The walk to the edge of the cliff, the date with the gorgeous girl with tattoos and dark clothing, edging your fingers close to the fire, swimming in the pristine blue lake where you heard there might be a slight chance of shark migration, all speak to our need to come close to danger especially if we are risk takers and sometimes even when we are not. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

The everyday ordinary man, always played exceptionally well by the great actor Jeff Daniels, found that out the hard way in Director Jonathan Demme’s 1986 cult classic, “Something Wild”. It’s the tale of a free-spirited woman who “kidnaps” a yuppie for a weekend of adventure. But the fun quickly takes a dangerous turn when her ex-convict husband shows up. article, Orion Pictures photo article, Orion Pictures photo

The exceptional film critic Roger Ebert explains, “The movie stars Jeff Daniels as Charlie, a superficially conventional businessman whose heart is easily stirred by boldness in women, and Melanie Griffith as Lulu, an alcoholic sex machine with a very creative imagination.

Griffith’s performance is based not so much on eroticism as on recklessness: She is able to convince us (and Daniels) that she is capable of doing almost anything, especially if she thinks it might frighten him.

Once they’ve made their connection, Daniels willingly goes along for the ride.”

DWW has showcased so many beautiful young women from myriads of countries that exhibit an endless array of personalities that it’s easy to have categorical favorites.

What are some of your categorical favorites?

Here are a few of mine.

Vera was the classic gorgeous Good Girl next door with a quiet spirit. Dagmar was as eccentric as she was talented. Quiet platinum blonde Luzia the great seemed to possess everything. Hana was emotionally detached and almost robotic in her efficiency. Denise was the epitome of the model who evolved from the new girl demolished to the eventual victorious star. Zsuzsa was the wrestling Sex Pot. Petra the curvy dominator.

I will concede some guilty pleasures too.

I loved watching very feminine shapely girls like Tekla, Simona, Renata B and Adriena to name a few, get completely dominated and they often obliged.

I am addicted to child like Luna’s arrogant pre-match bragging that she can mostly back up.

Then there was a girl in a category all by herself.

She was something shapely, voluptuous, sexy, good looking, volatile and unpredictable.

Nicole was something wild. article, DWW photo article, DWW photo

Her matches were often punctuated with primal screams. Ah eeeee! Ugh! This wild kitty often wrestled with exasperation and despair.

I wasn’t alone in my desire to walk on the wild side. Listen to this reviewer.

“Many people had asked us to release some yet unreleased stuff from Nicole. Here we have a match between her and Denise as they had a fight more than ten years ago. At this old time this was a great fight compared to what had existed but please give credit that this has been filmed more than 10 years ago and that there were different technical equipment and also different locations used than we would use today.

We are always pretty reluctant to release material from our old times due to the technical difference between the 90’s and the next millennium. However, we believe that the many fans of Nicole won’t care about the film quality but they’ll be all extremely curious to watch her in this fight.”

How true that last statement is.

I went back to look at my notes of that intense match over a decade ago.

“Nicole verses Denise outdoors on a yellow tarp with a red logo. It was a sunny day with customers relaxing in patio chairs, many with video cameras under a big tent.

Nicole was her usual gorgeous wild self, sporting a green bikini and slightly frosted hair. She got in trouble early on with Denise who was early in her great DWW career.

You would think that this was Denise’s match to easily win. Not so. After breathing heavily, once Nicole escaped Denise’s reverse body scissors she was quickly on top and back in control and after an intense struggle submitted Denise with a furious chin lock.

Nicole screams Eeeeeahh! Constantly. She’s like a beautiful wild animal mating in a tree covered forest. Egged on by customers spouting “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

More screams. Ughh Ughh!

The crowd is trying to rally Denise. Yes! Jeff the Ref is officiating.

More wild screaming from Nicole Ugh aaaah! The crowd is still trying to rally Denise. “Come on Denise.”

Finally “Come on Nicole you can do it. Yes!” She secures the submission. Denise would win in a close one but it was far from easy.”   

I’ll flip the page to another one of my accounts of the brilliant, sexy vixen. This time the match is against the good girl but lethal Vera.

“It was a match that the DWW champion Vera had been dominating early on at the DWW convention. Those were the days when the convention crowds were larger yet somewhat subdued. The only voices you heard were those of Nicole’s coach. You certainly weren’t going to hear a word from the regal Vera, sporting a winter green bathing suit, who always went about her business very quietly.


Nicole adorned in a blue and white speedo bathing suit began to turn the match around first trapping Vera in a brutal head scissors and then later trapping her in an excruciating body scissors that temporarily injured the DWW favorite.”

