Desperately seeking to be hip and actually being hip are two very different things.

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To sway across that bridge, sometimes you need a little help.

Our suggestion is to stay with the tried and true coupled with a twitch of innovation.

That’s where the Hip Chixs come in. article, photo credit

You love looking at women in Skinny Jeans don’t you? Of course you do.

Hip Chixs? Shake it sweetheart and talk to us?

At their Facebook they entice, “Premium Denim Line: Texas born, LA made, unmatchable comfort and fit. Wear well, wear with everything.” 

Look, we want to hear more.

Gorgeous Texas girls tend to be very friendly. At they warmly smile, “Hip Chixs is a brand of premium denim that illustrates what women want in a pair of threads – sleek, soft, comfortable and stylish denim that gives girls the ability to express themselves through their sexy personality. Every part of the jean is hand-picked by Aimee from the fabric, washes, logo and label package, to red rivets, Italian hardware, pocket slogan and style names… just to name a few!

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Hip Chixs is a Texas inspired premium denim line for girls who LOVE denim! Hip Chixs is different because of our fabric and fit. Hip Chixs highlights the sexiness of a woman’s natural body with an extremely flattering fit. The angled pockets and curved yoke, help to make your backside look more trim — Hip Chixs is really bringing out the best in every bottom.

Hip Chixs focused on the butt because that is the first thing us women do when we try on a pair of jeans-we make sure our butt looks good!! Hip Chixs not only focused on fit (makes you look a size smaller too)but on fabric-the 2 most important things when buying jeans. The jeans are lightweight and breathable so women can wear them year round, no matter the climate (especially here in HOT TEXAS).

Also, the fabric has amazing recovery-you won’t need to wash after every wear to keep its shape! The average denim takes about 30 minutes to recover back to its original shape, Hip Chixs fabric takes less than 5 minutes. This fabric consists of a denim sateen that will comfortable hug in all the right places.

Straight and Narrow

Is the straight leg jean. It has a lighter enzyme wash with a grey tint to it. It fits the same as the skinny bootie from the hip to the knee and then the bottom opening is less wide making it more of a straight leg.

Skinny Bootie

Is the boot cut jean and has a dark blue/black wash and enzyme rinse. From the hip to the knee, it is designed to fit as a skinny jean and then from the knee to the bottom opening it opens up to a boot. It is your American staple.

All Hip Chixs jeans feature signature “red rivet” on the coin pocket and red bar-tack at the bottom leg opening on the inseam. Inside the jean on the right pocket bag is the Texas shout out, “Ya’ll want some of this”. The hardware is all Italian made and our product is made in Los Angeles.”

Just a moment.

I’m trying to fit into some Hip Chixs jeans. Imagine that.

They captured the world’s imagination when the pitched their company and brand to the powerful Titans of Industry on Shark Tank. article, shark tank blog photo credit

The Sharks are circling. They love to look at sensuous Southern Girls in tight skinny jeans too. Here’s their pitch, “Hip Chix entrepreneurs Aimee Miller and Megan Jackson-Carreker pitch their line of premium denim jeans for women to the Sharks in episode 416. The two Dallas area women began Hip Chix in 2011 after four years of testing fabrics and designs. The Baylor University grads met in college and remained friends over the years. As native Texans, they wanted blue jeans that were lightweight and comfortable in the Texas heat and weren’t stiff and rough like some jeans can be. They manufacture Hip Chix jeans in California, making Hip Chix a true American product.”

The informative site summarizes, “The co-founders of Hip Chixs recently visited the “Sharks” of Shark Tank to pitch an investment in their company that has developed a line of premium denim jeans that “highlights a women’s natural body”.

Founded by entrepreneurs, and best friends, Aimee Urista and Megan Jackson, the American-made – Texas based denim company states it has seen “exponential growth of over 150-percent since launching in 2011”.”

A global source adds, “The truth is, women need specialized jeans. If you’ve ever seen a woman wear guy jeans before, you understand exactly why – guys are more box shaped, while women are nearly overly-curvaceous. For this reason, it is why women in the year 2016 are unhappy that a lot of women-centric jeans do not even have deep enough pockets to hold your cell phone, forcing women to do an awkward juggle every time they just want to grab a seat.

Fortunately, Hip Chixs is a modern take on jeans for the year 2016.”

Okay Hip Chixs, you have our attention.

We would love to have you on our hips.

