Coronation ceremonies are in order when you have been designated as one of the premiere gymnasts in the Icelandic region.

It’s a land filled with many fairytale princesses.

Eythora Elisabet Thorsdottir is such a stunning and talented performer. article, Imgrum photo credit

Not only does she melt the ice, but hearts around the world as well.

She is so talented. article, photo

Have you seen her perform before? Let’s meet her.

In 2015, she competed at the European Championships and the World Championships. She then competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Eythora’s international senior debut came late in the year, in a small meet in Hamburg, where she placed 1st in the all-around and 2nd with her team.

This was an incredible accomplishment since had been out most of the year due to a back injury.

In 2015 qualified to compete at the World Championships in Glasgow. There, she helped the Dutch team qualify for the 2016 Olympics by finishing 8th in the team competition.

Very exciting. article, Foto Jan de Koning photo credit

During the qualifications, she placed 28th in the all-around and was the first alternate for the finals. She qualified for the balance beam event final, but fell in the final and placed 8th.

Eythora was chosen to represent the Netherlands at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where she helped the Dutch team qualify to the team final. They finished in 7th place. She also qualified into the individual all-around final where she finished in 9th place with a score of 57.632.

Extremely impressive.

We are not alone in our admiration for her story book performances.

As reported at regarding her 2016 campaign, “After a rough start to her year, Eythora Thorsdottir again proved this weekend why she’s the best in the Netherlands, hitting all four routines in the national all-around competition to break her all-around record with a 58.058 to win gold.

This year’s Dutch Championships featured 18 Olympic hopefuls, nine looking to make the team for the Netherlands and nine reaching for Belgium’s squad.”

Our Ice Princess is in great company and stands out above the crowd. article, Gymnastics Wiki – Wikia photo

Eythora was born on August 10, 1998 in Rotterdam to Icelandic parents.

Her name means Thor’s Island.

No wonder she entertains like a Goddess. article, photo

Catherine Le Nevez, a fantastic writer with the Lonely Planet travel site expresses why she loves Eythora’s part of the world. “Visionary architecture, vintage-meets-contemporary fashion and interiors, street markets selling rainbows of fresh flowers, haring (raw herring), caramel-filled stroopwafels (caramel-syrup-filled waffles with ice cream) and cheese, and borrel (‘drinks’) at canal-side cafés are all reasons I love the Netherlands. But what I love about the country above all is its spirit. If something doesn’t exist, the Dutch will design it, build it, manufacture it, recycle it, craft it, launch it (the Netherlands is one of the world’s hottest start-up hubs) and make it a reality. There’s a sense that anything’s possible here (and it invariably is).”

We seldom get a chance to electronically travel to that part of the world, thus in order to fully appreciate what helped Eythora to blossom into the realm of exceptional, perhaps we can visit through the eyes of a writer who came, saw and loved it.


Travelling to Netherlands – Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Dutch Culture article, GeoGuessr photo

By Robin Kent 

Netherlands is a beautiful country, which borders the North Sea, Belgium and Germany, with diverse culture showing reflections of Dutch and the foreign immigrants. The country, with plenty of tourist attractions is home to a range of historical paintings and replicas of Dutch buildings with rich Dutch architecture. The country is often referred as the home to some of the great philosophers and painters, whose famous works draws a bundle of tourists here.

Certain customs which are perfectly acceptable in one country might be totally proscribed in another. There are many different types of traditions that are very important to Dutch cultural heritage. Some ideas about the language etiquette, dressing manners, tipping and greeting behavior can make your travel and stay at Netherlands ever etched in memory. Dutch people are quite formal and etiquette is not a big issue but, here is a list of some do’s and don’ts for a Netherland trip.

The Dutch society is egalitarian and modern. The people are modest, tolerant, independent, self-reliant, and entrepreneurial. They value education, hard work, ambition and ability. According to the Dutch culture people of Netherlands are very direct or outspoken towards each other and strangers. They merely consider this as a sign of honesty and trust. It is good to go with their flow. But when it comes to behavior in public places or crowds, loud or proactive behavior is not appreciated. Do shake hand upon meeting someone. As per their culture, start a conversation only after introducing yourself. Kissing three times on alternative cheeks is a typical custom followed here while greeting or bidding farewell to a close friend. Dutch people give more importance to time and punctuality. Try to be on time in meetings and do not attempt to cancel or reschedule the meetings on last minute. They also place high value to cleanliness and neatness.

Tipping is not mandatory in Netherlands. Legally the service charge is included in the meal cost itself but if somebody feels the service is exceptionally good a 10% tip can be given in addition to the bill. They generally eat with fork in the left hand and knife in the right hand. Eating manners other than this is considered awkward here. Dressing style of Netherlands is similar to America. Business dress is fairly conservative, but it depends on the profession. Casual clothing is preferred for sightseeing. Shorts, however is acceptable only when jogging or hiking. Smoking is prohibited in many areas of Netherlands. Always ask before lighting up.

Basic awareness about the local laws and penalties are worth knowing while traveling to Netherlands. Under Dutch law everyone over the age of 14 is required to carry identification, such as a valid passport, driver’s license, identity card or Dutch residency card, at all times. Organize a variety of ways to access your money overseas, such as credit cards, travelers’ cheques, cash, debit cards or cash cards. Netherlands is a good destination for independent travel with good public transportation.

When planning your travel to Netherlands, be sure to review the travel guides, the best places to visit and the country etiquette for insights on how to travel well and travel safe. is an online travel agency and a part of the global online company Travix, which specializes in cheap international airline tickets and airfare deals.

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