February 11, 2020,

Yes it comes around once a year, every year, yet each year the celebration of it can and should be very special.

Just like the loved one in your life.

Making an effort to ensure that every year is unique and memorable demonstrates love and deep affection.

Given that Valentine’s Day is an annual occurrence, sometimes we might need just a little help to make this year more creative than the last.

Sounds sweet.

A chocolatier is very happy to help you with your cause.

fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetitor.com, fcielitecompetitor.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com, grapplingstars.com Fall in Love with GODIVA’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Collection

Shared with a smile at bakemag.com, “GODIVA looks to tell a story with its chocolate this Valentine’s Day. The premium chocolate manufacturer explores the romantic association between chocolate and love and how it began. Its Valentine’s Day collection, comprised of heart‐shaped boxes filled with unique chocolate pieces, romances the history of chocolate and provides experience a taste of chocolate’s beautiful evolution. Each piece of chocolate in the collection incorporates a bit of history and the magical element of love.”

We love that. We sense that you will too.

GODIVA has bend mending, blending and bonding the hearts of many love birds for years.

They certainly have a rich history that qualifies them to do so.

Their team expresses, “With over 600 owned Boutiques and a presence in more than 100 countries world-wide, Godiva has grown into a global premium brand over the past 90 years. But before the global recognition, Godiva was and still is the story of an exceptional Belgian family whose passion for chocolate drove them to greatness.

In 1968, Godiva was appointed an official chocolatier to the Royal Court of Belgium. A great honour to receive, the prestigious Royal Warrant established Godiva’s role as an ambassador to its home country and a purveyor of high-quality Belgian chocolate.”

Very impressive.

At their home they have a page devoted exclusively for the beautiful lady in your life.


fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetitor.com, fcielitecompetitor.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com, grapplingstars.com Fall in Love with GODIVA’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Collection

They are also empowering women to make decisions from influential places.

As reported by their team on Jan. 9, 2020, “GODIVA Chocolatier, the global leader in premium chocolate, today announced that Amy Zuckerman has joined the company as Chief People Officer. Zuckerman will lead the company’s global people strategy to fuel GODIVA’s bold ambition of growing its business fivefold. In doing so, she will leverage her 30 years of experience in scaling and leading global retail organizations through dynamic lifecycles while maintaining loyal, high-performing talent in a rapidly changing industry. Zuckerman also joins the company’s diverse Executive Committee, which partners with CEO Annie Young-Scrivner to shape the future of GODIVA.

“Our ability to continue our evolution beyond formal gifting to become a daily occasion brand depends on our 5,000 passionate and talented chocolatiers around the world,” said Young-Scrivner. “We are delighted that Amy has joined our GODIVA family to engage, develop, and empower our people across all levels of our organization, which will help us drive exponential growth in 2020 and beyond.”

Zuckerman brings to GODIVA more than three decades of experience as a human resources executive across the luxury goods and technology industries, joining from Salvatore Ferragamo where, during her nearly 20-year tenure, she built the North American HR infrastructure for one of the world’s top luxury lifestyle brands. Zuckerman’s experience will be invaluable to GODIVA as it continues to expand its consumer reach as well as attract and retain top talent.

“I am thrilled to join GODIVA, a brand that I’ve long admired for their ability to make a strong emotional connection with their consumers and create a culture where everyone can bring their best self to work,” said Zuckerman. “This is a pivotal time for GODIVA as it continues to develop its talent and capabilities to extend its premium Belgian chocolate into new products and categories. I am looking forward to leveraging my experience to ensure the success of this iconic brand.”

Zuckerman received her master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Boston University and her BA in Psychology from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. She will be based in GODIVA’s New York City Headquarters.”

Thanks for the update. We’re happy to see upward mobility opportunities for talented women.

In terms of that creativity and new ideas that we spoke of, we think you will like this next announcement.

Fall in Love with GODIVA’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Collection

fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetitor.com, fcielitecompetitor.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com, grapplingstars.com Fall in Love with GODIVA’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Collection

Newly created pieces capture the fascinating and romantic history of chocolate and feature packaging by Olympia Le Tan

NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As long as we can remember, people have been exchanging chocolates on Valentine’s Day as a sign of their love. But how did this romantic association between chocolate and love begin? GODIVA, takes a playful turn at exploring the answer to this important question with their limited-edition Valentine’s Day collection and seasonally inspired treats, available now on GODIVA.com and in GODIVA Cafés and boutiques around the world.

