I dream of Eugenie with the long black hair.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, femcompetitor photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, femcompetitor photo

What great legs too!

Only in Las Vegas can you become so infatuated with one beautiful woman after another and after meeting them, reality exceeds fantasy.

Las Vegas beauty, Eugenie fits that build.

Eugenie primarily engages in mixed wrestling and the sounds of males howling in gleeful pain can be heard from the highest roof tops of the tallest Las Vegas hotels.

When you have an assignment to interview Eugenie, the first emotion is excitement because it might be one of the first full interviews that the muscular Las Vegas beauty engages in. The next is hesitation, since she doesn’t have an extensive history of wrestling women, so you don’t know what to expect.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, femcompetitor photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, femcompetitor photo

One thing for certain is that she is far sexier in person that her pictures, especially if you are attracted to physically fit gorgeous women with strong thighs.

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.……Buddha

In person Eugenie is the quiet girl in the crowd who is very observant and innocently projects an authoritative look.

I smiled at her and expressed that she reminded me of a Star Ship Captain. Probably the first time she heard that one. Eugenie smiled then she sat on the stool to have her brain picked by myself and another interviewer.

Right away she related that she wrestles for fun. I then asked her if she wrestles women and she replied not as much because she doesn’t like to hurt them. I got the point as I stared at her perfectly sculptured feminine muscle.

Hmm intriguing.

Eugenie continued. “I like it rough. The body scissors warms them up for the head scissors.”

A tactical warrior she is. Where did she acquire these skillsets? From practice, practice and more practice. Pre-high school she was already training in the martial arts and if she ever was in a male abusive relationship, he had better watch out.

Especially if she gets him in a body scissors.

She sighs and reflects on how she got in an all-out fist fight in high school. It was tough but fun. Through her sensuous lips she flashed another knowing smile.

I hope that my daughter grows up empowered and doesn’t define herself by the way she looks but by qualities that make her a intelligent, strong and responsible woman.…..Isaiah Mustafa

So what is she thinking when she has someone in her favorite hold?

“I like to feel their muscles give. First they’re tense and then they can’t hold out anymore. I’ve only lost once.”

I believe her.

Eugenie loves to wrestle women especially when they are a little on the strong side. She really enjoys that. She also enjoys working in the restaurant industry in Las Vegas.

After a session with Eugenie, where could you go to take a beautiful woman out on the town?

Many places really but here is one restaurant that stands out.

Excuse me but where is our waiter?

Just in time, the adventurous site lasvegassun.com shares, “Overnight it has become one of the most stunningly beautiful restaurants on the Strip. Foodies have long supported the kitchen genius of acclaimed chef and restaurateur Julian Serrano with his Picasso at Bellagio and his namesake Spanish tapas and molecular gastronomy bistro at Aria.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, latimes.com photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, latimes.com photo

Now he’s pulled off a three-peat with the opening of Lago also at Bellagio. It’s a masterpiece of architectural and design beauty, and his menu of Italian tapas is the perfect match.

If it’s a testament to his culinary royalty, then know that one customer on its first night flew here from Ohio with four friends — just for opening night dinner! Julian is that powerful a draw.”

Many exclaim that if there was no food, you could just stand there in awe and enjoy the scenery.

Well, well, well. We seem to have two waiters. The informative site vegas.eater.com, glass of water in hand succinctly expands “Julian Serrano’s third Las Vegas restaurant Lago at the Bellagio serves up contemporary Italian fare and small dishes with a stunning view of the Fountains at Bellagio. Take your fish raw in a crudo or grilled whole. The arsenal of Italian fare including pastas and pizzas make the menu. And for those who want a true Vegas experience, the whole suckling pig, osso bucco and one-pound bone-in rib eye will fill.”

I’m sold but still a little hungry. Let’s nibble at one more. Maybe something a little more casual.

Our second waiter makes another recommendation. “The legendary creators of Buffalo chicken wings have arrived in Las Vegas and are now serving their infamous wings inside the Grand Canal Shoppes food court at the Venetian. Anchor Bar serves their original recipe wings in mild, medium, hot, spicy hot barbecue and the only if you dare, “suicidal” sauces. Fans will note, the wings do come with the signature celery and blue cheese dressing.”

Two thoughts are better than one. Our new waiter the Los Angeles Times concurs, “In Las Vegas, the quick-service restaurant will have counter where guests order. Expect wings and sauces, wing “bites” and fingers at this 1,250-square-foot location.

The original location opened 50 years ago with an Italian menu, but in 1964, owner Teressa Bellissimo threw together an impromptu fried chicken dinner dusted with a cayenne pepper and a legend was born. That location fries up around 2,000 pounds of wings daily with sides of celery and blue cheese dip.

Anchor Bar first expanded in 2009 with a location at the Buffalo airport, and now the company has five franchise locations in Ontario and New York. The wing sauce that made the company famous is available at more than 5,000 supermarkets worldwide. Plus, fans can order Anchor Bar’s wings online and have them shipped anywhere in the country. In 2003, the James Beard Foundation recognized Anchor Bar with an America’s Classics award.”

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Lago photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Lago photo

Can’t you imagine a great day having a session with a sexy, feminine, athletic and nicely muscled girl like Eugenie and then getting some great nibbles afterwards to replenish?

Meeting Eugenie up close was a real treat. She has a quiet sexiness to her that adds to her mystique. She’s also unpretentious and very fresh faced. Her thighs are better than advertised. They are beautifully shaped and nice and thick, the better to squeeze you with.

Keep an eye out for Eugenie. The more you see this Las Vegas strong modern girl, the more you’re going to like her.

~ ~ ~

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