If the expression Clothes Makes The Man holds true, does that mean the message of Sneakers Makes The Woman holds true too?

Think about it.

When you see a gorgeous woman walking down a city street with curves in all of the right places, or working out at the gym, don’t you as an admirer take a minute to think to yourself…….wow she is wearing some great sneakers?

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No? Maybe?

Well, given the rise in the growth of sneaker sales for women, there is a rubber mountain of people hoping that you do.

As reported on November 16, 2017 at ispo.com, “The research institute Mintel reports that women in the UK bought more sports shoes than high heels for the first time ever in 2016. 37% of women opted for sports shoes and 33% for high heels. The trend continued in 2017. The situation is similar in Germany: A recent Mintel study found that two thirds of women consider sneakers to be acceptable for work and going out.”

This is consistent with the trending information shared on November 8, 2017 at footwearnews.com, “An uptick in women’s athletic footwear sales and the athleisure trend — led by running-inspired looks — provided the boost needed for the overall U.S. athletic footwear market to see growth in Q3.”

We smell green, and when there’s lots of money involved, in terms of endorsements, something consistently occurs.

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The stars come out at night, and in the daytime too.

Brimming with information about the in-crowd and the Jet Set jetting, travelandleisure.com shares, “The Adidas Superstar has always been a winner when it comes to staying stylish and comfortable. These slightly chunky sneakers are bold, retro, and provide extra cushioning for your feet. Here, Gwen Stefani polishes off her all-black outfit with black Superstars and a classic red lip.”

Also, “Reese Witherspoon was definitely onto something when she rocked these stylish and comfortable Puma sneakers in the airport. Puma makes the ultimate simple and classic tennis shoe, perfect for slipping on and off when rushing through security, but sure to keep your feet happy during long hours traipsing through airports.”

We always love Reese no matter what sneaker she sneaks around in.

Jumping for joy and getting in on the female sneaker rush is Nike. As footwearnews.com relates, “Nike’s skateboarding-specific Nike SB division launched in 2002 with a revamped version of the Dunk, a former basketball sneaker that had been fine-tuned for skate performance with improved comfort and durability. 15 years later, the brand is once again shaking up the world of action sports with its first-ever skate shoe designed specifically for women.”

Wonderful, wonderful. It is so great to see another industry making the world a more exciting place for women.

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The Hollywood stars aren’t the only ones who love to travel. There is a whole athleisure movement that speaks to that.

Athleisure as you know is casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.

We love the work of this female writer who speaks to that so leisurely.

Please meet Liz Demeo.

“I’m Liz DeMeo, Digital Media Coordinator for Consolidated Shoe Company. Formerly from New York, I moved to Virginia to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations. After graduation in 2014, I went right back to school and received my Master’s in Strategic Communication two years later. Shortly after that, I began working at Consolidated, where I quickly developed a passion for fashion – specifically, shoes. Using my love for social media and blogging, my hope is to inspire people to seek out comfortable, quality footwear designed for everyday life. I write about casual fashion trends including (but not limited to) athleisure, comfort-driven looks, and travel style. My goal is to inspire women to live and dress authentically, embracing a life in motion and never sacrificing comfort for style – or vice versa.”

Okay Liz. We love your credentials and want to hear what you have to say about women’s sneakers and traveling around the world like the movie stars.


5 Best Women’s Shoes for Traveling

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By Liz Demeo     Submitted On January 25, 2017

The Lightweight Sneaker

When it comes to travel fashion, it’s no secret that a comfortable pair of walking sneakers are a must. There’s a reason why the sneaker is the go-to shoe of travelers everywhere. But on your quest to find that perfect pair of travel sneakers, keep in mind not only comfort, but also weight. Heavy sneakers can weigh down your suitcase, and quickly become a burden to pack. Instead, look for sneakers that are also lightweight and easy to carry. For example, these perforated sneakers weigh very little and are also breathable. If you’re someone who easily gets sweaty feet, a pair like this could be a godsend.

The Laceless Sneaker

If you’re flying via plane, another aspect you’ll want to take into consideration are the airport security lines. If you find taking off and re-lacing your sneakers to be hassle, consider investing in a pair of laceless sneakers. They provide all the comfort of sneakers, without the hassle of shoelaces, and they come in several different varieties – from zip-up to velcro. And if you think you have to compromise on style, you’ll be happy to know that there are several women’s fashionable laceless sneakers on the market today, making it easier than ever to find the pair that’s right for you.

The Strappy Flat

Another convenient style for traveling is the strappy flat. High quality flats can make very comfortable walking shoes – perfect for walking through busy airport terminals, bus stations, or even taking a stroll through town on your travels. If you have narrow feet or worry about slippage, shoes with straps will ensure a proper fit. Just take care to select a pair that isn’t too tight. For this, I recommend searching for shoes with adjustable velcro straps. This makes adjusting the fit quick and easy. Also look for flats with a comfortable, thick sole. Trust me, your feet will thank you for it!

The Easy Slide

If you don’t want to waste time getting in and out of your shoes, consider something even easier than a strappy sandal or a laceless sneaker. Slides are perfect for exactly what they sound like – they slide on and off your feet easily, making them the ideal choice for travelers who are always in a hurry to get out the door. Slides are also perfect for walking on the beach, hanging out by the poolside, and like I’ve mentioned before, those pesky airport security lines. When shopping for slides, it’s important to find the best fit possible; it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose on your foot. And above all else, make sure the sole is thick and gives your foot the proper support.

The Comfy Boot

If you’re traveling during the fall or winter, you want to make sure that your feet stay warm and cozy no matter where you roam. Low-heeled or flat boots can make an excellent addition to your travel wardrobe. Look for styles that are easy to slip on and off and comfortable to walk in for great distances. If you’re headed to a wintery climate, pick boots with a soft interior, like shearling. If you’re concerned about taller boots taking up too much space in your suitcase, consider the ever-popular bootie, a style that hits just around the ankle. The best boots have a cushioned footbed for extra comfort, so make sure you look for that when choosing your go-to travel pair.

I’m Liz DeMeo, Digital Media Coordinator for OTBT Shoes, OTBT have a vast selection of high-quality comfortable and stylish women shoes with an adventurous spirit and an on-the-go lifestyle. Check out otbtshoes.com to learn more.

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