Variety is the spice of life. Most would agree. Where this summation might become open to debate is if you accept that underachieving, being inconsistent or not meeting others expectations is a form of spice as well.

It’s just the variety that most of us don’t desire.

When reviewing the career of the gorgeous DWW Maiden Norita, in terms of her match results, it’s a case study in extremes and consistency in being…..well inconsistent. article, DWW photo article, DWW photo

Having said that, in an odd way, at Female Competition International we actually would like to attract those types of competitors to women’s submission wrestling as well. You don’t have to be champion of the world, just compete as hard as you can.

That was a question raised in a few of Norita’s matches when she fell behind. Was she competing as hard as she could or was she mailing it in waiting for the final whistle to blow?

Her resume includes competitions in Hungarian events against Sofia, Doreen, Rita M, Zsuzsa, Anita V, Reni, and Silvi to name a few. article, DWW photo article, DWW photo

The most fascinating component about her matches was that they were mostly lopsided in her favor or against. There were very few evenly scored matches in between. It was annihilation for or against. The one thing that was consistent was the admiration of the fans for both her beauty and wrestling.

“Doreen is a slim but strong young woman and she’s ambitious. She’s got some superbly strong long legs and she doesn’t like to lose. Norita however enjoys dominating other girls. If you saw the first two matches you’ll be excited about who will finally be the better one? Doreen starts pretty aggressive and Norita is soon in defense. Will Doreen really be able teaching cocky and confident Norita a lesson and beating her up with her own weapons?”

Regarding the same matchup here’s what another reviewer had to say, “This is a lightweight round robin tournament from our HWW event between three of our weaker girls. They’re small and slim and still pretty unskilled although they have improved. Both Norita and Doreen were aware of the fact that the winner of their match would be the winner of this lightweight tournament, too. They start to wrestle very aggressive and when one girl unintendedly hurts her opponent, one word gives another and one action and revenge gives another, too, until it gets out of hand and one girl leaves the mat in tears and completely upset.”

When she faced the masters like Reni, Sofia C and Zsuzsa, our Hungarian sweet heart found herself in trouble.

“This is an interesting pairing. Zsuzsa has been around for several years and Norita is newer. Zsuzsa enjoys a size and experience advantage, and she has lost weight and is more quick on the mat. Under normal pins and submission rules, I imagine Zsuzsa would wipe out Norita; however, these rules pose a challenge to both wrestlers. For Norita, it will be difficult to pin a more experience opponent to submission. For Zsuzsa, it will be difficult to control the nimble, feisty Norita in one position for any length of time.”

Give Norita her due. The compliments came in as well.

“Norita is another great find. She is spunky, attractive and has a desire to compete and win.”

“Norita was in complete control for the entire match. It seemed as she was toying Anita V., doing as she please.”

And now for the ultimate compliment. “My five star rating refers to Norita, who will always get five stars from me, no matter what she does.”

For a novice, Norita had a clear artistic style. In our frequent travels to Hungary by the written word, we have covered restaurants, country statistics, social venues and hotels among other subjects. We’re going to look at another hotel that like Norita is very unique. This is how we as fans express our appreciation for her battle scars.

It’s a hotel that appreciates art and spoils its guests with many artistic choices and options. article, Bohem Hotel photo article, Bohem Hotel photo

Our tour guide proposes a toast. “The unique Bohem Art Hotel is one of downtown Budapest’s newest hotels. The historic building housing the hotel was the former home of the Szénásy Körzőgyár (compass & stationary factory) built in 1903. It seems only fitting that today this former factory of drawing instruments is home to not only a hip hotel but also an art gallery featuring Hungarian contemporary artists.

Each one of the Bohem Art Hotel’s 60 rooms is decorated with a different Hungarian artist’s work giving it a unique ambiance. Guests can select rooms decorated to fit their style and mood. Art lovers will appreciate the art gallery-like atmosphere and vibe throughout the hotel’s public areas.” article, Bohem Hotel photo article, Bohem Hotel photo

Now the hotel speaks for itself.

“Bohem Art Hotel is the newest unique hotel in Budapest. Besides its excellent location – in the historical downtown, 50 meters from both Váci street and the Danube bank – it not only combines the style of the most demanded city hotels (design and hip hotels), but possesses a unique, distinguishable quality: the building, which was the home of the former Szénásy Körzőgyár (stationery factory) is now not only a hotel, but an art gallery as well, where the young, contemporary Hungarian art is present in every corner. article, Bohem Hotel photo article, Bohem Hotel photo

Our hotel conveys the freedom and ease of bohemian life with the atmosphere of art galleries and exhibitions. Every one of our rooms has their own ambiance, paintings and other artworks emit the feeling of creative freedom. The public areas display interesting details of our artists’ works. Our gallery – in which both the young and the recognized artists prevail – are home to a vivid, bohemian community.

The guests of our hotel can choose their room based on the paintings, and decide which artwork fits their taste and mood the most. article, Bohem Hotel photo article, Bohem Hotel photo

Thanks to Bohem Art Hotel’s location, our guests can experience the unique atmosphere of Budapest’s historic downtown. The vicinity of the pedestrian precinct, clubs, cafés, restaurants, and the fizzle of downtown life together with the bohemian and creative atmosphere of our hotel offer an unforgettable experience to our guests.”

Now that’s what I call variety with artistic spice.

Norita, thank you for the inspiration.

Our Danube Princess was a memory in variety. She gets completely dominated by Sofia C 7-0 and then she completely woman handles Rita 8-0 and Silvi 5-0.

Go figure.

All the while, it was fun to watch. Why? Before her matches began, there was a certain predictability. In terms of variety, Norita is very consistent and in a world that is very inconsistent……

Isn’t consistency the most enjoyable spice of all?

~ ~ ~

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