo credit article, pexels photo credit

Second chances are about digging down deep into your soul and finding out what it is you really want. We often take our life’s chances for granted by believing they will always be there for us at any given moment. We live on the surface of opportunity… we skate on see through ice with chances beneath our feet. We can see opportunity below us, but we never break through to what we really want. It isn’t until we get fed up, depressed, and tired of the way our lives are going before we break the barrier to get what we want.

Bill Clinton once said, “The God I believe in is a God of second chances.” We often hear more about “second chances” than we do of first or third chances. Why? Because it really shouldn’t take us more than twice to realize an opportunity. We often learn from our past and when we are ready for our future, second chances will make themselves known.

When a first chance gets by us, we may not have been ready for it at that time. Perhaps we would not have been equipped mentally to handle the gift of the initial moment. But, if and when we are open to a second chance, it is important to check yourself internally (mind, body, and soul). It is important to investigate our own soul to find out what is lacking. We often stand with our hands held out, but what we want isn’t easy to capture the first time. Many of us have the misfortune of having the very thing we wanted slip right through our fingertips and we desperately try to hang on, but it’s just not the right timing. Getting what we want is always harder the second time around. But by taking the time to dig deep and soul search, we can open doors that were previously closed and attract to us what our soul really needs.

What we want and what we are ready to receive are two different sides of a coin. Road blocks, speed bumps, and pot holes play a major part of the path to second chances. Whether we are feeling complacent, defeated, hopeless, or broken… second chances are deserving to everyone. Chances are opportunity, but they are not absent of hard work and passion. Everyone deserves a second chance, even the hopeful, the go getters, the blessed, and the hard working. The common denominator between the two is what rests in one’s heart… desire and fortitude. No one is left out of having a second chance. At one time or another, everyone has experienced a reawakening and knows how good it feels.

Second chances can sneak up on us at any given moment… the surprise opportunity is always the best one! Second chances are not always because it’s what we want or desire, they happen unknowingly at unsuspecting moments. Some chances we have wanted and waited for years to happen. Many opportunities are prayed over to have one more chance… a second chance to right a wrong, make a career change, do something better, a last chance, or just to be a better person.

When an opportunity is deep in your soul and is place in your hands again, you then have a choice- it may be a beneficial choice and if it presents itself, will you seize it? Most of our second chance desires never leave our hearts. Second chances exist no matter how old you are. Chances have no age limit. You may be told or even tell yourself, “You’re too old. It’s been done before. You don’t have enough experience. You’re too young.” Remember, the chances you will be given in this lifetime will far outnumber the excuses you will put upon yourself. You’ve got to take a chance or the excuses will continue. Have you ever heard the phrase, “A second chance to get it right?” Sometimes second chances don’t mean you did it wrong the first time, it can also mean you DID do it right the first time and that’s why you’re getting that second chance.

In relationships, we’ve heard people say, “Please, let’s give this a second chance or will you give me a second chance?” You’re either told, “Yes, no, or I don’t know.” Second chance decisions can only be made by ourselves or divine intervention. You have the choice of chance. Many of us take second chances for granted and never act upon it and our lives are consumed with regret and unhappiness. And, many people express regret till their dying days.

We should always live our lives like we will never get a second chance. Second chances are often affiliated with adversity, but chances are not always about adverse situations. Second chances are also about personal growth and inspiring others in order to complete the journey of success. A second chance at life and survival. Just by asking, “I want a second chance” can bring dramatic changes to your life. We must make the most of our possibilities and show gratitude in order to continue the energy of second chances. And when it presents itself we must seize it!

The bottom line is we’re all human. We will go through things in our lives that will teach us about chance. And we’ll be faced with opportunities to have a second go around. Focus your mind on the opportunity of chance, not the outcome. When second comings are given, we must work harder than we did the first time. That’s the beauty of second chances… we are working harder because we WANT to.

“If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down.” ~ Mary Pickford

Deanne P. Wells is the owner and Editor of the South Texas Women’s World Magazine, speaker, and author. She has published several self-improvement and motivational articles on life empowering topics. She assists women in business and personal to provide insight, structure, and encouragement in reaching their full potential.

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