Respected leaders who are remembered throughout time are revered for a reason.

For one reason, there is substance and a timeless quality to their thoughts. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865.

Mr.  Lincoln led the United States through its Civil War—its bloodiest war and arguably its greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis. In doing so, he preserved the Union, abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government, and modernized the economy.

He was once quoted as expressing, “Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.”

Do you recognize the name Eva Andressa? article, photo article, photo

Don’t worry if you don’t.

Given her accomplishments, she is worthy of your recognition. article, photo article, photo

Eva Andressa Vieira was born in Curitiba, Parana State in Brazil. She achieved great heights as a Brazilian body builder and converted her talents into being a global fitness star.

Our fitness beauty began her career at the tender age of 17. Like so many teens, she was unhappy with her body because she felt it was too skinny. As a result she began to train vigorously. article, brazil photo article, brazil photo

However, not having the proper support, she quit.

Sometimes the harshest life experiences opens the door to other possibilities.

Almost having given up entirely she met Jardel Barros, a fellow athlete who became her husband and Personal Trainer.

Eva’s first competition was in 2005 as a participant in NABBA, the National American Body Builders Association, one of the largest in the world.

Have you ever wondered how complex the judging is? aricle, photo aricle, photo

At their site they explain the rules for the bikini competition.

Judging Criteria

Symmetry and Appearance: Competitors will be judged on good overall symmetrical balance to their physiques.

Style of Walk / Poise: Competitors should display confidence and personality in their walk and project poise and charisma. Turns should be smooth and fluid.

Confidence / Stage Presence / Attitude: Judges are looking for competitors to project themselves in a confident and positive manner with a relaxed and positive smile and depicting an energetic attitude.

Demerits for Excessive Muscularity: Competitors in this category should not possess the muscularity of Ms. Figure or Ms. Physique and can receive Demerits for being too muscular

Demerits for Excessive Striation or Leanness: Competitors in this category should not possess the leanness of Ms. Figure or the striations of Ms. Physique and can receive Demerits for being too lean.

Demerits for Provocative Clothing: Competitors must wear a bikini that fits their figure properly. No thongs or G-Strings permitted. Demerits can be received if clothing is deemed inappropriate.

Seems pretty involved wouldn’t you say?

Her fitness evolution was nothing short of phenomenal as she later became the Brazilian champion in 2006. article, photo article, photo

According to research, currently Eva is dedicating her life to becoming a leader in the Online Fitness Industry and becoming an ambassador for MHP (Maximum Human Performance), a food supplement from America where she represents Brazil.

She has not competed since 2010.

Instead she has developed a cult following in all of her social media, with over 3 million likes on her Facebook Fan Page and over 600,000 followers on her Instagram page. aricle, photo aricle, photo

Her success on Facebook continues to swell.

“Don’t work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.”… H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

On Facebook she has surpassed 9 million fans. She was the first individual in the world to sign a recognition agreement with Facebook as a success.

Now that is recognition.

It’s time to recognize the multi-cultural village that raised her. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Curitiba or “Pine Nut Land”, is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Paraná. The city’s population numbered approximately 1,879,355 people as of 2015, making it the eighth most populous city in the country, and the largest in Brazil’s South Region.

Curitiba was one of the host cities of the 1950 FIFA World Cup, and again for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Interestingly, Curitiba has the biggest colony of Polish immigrants in Brazil. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Nearly 20,000 Ukrainian immigrants settled there between 1895 and 1897, consisting mostly of peasants from Galicia who migrated to Brazil to become farmers. Around 300,000 Ukrainian-Brazilians live in Paraná. The State of Paraná has the largest Ukrainian community and Slavic community.

Brazil’s Ukranian Community celebrating Easter article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

The memorials reflect the regions diversity.

Ukranian Memorial article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Arabian Memorial article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

It’s an enjoyable place to eat and visit.

According to the government site, “Whenever travelers mention that they are going to Curitiba, people always advise them to take warm clothes. This is one thing you can be sure about in this city, for low temperatures have already become part of the lives of the Curitibanos (residents of Curitiba).

Arrive in Curitiba with his eyes wide open to see the signs of an urban scenario in which dwellers, environment and the urban area coexist in a harmoniously.”

The explorative site expands, “Curitiba, the capital of the Brazilian state of Paraná, is the biggest city in Southern Brazil. Despite its size, Curitiba is considered by some people to be an ‘unknown’ destination, especially when compared to São Paulo, Rio de JaneiroSalvador and other cities in Northeast Brazil. What most travelers do not even imagine is the exuberant flora and fauna found in the city and its surrounding areas, especially the wonderful islands on Paraná’s coastline.

Botanical Gardens article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

The city is therefore fittingly famous for its green areas, like the Botanical Gardens and three greenhouses used for the annual production of native and exotic tree species, fruit plants and flower seedlings.”

How beautiful.

One of our favorite global travel sites always adds something to the adventure and they do once again. “Curitiba has long garnered praise for being one of the world’s best models of urban planning. It’s the envy of urban planners the world over and Brazil’s most efficient city. With its abundant green spaces, sophisticated population and well-heeled infrastructure, Curitiba is not a bad spot to recharge your batteries and soak in Brazil at its functioning best.”

At Fem Competitor Magazine, this is why we love to recognize and write about the numerous Brazilian Fitness Stars like Eva because even if for a moment, they transport us to a fascinating cosmopolitan place.

Eva is stunning, beautifully formed, a marketing genius and a stellar ambassador for the fitness lifestyle. article, photo article, photo

She is deserving of all the global recognition flowing her way. She earned it.

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.