Television series are down on their knees begging us to do it but making the decision to religiously watch a production depends upon how much we can relate to or like the characters  involved.

We sense that was the premise of the series Friends. The concept is that they are so cool that in real life, you would love to hang out with friends like them.

That seems reasonable because there are some series that get off to a promising start but soon the characters become so quirky and eventually transition into being completely annoying.

When we saw Radha Mitchell very early in her career in the mesmerizing 2000 film High Art, also starring Ally Sheedy as we’ve never seen her before, Radha’s character Syd found herself as the new girl in a group that we would love to intellectually hang out and banter with. article, October Films photo credit

Radha Rani Amber Indigo Ananda Mitchell (born 12 November 1973) is an Australian actress.

Our Aussie Princess was born in Melbourne. Her mother is a model-turned-fashion-designer and her father is a filmmaker; the couple divorced when she was young.

Her first name ‘Radha comes from the Hindu goddess of the same name. The other parts of her name coming from Indian origin are Rani (रानी – queen) and Ananda (आनन्द – joy). She credits her name as being ‘a creative byproduct’ of her mother’s experiences exploring spirituality in India during the 1970s.

High Art is a 1998 Canadian-American independent film directed by Lisa Cholodenko. article, October Films photo credit

Here is the storyline.

Former teen princess (The Breakfast Club) Ally Sheedy stars as Lucy Berliner, a once-famous photographer, whose career has faded yet gets revitalized when she meets Syd.

Syd is a beautiful young assistant editor for a prestigious photography magazine. Withdrawn from the art world, Lucy is reawakened by Syd who offers her the hope of escaping her drug-filled world. article, photo Fair Use

Before Syd realizes it, she is drawn into Lucy’s seductive and dangerous mix while forced to make choices she never imagined. A challenging film that raises interesting questions as to how objective a person can be about art, especially when they are heavily involved with the person who is the primary focus of the creative process.

The question we had back in 2000 is, who is this incredible beautiful fresh faced young woman who could star shoulder to shoulder with a legend like Ally Sheedy and masterfully pull it off?

Radha no doubt made the most of her opportunity and would later go on to star in blockbuster films such as Pitch Black with the intense Vin Diesel and Man On Fire with masterful Denzel Washington.

So often a starlit gets off to a promising start and we never really see much of her again.

Radha clearly made the most of her opportunity.

Opportunities abound in our global female submission grappling world.

So often we see a beautiful young female wrestler struggle, even losing on match after another, then she finally has an opportunity to face another Fem Competitor who has struggled as well.

Who will break through with a victory?

Can they then go on to a stronger future?

Three matches come to mind.

At Femwrestle in Troisdorf, we watched both German maidens Brenda and Riona struggle in one match after another, often getting dominated.

So when they finally had a chance to face one another, this could be a break out opportunity.

We were very intrigued and purchased and have to admit we were a little surprised at how one completely woman handled the other. We didn’t see that coming.

She certainly made the most of her opportunity.

The two others are found at San Francisco Grappling Stars.

The first is when Eden met Samantha Grace. article, photo credit

Both have struggled in their previous matches and though Samantha had quite a bit more experience than Eden, given Eden’s athletic ability, we felt she had a chance and she did indeed make the most of her opportunity.

Then when Dylan faced Dana, it was a similar scenario. Both had struggled in their previous matches and one had an opportunity to break through. article,

Their matches can be purchased at 

Let’s now turn our attention to a visiting speaker who shares an intriguing perspective on continuing to make the most of the opportunities that life presents.

Be Ready For That Opportunity! article, photo credit

By Clement Sadjere 

The secret of success is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. There would always be opportunities that will come, but the question we must honestly ask ourselves, is this: “Are we ready for that golden opportunity”? Some opportunity may come in form of challenges, and we all know that many folks shy away from challenges. Some individual may have just one opportunity to turn their destiny around. How then can we utilize opportunities that come our way?

Be prepared for Opportunities: Some individuals are presented with opportunities on a platter of gold, but they cannot discern it. I once had an uncle who worked in an oil Firm for close to eight years. While he was there, he was earning more than a thousand dollars monthly ($1000) as salary. Unfortunately for him, he was not prepared for the opportunity he had. In 2008, he fell a victim to downsizing of the oil firm, and became jobless. He neither had a building of his own, nor did he have any form of investment to fall on. He was not prepared for what had hit him, because he failed to tap into the opportunity he had.

Use that opportunity: To succeed in life, you must not only see an opportunity, but use it. Opportunities can be compared to a door key. As long as we do not use the key to open any door, the key will remain useless.

There was this young actress who went to visit an uncle in the office for some personal issues. While there, she had a chance encounter with a movie director, who jokingly asked her if she would be interested in a role in his upcoming movie. She had a flair for acting and did not hesitate to give an answer. She was invited to auditioning and became the lead character in the movie. That single opportunity transformed her life and career! She not only saw an opportunity, but used it fully to her advantage.

Wait patiently for that opportunity: Patience is a virtue which so many individual are not prepared to cultivate. So many are hasty to attain stardom, and ultimately miss the opportunity to become what God have destined them to become. Emmanuel Amuneke, the most celebrated Nigerian soccer player, possessed this virtue in abundance. At the 1994 African Nations Cup held in the beautiful country of Tunisia, he never got to play any of the group matches. The Nigerian Coach- Clemens Westerhof knew what he was doing, and Emmanuel Amuneke was not in haste to jump into the field. He waited patiently for the opportunity to shine. At last the opportunity came in the final against a young Chipolopolo of Zambia, and Emmanuel Amuneke was introduced into the game as a joker. He ended up scoring the two clinical goals that clinched gold for Nigeria. His patience had finally paid off and the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) named him the African Footballer for the year 1994. He patiently waited another two years and once again emerged the hero of the Nigerian soccer team to Atlanta Olympics game, when he scored the winning goal in Nigeria 2-1 victory over Argentina in the final. He came in as a substitute with few minutes left in the match and his exploits earned him fame and fortune worldwide. You see, you never know when the door of opportunity is going to open wide. For some, the big break can come early in life and for others later on. But for all of those who become successful, there is one key similarity: They were ready. And for every one of those who were ready to wait for their time, the golden opportunity eventually came. So, the principle for us is: Be patient!

Never let that opportunity to slip away: There are thousands of individuals who patiently wait for the opportunity of a lifetime to shine, and when the big break come their way, they throw it away with their own hands! The Nigeria National Football team the Super Eagles went to the 2002 World Cup in Korea Japan and performed badly in their first two matches, losing 1-0 to Argentina, and 2-1 to Sweden. Nigeria had a certain Ike Shorunmu in goal for the first two matches, and when the third and final match against England came calling, the then Super Eagles coach- Chief Adegboye Onigbinde decided to make a string of changes, and on came Goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama who was the only home based player in the team He made a world class save off a well taken shot from Paul Scholes of England to cap a brilliant outing. The match eventually ended 0-0, and Vincent Enyeama cemented his place as Nigeria’s Number one choice goal keeper. He never allowed that single opportunity to shine at the world stage slip throw through his fingers. He grabbed it with both hands. In concluding, it must be noted that some may have just one opportunity in a lifetime; others may have three opportunities while some may have up to ten opportunities to shine. We must not allow any opportunity to go unutilized, because it may be the only opportunity we may ever be presented with. Be prepared, be patient and never allow that opportunity slip away!

Clement Sadjere is an Author, a motivational speaker and an information product sales/ marketing expert. He can be reached via telephone on +2348052790262 He is the owner of [] a free article directory website

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