Raging rivers can be rowed, majestic mountains can be climbed, soft seas can be swam and awesome oceans can be crossed.

Nature’s beauties can provide the courageous with once in a life time memories.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, forest-fairy_forest_by_allaniya wikimedia photo credit

fciwomenswrestling.com article, forest-fairy_forest_by_allaniya wikimedia photo credit

Having a session with a fabulous girl like FeFe of the San Francisco Bay Area and her unusually tremendously strong thighs, truthfully is an experience of your life that you will never forget.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wb270 photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wb270 photo

We should know since we did session with her. FeFe is so sexy in person, it’s hard to describe.

Well, you can understand that when we had a chance to write a story about her, we we’re ecstatic.

FeFe – A Submission Wrestler With Style – FEMCOMPETITOR …

We also had the opportunity to shoot video with her and we savored every moment.

Most of FeFe’s matches are unseen or rarely seen.

We would like to share those moments with you as the shapely, feminine FeFe found herself in some very tough competitive matches. Here are the San Francisco Grappling Stars Producer’s descriptions.

FeFe vs Bella Rossi

“FeFe is super sexy with those well-known big strong sexy thighs from bike riding around the San Francisco bay area. She is gorgeous. She takes on Bella Rossi, a mat war star with years of experience and tons of victories. FeFe seems to catch Bella on the wrong day and in an erotic pins only match, the girl with the strong thighs really takes it to shapely Bella who she lost to before but is determined to atone for. Up close and sexy, two shapely girls in fully competitive pinning action.”

Femcompetitor Magazine was really surprised by how FeFe woman handled Bella. Watching two shapely girls engage in real competition was a sight to see. Watching FeFe rise above expectations was a sight for happy eyes.

Penny Barber Vs FeFe

fciwomenswrestling.com article, https://femcompetitor.com photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, https://femcompetitor.com photo

“These super sexy Nor Cal beauties have met before in a competitive struggle on video with another company so when they meet again here it could be an all-out war. Both have plenty of matches under their belt so there are no novices here. FeFe has some of the strongest, most shapely and beautiful legs you’ll ever see. Penny is a curvy mom who took to the mats with gusto having wrestled for many companies. Who will win in the rematch? Order this sexy match and find out.”

We we’re there and though FeFe put up a great fight, it seems Penny has her number. She really enjoyed dominating FeFe, complete with a lot of trash talking.

Daisy Ducati vs FeFe

fciwomenswrestling.com article, https://femcompetitor.com photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, https://femcompetitor.com photo

“Daisy comes in as the overwhelming favorite and gorgeous Nor Cal girl FeFe with some of the most beautiful, strong sexy legs with sensational calves in the world has a lot of courage to take her on. Daisy has no sympathy for the beauty with the strong legs, but FeFe catches her by surprise. You’ll find two shapely beauties in combat. Watch this fully competitive match between two super sexy Bay Area girls who passionately go at it. Will Daisy dominate or FeFe hold her own?”

Daisy in person is a stunning former runway model who made the transition into competitive wrestling with style. Daisy is ranked by FCI as a Division One fighter and FeFe ranked as a Division two.

You can find all of FeFe’s rarely seen matches at http://grapplingstars.com/fvsf-wrestling-videos/

When we interviewed FeFe, she spoke with wide eyed excitement about her love of bicycling around the hills of the San Francisco, Berkeley East Bay area. It’s a daily adventure for her. Whenever we see her, it reminds us of the power of having a great bicycling fitness routine.

It can be a daily adventure.

We enjoyed this article by a guest speaker that we would like to share with you that lives life large on the bike. You should check out their inspiring site. http://gosojourn.com/

Please enjoy.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, bike-velobuc-free-fr, wikimedia photo credit

fciwomenswrestling.com article, bike-velobuc-free-fr, wikimedia photo credit

How to Have a Bicycling and Active Vacation Adventure

By Michael C Miller 

Ordinary tours turn extraordinary with some imagination. Bike tours with Sojourn Bicycling and Active Vacations provide an altogether new and relaxing way to experience a destination in US or Canada.

Sojourn Bicycling and Active Vacations offers you personalized tours which enable you to visit most scenic destinations in North America in a new exciting way. Sojourn bike tours are a premier resource for adventure travelers who want to visit famous places by bike without compromising on fun and good life.

Bicycle tours offered by Sojourn are for travelers of all shades and interests. They have the requisite flexibility to offer standard trips as well as custom made trips to include the desires of their clients. These trips are designed for birthdays, team retreats, family reunions or just to visit the famous and scenic destinations groups, couples or individuals.

In this, you will get a bicycle tour leader who accompanies you on your routes and a support van travels with the group, which is ready to provide the necessary logistics and refreshments like snacks and drinks. Tour leaders are aptly trained to attend to the minutest of your requirements. They become part of your extended family where they would dine with you, ensure you bike remains fault free and that your water bottle is never empty plus they would also ensure that your favorite chocolate or snacks are there in picnic basket. The average group size at Sojourn rarely exceeds 15.

At Sojourn, you will get excellent and latest equipments ranging from bikes to support vans. The hybrid and road bikes they offer state of art equipments and are designed while keeping stability, comfort and endurance in mind. Bikes have adjustable handlebars to enable you to align your back and neck angle to maximum comfort level.
Made with light aluminum, these bikes come in various styles for men and women.

Bicycle tours offered by Sojourn include famous and exclusive destinations throughout North America. Sojourn offers the choice of some scenic and most visited destinations like Acadia National Park, Quebec city, Vermont, Columbia River Gorge and endless other ones. Sojourn is completely familiar with the destinations for which it offers bike tours and conveniently arranges your food and accommodation needs at good restaurants and inns. They continuously strive to develop new tours and offers.

Sojourn believes that for an avid traveler an adventurous journey is a dream come true and to realize that, he may wish to stop en route to smell roses, or still may prefer to continue the vigorous ride, the choice is entirely his. You can select your vacations from wide and interesting destinations in North America which also include Sojourn exclusives.

The website of Sojourn Bicycling and Active vacations ( www.gosojourn.com ) is very informative and you can visit it to learn more about them, their biking tours, prices and more. You may even request them online for creating a customized trip for your group.

Polite and friendly support staff at Sojourn will be ever eager to answer to your queries and make your dream trip a memorable one.

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