Okay readers. How about this whole skinny jeans phenomenon?  When did it really get started? Let’s face it, there are few sexier subjects.

We have a visiting writer in some skinny jeans who will enlighten. Please enjoy.

The Skinny Jean: A Brief History article, photo credit

By Lori Hayashida

Skinny Jeans, whether you love them or loathe them, they’re everywhere. But where did they come from?

1950s and 1960s fashion:

Jeans became the symbol of rebellion and passionate youth worn by the sex symbols of the day. James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Elvis wore their jeans straight and slim. Although women in the 50’s didn’t often wear jeans; Audrey Hepburn, Sandra Dee, and Marilyn Monroe wore the 50’s fashion of slim, close fitting pants that had the same sexy silhouette as today’s skinnies. By the 60’s women’s jeans were more common (even though the zipper was in the back) and they continued to have that skinny silhouette. The look could be super sweet like the girl next door, or sexy and rebellious like those greaser chics in the musical and movie of the same name. Rock and Roll was coming of age and tight jeans were the uniform.

1970s Fashion

The essence of Rock and Roll stays strong in skinny jeans despite the fluff and flash of the Disco era. When we think of 70’s fashion, we think of elephant bells and groovy flare jeans; but dig a little deeper and you’ll find the beginnings of the punk movement and the skinniest jeans in history. Tight from the waist to the ankle, safety pins were often used to keep them snug around the body and increase that bondage appeal. Think of The Sex Pistols and The Ramones as prime examples. Vivian Westwood had her own shop selling this “anti-fashion” to the ultra-hip crowd.

1980s fashion

Flash Dance collides with Spandex to bringing a whole new look to the denim scene. Tight jeans were definitely in for women and men. Tight and stone washed, (still no stretch in denim) 80’s fashion is where tapered leg jeans really made their mark, and the style lasted well into the early 90’s. Remember those oversized sweatshirts and the colorful leg warmers? Pat Benetar, Chrissie Hynde and The Rolling Stones, all the serious rockers wore their denim tight (without the leg warmers of course).

1990s Fashion

While mainstream fashion heads toward the boot cut, skinny jeans recapture their cool. No longer popular in 90’s fashion, tight jeans could still be found on the music scene. The Rolling Stones were still rolling along, and underground Punk with its Goth cousin were entrenched in tight skinny jeans (anti-fashion once again). Ever wonder why “Rock n Roll” is so often mentioned in reference to jeans? For mainstream America the skinny jean had taken a disturbing turn, evolving into tapered leg styles and even the horrors of faux denim leggings (some people just have trouble moving on).


Denim is everywhere, after years of boot cuts and flares, the skinny jean looks suddenly fresh and new. Here we are again, but skinny jeans didn’t just pop up over night. It has taken a while to hit the mainstream. In fall of 2002 cutting edge designers were showing skinny jeans scrunched over high heels and tucked into boots. Stella McCartney, Versus (Versace), and Rock and Republic are all showing skinny jeans. By 2003 the trend becomes even more prevalent on the runways and all the premium denim brands are on board. You have to admit, it looks great on those runway models.


The Power of celebrity is omnipotent, if Kate is wearing it, it’s got to be good.
Designers are still pushing the skinny, and the trend catches on in London. Visitors to High Street feel totally out of date in their tried and true boot cut jeans. JBrand Jeans is launched in LA, producing straight and skinny jeans in dark washes with minimal detailing. Celebrities such as Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, and Sienna Miller embrace the new trend and look fabulous in it. Our very own fashionista, Ada, bought her first pair of skinny jeans in 2005, but mainstream America is still slow to catch on. Lucky Brand Jeans introduces skinnies to their customers only to watch them languish on the store shelves.


The Skinny Jean is all the buzz! It’s hard to wear but you know what they say: “No Pain, No Gain”. It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere! Suddenly Americans are seeing Skinnies in every store. Almost all denim brands offer at least one version of a skinny, cigarette, or super straight. There are other jeans out there, but these are the ones that are on the top of everyone’s list. Stores are pushing the new look, and everyone from fashion editors to bloggers are writing about this new trend. Early in the year news reports are varied, predicting that this is a style that just won’t catch on with mainstream America. But by the fall season you can get your skinny fix everywhere from the trendiest boutiques to the local discount store. The skinny is definitely at the peak of popularity right now.

How long will the style last? What’s next? Let’s look to London and see, is that a wide leg jean?

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