Jaclyn Walsh, Cat Cogliandro, Loni Landon, Emma Portner, Emery LeCrone and Megan Batoon.

They are all young, talented, high energy and high flying in the world of contemporary dance. Mention their names in dance circles and all eyes will brighten like a morning sun on a cloudless day.

As the world of female submission wrestlers and dance begins to merge with performances on the same venue at the Dojo, you should get to know some of the most talented and gifted young dancers of our time period.

Focusing on all of them at the same time would be overwhelming so let’s focus on one young dancer that truly overwhelms all by herself.

If you want a solar burst, you should mention the name of Ellenore Scott.

She’s one of the industry’s hottest and brightest.

The respected industry site msaagency.com reports,A California native, Ellenore Scott grew up dancing under the direction of Ruth Fisher and her own mother, Michelle Burkhart, at Dancenter, a local dance school offering a diverse class schedule introducing her to hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap, modern and choreography.”

At the well-choreographed site ellenorescott.com her accomplishments shine. “Ellenore Scott began dancing at age 10 at Dancenter in Capitola, California under the director of her mother, Michelle Ramos-Burkhart and the Director of the School, Ruth Fisher. After attending a summer intensive with The Ailey School in 2003, Ellenore decided it was time for a change. Her family moved from California to New York City in 2004 where Ellenore trained at The Ailey School with a Fellowship Scholarship and at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art & Performing Arts.

After high school, Ellenore began her professional career. Dancing in small dance companies including The Von Howard Project and nathantrice/RITUALS, Ellenore accepted her first job with Peter Kyle for The Only Tribe. Following her time with The Only Tribe, Ellenore continued to take class and hone her craft.

In 2009, Ellenore went on hit television series, “So You Think You Can Dance?” and became 3rd runner up in the 6th Season. After SYTYCD, Ellenore went on to perform in the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, The Ellen Show, One Life to Live, Smash!, and Glee.

Still of Annie Lennox, Jamie Goodwin, Ellenore Scott and Jillian Meyers in Dancing with the Stars  

In 2010, Ellenore auditioned to be a background dancer for Janet Jackson and was the only female hired from the New York City audition! Ellenore performed with Janet at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.”

They continue, “Ellenore teaches internationally and nationally with numerous universities, performing arts schools, and dance conventions. She is permanent faculty at Broadway Dance Center in New York City. She is also a master teacher for Excel in Motion Dance Convention and Dupree Dance. She has taught modern dance in Bulgaria and Norway for international workshops.

In 2009, Ellenore had the opportunity to create a new work for the Harvard University Dance Company. In 2012, Ellenore was commissioned to set work on Glow Dance Company in Stavanger, Norway. The piece entitled, “Henne” went to tour Norway. Ellenore has also set work on Urbanity Dance in Boston.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, ellenorescott.com photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, ellenorescott.com press photo credit

Ellenore works in many different areas of choreography, including working with recording artists for live stage performances and music videos. She choreographed music videos for recording artists Henry Santos, Emergency Tiara and Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche.

Ellenore was an Associate Choreographer for several NYMF productions including Volleygirls and Cloned! both of which won Best of Fest! Awards. Ellenore works closely with Tony-Award winning Andy Blankenbuehler on many projects and has most recently assisted him on setting a piece on Juilliard Dance Senior Class.

In 2012, Ellenore Founded and became Artistic Director of ELSCO Dance, a contemporary fusion dance company located in New York City. The company has performed throughout New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  The same year, Ellenore became the Executive Producer of The Breaking Glass Project, a nationwide program to help mentor and nurture emerging female choreographers. For more information about Ellenore and her projects, please visit www.ELSCOdance.org and www.BreakingGlassProject.org

Ellenore is also pursuing a career in filmmaking and editing. Starting ELSCODaceFilms in 2013, Ellenore uses her company members to create unique short dance films for her online audience to enjoy. She is also working freelance to help create and produce films for other organizations as well including created Demo Reels and Promotional Footage.”

Words describing Ellenore is one thing but watching her choreograph a video is quite another. Check out this video Ellenore choreographed for bassist Alissia! “On the Go


As with most successful people in life, Ellenore comes from a very supportive family. In an interview with ew.com she relates at her urging, her parents moved to New York City to further her career. She explains to en.com that she went to New York when she was thirteen to do a summer intensive program at Joffrey Ballet, and fell in love with the city.

When her parents came out to see her performances, she told them she wanted to move there. Her parents were hesitant at first but right at the time that she was finishing middle school, her mother was finishing law school and her step-father was ready to get a bigger position or a better job. It was just the right time.

Female submission wrestling events are an exciting venue all by themselves but when you dream of the addition of talented dancers performing to various styles of music and dance, it’s understandable how the excitement meter can go through the roof.

The enticing site wetpaint.com clearly agrees. They praise Ellenore stating, “Ellenore Scott’s high extensions, artistry, and whimsical persona catapulted her to So You Think You Can Dance Season 6’s top 4. With a pop-and-locking father and a twirling, ballerina mother, this lady was born to dance. We’ll never forget Ellenore’s undying commitment and quirks, including her trademark alien voice.

These are just a few of the reasons why we crave more of Miss Scott. And thankfully, she hasn’t shied away from the spotlight, and continues to shine as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer in America’s dance mecca, New York City.”

The compliments keep coming.

The dynamic site danceplug.com shouts, “ELLENORE SCOTT is a professional dancer and choreographer from New York City and is fast emerging as one of America’s “young up and coming choreographers” and master teachers. Scott has carved out an impressive career that seamlessly weaves her distinctive and highly praised technical training in modern dance choreography, to her hip-hop influenced style and “quirkiness” that define her unique choreography.”

The future looks bright for dignified female grappling and energetic contemporary dance. The world of female sports inside the Dojo is the new cool. As the two magical worlds merge Femcompetitor Magazine will try and keep you on top of the latest and the greatest.

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