This special collection, comprised of heart-shaped boxes filled with unique chocolate pieces, romances the history of chocolate, allowing GODIVA’s fans to experience a taste of chocolate’s beautiful evolution. Inspired by the fascinating and sensorial history of chocolate, from its origins to the present Valentine’s Day, each piece incorporates a bit of history and the magical element of love.

Through culinary artistry, masterful chocolate innovation, and passionate creativity, GODIVA Chef Chocolatier, Jean Apostolou, created this limited-edition collection to celebrate how chocolate has solidified its place as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift through the ages.

“Chocolate has a fascinating story to tell, from the discovery of cocoa in the Americas, its cultivation in Africa, and its mastery in Europe, where chocolatiers refined and perfected this exquisite gift from nature hundreds of years ago,” says Chef Apostolou. “When I first envisioned this selection, I was inspired by these pivotal moments in chocolate’s delicious history and set out to create a Valentine’s Day collection that captures this beautiful journey.”

The collection’s charming and elegant packaging was designed by Olympia Le Tan, the contemporary brand known for its creation of original handbags and minaudières, a combination of embroidery and literature designs carried by some of the world’s most famous stars. The whimsical, Parisian-inspired packaging of GODIVA’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Collection features hand drawn illustrations of iconic Valentine Day’s symbols, like hearts, roses, doves and love notes, along with less traditional and more fantastical angels. It’s a match made in heaven.

Inside the Olympia Le Tan packaging is where consumers will find the four new GODIVA chocolates, each representing important milestones in chocolate’s journey.

GODIVA’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Collection

  • INTENSE GANACHE: To celebrate the start of chocolate’s story with its discovery in the Americas, where it was believed to be a gift from the heavens, Chef Jean crafted a Mexican origin chocolate. It has authentic chocolate notes and a long-lasting taste to begin your romantic culinary journey.
  • CACAO HONEY DELIGHT: To commemorate the beginning of Europe’s love for chocolate, Chef Jean paired cacao with honey, the original sweetener used when chocolate was first served to the Europeans.
  • PRALINÉ DREAM: The history of chocolate would not be complete without celebrating the first praline ever made: the ultimate combination of hazelnut paste in a chocolate shell. Chef Jean created the very same crunchy hazelnut praliné as it first was, specially made to make you swoon!
  • MODERN LOVE: To end our love story with chocolate, Chef Jean designed a beautifully shaped piece pairing decadent chocolate and delectable strawberry. This new sumptuous creation will take us to present day, evoking modern love.

Additional GODIVA Valentine’s Day gift offerings include classic Gold Ballotin boxes, cherry cordials, fabric hearts, Valentine’s Day teddy bar with foil hearts, G-Cube heart tins and more.

The GODIVA Valentine’s Day collection is available for purchase nationwide in boutiques, cafés and online at GODIVA.com. Freshly made treats are made daily in GODIVA cafés and boutiques. GODIVA treats can also be found in the chocolate aisle of local grocery and retail stores nationwide. For more information on GODIVA’s offerings, please visit GODIVA.com.

About GODIVA Chocolatier
GODIVA Chocolatier is the global leader in premium, artisanal chocolate. The company was founded in Brussels in 1926 by Belgian Chocolatier, Pierre Draps. Nearly a century later, every piece of GODIVA is still bursting with quality, Belgian craftsmanship, and the world’s finest ingredients.

GODIVA has distribution in more than 100 countries across the globe. Customers can experience GODIVA at the iconic brand’s chocolate boutiques, GODIVA Cafes, GODIVA.com, and at many fine retailers.

GODIVA is committed to innovative and delicious food and beverage products that exceed consumer expectations and create wonderful moments. From its famous truffles and shell-moulded chocolate pieces to its European-style biscuits, individually wrapped chocolates, Croiffles™, gourmet coffees and teas, hot cocoa, soft serve and other indulgences, GODIVA is dedicated to bringing the ultimate chocolate experience to the world.

As a socially responsible business, GODIVA has global practices and programs designed to provide meaningful support to cocoa farmers, safeguard our environment, and empower the communities where we live and work. To learn more about these powerful initiatives, visit GODIVA Cares.

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