Female grappling matches typically begin in two ways.

The Fem Competitors are either in the standing position ready for battle or initiating contact from their knees.

We always prefer them to start battle on their knees to help reduce serious injuries.

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Those who have been around our industry for some time can remember the snail mail video days where the two combatants start standing, often encircling one another, sometimes even leaping upon their opponent and then the fierce engagement starts.

We can’t say enough how we witnessed so many severe knee and arm injuries due to this approach.

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Even with our best efforts as producers to reduce injuries, in our great industry, injuries, sometimes severe, are unavoidable.

If you are a Fem Competitor who has been severely injured, you most likely will need a good Physical Therapist.

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Physical therapists are highly-educated, licensed health care professionals who can help patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility.

In many cases, void of expensive surgery and often reducing the need for long-term use of prescription medications and their side effects, physical therapy is a very desirable approach.

Of interest, if you ever thought about a career as a Physical Therapist, it is a well-paying field.

According to apta.org (American Physical Therapy Association), “More than 204,000 physical therapists are licensed in the United States today. The median salary for a physical therapist is $85,000. Salaries vary based on position, years of experience, degree of education, geographic location, and practice setting. (Source: APTA 2013 Median Income of Physical Therapists Summary Report.)”

In the world of film, one of the best films that depict the need for a Physical Therapist is Regarding Henry.

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Regarding Henry is a 1991 American film drama starring Harrison Ford and Annette Bening, directed by Mike Nichols.

The film focuses on a New York City lawyer who struggles to regain his memory and recover his speech and mobility after he survives a shooting.

As always, an exceptional review is found at rogerebert.com. “Regarding Henry” opens with a portrait of a Manhattan lawyer as a driven, ambitious man who lives in great wealth and little happiness. Then a catastrophe occurs. He steps out one night to buy some cigarettes, and is shot in a holdup. One of the bullets penetrates his brain, and for weeks he drifts in a coma, until finally he awakens and the long process of rehabilitation can begin.

The movie is essentially about how Henry becomes more lovable and human as a result of his injury – how his soul is healed and his family saved by the experience.”

For those of us who have needed a Physical Therapist and wanted to avoid surgery, we know they are invaluable.

Are you a female athlete in need of a Physical Therapist but have questions and are a little hesitant, we have a visiting writer who can help clear up some misconceptions.

By Ron Ayalon

Common Myths About Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy is indeed the safest and most effective alternative treatment methods available today; especially for individuals who require regular physical activity but are unable to perform as a result of organic, muscular or neurological lesion. However, there are people who have doubts and concerns regarding the safety and efficacy of physical therapy for the management of pain, mobility issues, recovery and rehabilitation after surgeries.

You may have heard a lot or rumors, myths and misconceptions about physical therapy and physical therapists. It is recommended to clear your queries in order to get benefitted from one of the most recognized and ancient forms of alternative therapy.

One common myth about PT / therapists is that chiropractors and physical therapists can’t work together. The fact is, chiropractor therapy and physical therapy each help achieve positive effects of the other by stabilizing the tissues and restoring healthy circulation. It is however, recommended in some situations not to use the two therapies at one time. Your healthcare provider or therapists are the best people to explain why you cannot utilize chiropractics and PT at the same time. But otherwise, both forms of alternative medicine complement the positive effects in the majority of the cases.

It is commonly believed that PT sessions are quite expensive, which is partly true. Moreover, you may have to go to quite a few sessions in order to get relief. However, it is important to know that most insurance companies cover physical therapy expenses and before crossing out the option of physical therapy, it is better to consult your insurance representative. In a worst case scenario, if your insurance is not covering your session expenses, you still have a few options. You can speak to your therapist to break the cost of therapy in monthly installments so that it becomes easier for you to pay. You can always speak to your therapist regarding discount or concession in lieu of your financial hardship. You will be surprised to know that physical therapists try their best to help patients in need.

There is a misconception that physical therapy exercises focus on major muscle groups like the knee joint or the neck region. In reality, physical therapy helps in strengthening and stabilizing all vital structures of your axial and para-axial skeleton. Not only do these exercise and manipulation support your muscles but they also remove stress and strain from small muscle fibers, tendons and ligaments. Overall, the aim of your therapist is to make your muscles and bones stronger to give better support to hard connective tissue as well as soft supporting stroma.

Another misconception is that the physical therapist can fix everything in one to two sessions. Although, physical therapy is the most effective and potent form of alternative therapy that can help in stabilizing major and chronic injuries with a non-surgical and a non-pharmacological approach; however, it takes a little time for therapy to produce fruitful results.

Physical therapists are trained in understanding patho-physiology of joints, tissues and muscles; however, sometimes the damage is so severe that your physical therapist may require more sessions in order to produce remission. Moreover, the aim of therapy is to promote the natural process of healing by providing an ideal environment to the muscles and tissues. This process may take time but the effects are long lasting and permanent.

It is often though that physical therapy can cure all musculo-skeletal issues. Once again, it is not necessary since in a number of situations, the cause of chronic back pain or aching tissues is not an injury. Sometimes, your physical therapist may just guide you to improve your posture or stabilize your back while sitting or walking. It does not mean that the knowledge of your therapist is sparse or you need another doctor.

The cause of pain or discomfort is not always an organic issue. Sometimes, improper posture or poor physical stability pose stress and strain on supporting ligaments or soft tissues that may lead to limited range of motion and aching discomfort. This can be managed by posture management and simple posture stabilizing exercises. Bottom line is, don’t get disappointed if your therapist is not using special physical therapy techniques on you.

If you still have any misconceptions, questions or reservations towards physical therapy, make an appointment and speak to a therapist to know more about holistic healing.

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