We have loved ice cream for so long that most of us feel that it had no beginning. It was always here.

That is such a warm thought on an ice cool product.

So while ice cream has been here, like forever, the different creativity of swirl incorporated in enhancing it continues to change.

Two female entrepreneurs who have caught the attention of the world in their unique approach to making wonderful ice cream hail from Omaha, Nebraska USA.

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Let’s visit them at their house ecreamery.com and knock on the door.

They are so friendly in the Mid-West.

“In 2007, ice cream enthusiasts Becky App and Abby Jordan formed eCreamery Gourmet Ice Cream, Sorbet and Gelato in Omaha, Nebraska, and have been churning classic favorites, original flavors and customers’ unique creations in our boutique parlor ever since.

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Whether ordered online or imagined in-store, our ice cream artists create each and every flavor in a small batch process, then hand pack and label with love. Exceptional customer service, personalized packaging and our ability to push flavor limits with delicious success—ever tried lavender ice cream with mint?— have garnered recognition throughout the country, such as ABC “Shark Tank”, The New York Times, “Oprah”, Martha Stewart Living, EveryDay with Rachael Ray, Esquire, ESPN and more.

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If in Omaha (our only brick and mortar location), stop by and say hello—16 fabulous flavors that rotate daily are here to greet you. eCreamery is located at 5001 Underwood Avenue in historic Dundee and is open seven days a week. Or you can always visit us online at eCreamery.com to customize your own flavors or pick from our bestselling ones. The options are endless, the flavors are fresh and best of all, you rule the scoop.”

Did they mention that one of the world greatest singers Paul McCartney stopped by for a taste?

All we have to do is ask and they share, “Paul McCartney was spotted with Omaha billionaire Warren Buffett in Dundee on Sunday night having dinner, dessert and a walk around the neighborhood.

McCartney, who arrived in a limo, had two scoops of eCreamery’s award winning vanilla. Mr. Buffett enjoyed a Root Beer Float.

Onlookers included now selfie phenom, Tom White. Sixteen year old White and his friends had seen the celebrity sightings on Twitter and ran to see their music hero. The “63 Billion Dollar Selfie” has been retweeted around the globe.”

Very impressive.

Now they hate to name drop but we don’t. Someone else gave them the star treatment too. “We’re thrilled to be in Rachael’s Top Holiday Picks Gift Guide!

Rachael’s team created a fun custom flavor, “Allyson’s Sugar Fix,” Premium Vanilla ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles and Gummy Bears for the Inner Kid on the Team!”

You see, the way that most of us found about the two brilliant sweet tooth fairies was when they visited the venture capitalist television series Shark Tank to seek an investment for their company.

They didn’t get one but the publicity afterwards has been phenomenal.

The local paper omaha.com praises, “They got the exposure from being on the show in 2012, along with the connections and support, without having to give away equity in their business, and they are still reaping the benefits today.

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Owners Becky App and Abby Jordan capitalized on an initial wave of publicity from the show, thanks in part to advice from “shark” Barbara Corcoran, and sales grew significantly. Reruns still generate lots of orders. The growth continues, in part thanks to “Shark Tank” connections.”

  1. eCreamery is now a top-selling product at Harry & David, the gourmet food gift seller. An executive there had seen the “Shark Tank” episode and agreed to give eCreamery a test run. It met its annual sales goal within 12 weeks.
  2. The business has expanded its distribution to the East Coast with a production and shipping location in Richmond, Virginia. A gourmet food business there that uses the same type of ice cream machines saw the “Shark Tank” episode and wanted to collaborate, App said.
  3. eCreamery is now expanding its production capacity in Omaha and will be able to ship more product to the Midwest and West. It is collaborating with its Omaha candy supplier, Prima Distribution, to build a commercial kitchen and shipping space. eCreamery will be hiring four more “assistant chefs” to work there. Bonus: More seating space at the Dundee ice cream parlor, without all those boxes in the way.

Wow! That success makes us want to scream for more eCreamery ice cream.

Best wishes to them.

Okay, so these two beautiful ladies have inspired you and you want to make some ice cream at home. Right?

Good. We have a visiting writer with some wonderful suggestions.

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Ice Cream Maker

By Alexis C Lee

Are you thinking of buying a new ice cream maker? For ice cream lovers, buying a machine can help you save a significant amount of money in the long run. For those who are health conscious, you can finally control the ingredients that go into your dessert, and enjoy it with less guilt. There are countless reasons why one should buy an ice cream maker. However, before you jump in to get one, you want to ensure you’ve chosen the most suitable one. So, what are some factors to consider when getting one?


Machines vary greatly in price. Some cost as little as $10, while others can cost up to $100000. You have to first consider your objective for getting one. Are you buying one for the occasional family gatherings when your nieces and nephews come over? If you are only going to be using your machine occasionally, you should consider getting a cheaper one. On the other hand, if you have a sweet tooth intend to use your machine every other day, forking out a bit more money to get a fully-automated one will be well worth it.

Manual vs Electric

There are two main types of ice cream makers, manual vs electric. Manual machines require you to stir the base yourself during the freezing process. Electric machines come with a motor that does the stirring for you.

Electric machines are certainly more hassle-free and time-saving. However, they are less fun to use (kids prefer manual machines) and because they require electrical power, they are more dangerous for children to use by themselves.


Some electric machines can be very loud. They are not loud enough to wake your next door neighbors up, but quite possibly loud enough to frustrate you. For those who have a low tolerance for noise, a manual machine or perhaps a high-end electric machine is a better option for you.

Method of Freezing

Most machines use either salt and ice, or a freezer bowl to freeze the base.

Machines that use salt and ice require a ready supply of crushed ice and salt. They are often very messy to use as a large amount of saline is produced in the process.

On the other hand, machines that use a freezer bowl require the bowl to be frozen 8 to 24 hours prior to using. This method is a lot more hassle-free than the salt/ice method. However, it can be a problem if your fridge freezer is often filled with food, or is too small to accommodate a freezer bowl.

There are other higher-end machines that come with an in built freezer. These machines are definitely the most convenient but also the priciest.

Quality of Ice Cream Produced

Conditions such as the rate of churning as well as the method of freezing the base can all have an impact on the quality of the dessert produced. Always make sure the machine you are considering is able to produce quality ice cream. The best way is to check with friends who have used the machine before. Alternatively, you can Google for reviews on the Internet.

Other Frozen Desserts?

Some machines can only produce ice cream. Others are capable of producing gelato, sorbet and other frozen desserts too. If you are an enthusiast of other sorts of icy desserts, consider paying a little more to have an all in one machine.

Amount of Ice Cream Produced

Are you making dessert for your family on the weekends? Or are you preparing ice cream for a carnival? Machines differ in capacities, from 1 quart to as big as 6 quarts. Choose the capacity that is most suitable for your needs.

For those who are thinking of buying an ice cream maker, check out the ice cream maker reviews [http://www.icecreammakerbuyersguide.com] at [http://www.icecreammakerbuyersguide.com]. The site features a comparison grid where you can do a comparison of different ice cream makers. Very convenient.

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