When I watch and write about Nicole I can feel a rush of electricity pulsating through my veins.

Once more let’s stay at the great early DWW Convention re-living a dynamic match with Denise. article, DWW photo article, DWW photo

“In her convention match against Denise, the latter female gladiator seemed to be in menacing form so I expected a blowout. It’s interesting how the mind and memory can play tricks on you and it indeed started with Denise dominating Nicole and submitting her with a tight body scissors.

Through her grunts and screams, Nicole began to make a comeback forcing a fierce body scissors of her own and later even securing Denise in another one.

Nicole appeared ultra-sexy in her black skirt while Denise wore green.

Even though Denise would outlast her 3-2 in this back and forth ground war, Nicole earned everyone’s respect.”

Her match against Ingrid is legend and extremely close with a lot of back and forth. Their struggle at the convention in skirts brought the house down with many moments of intense battle interjected with applause.

This next walk down memory lane was probably my favorite Nicole match because she was paired up against a relatively unknown newcomer in Anita who was a brunette with stunning, soft model looks and a very cocky attitude once pointing to the crowd in her match against a BSA opponent and then pointing to her head to relate to them how smart she was. The BSA girl was all business with absolutely no sense of humor and made a decision not to only defeat Anita but thoroughly embarrass her. Once the devastation was over Anita didn’t even want to shake her hand.

Enter Nicole.

Anita knew that she had a shot against Nicole and had the usual attitude. Here is how the DWW Reviewer efficiently describes the show down between these two spicy, slender yet shapely young brunettes.

“The girls are very similar in size and equally determined to prove that they are the better wrestler. Nicole sets the tone and scores first with a powerful body scissor but Anita proves that her legs are just as strong and scores an equalizing submission with her own body scissor. The match flip-flops back and forth with first one girl controlling the action then the other. One advantage that Nicole does seem to have is that when she applies a side headlock she almost smothers her opponent. Two more body scissors finish the scoring and after 20 minutes of strenuous wrestling we have a 3~1 winner.”

Oh, I almost forgot.

Released in 1997, Nicole took on one of my favorite shapely feminine vixens from that time period in Katka. Obviously we had to write about her.

DWW’s Katka, Sexy, Sensational, Short-Lived Career

The showdown at the DWW Amazon’s Greek Tournament was extremely unconventional with Nicole wearing leopard clothes and smiling while riding in on a white horse. Katka wore her sensuous leopard skin as well. It was a beautiful sunny day in the park with cottage styled homes and full green trees in the background.

Without introductions the two absolutely gorgeous Eastern Euro beauties raced onto the mats which instead of the aqua blue color of the future, was then a combination of yellow and red.

Given Katka’s extremely soft, shapely body, complete with scrumptious baby fat, I thought this was Nicole’s to win easily. Katka obviously didn’t think so. article, DWW photo article, DWW photo

Katka immediately took control and was on top of Nicole. Adorned in bright neon green, Nicole struggled furiously trying to escape and once again began to scream loudly like a wild animal in her youth. She was only 22 while Katka was a breath taking 19.

It went that way for some time before Nicole escaped but Katka trapped her again. Secured in Katka’s body scissors, Nicole began to breathe profusely saying “Whew, whew, whew, whew!”

Someone in the audience was shouting, “Yes, yes”, exhorting Katka to close the deal. She did and afterwards Nicole simply lay there.

Jeff the Ref came over dressed like a Friar and raised Katka’s hand for the victorious submission.

The rest of the match was hotly contested and though Nicole has lots of energy, at that state not a lot of skill. She managed to submit Katka but Katka rallied and decimated her 3-1.

What a match.

Those were the reviews. I could talk about the wild super sexy maiden Nicole all day but why don’t we take a break and follow Nicole and DWW’s lead. They often had their matches outdoors with lawn chairs spread everywhere which reminded me of lunch at a Beer Garden; eateries famous throughout Germany and in our case here, Vienna Austria.

Here is one of the best.

The Schweizerhaus is a Viennese restaurant, rich in tradition, that is inseparably linked with the Prater, a large public area and park in Vienna, Austria‘s capital. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

The restaurant has a huge beer garden which is subdivided into smaller areas, each of which is named accordingly to a town district of Vienna.

Besides the classic Viennese culinary specialties, such as goulash and Wiener Schnitzel, the trademark dish of the restaurant is Schweinsstelzen (pig’s feet). Another specialty is Budweiser Budvar beer, a popular beer brand from the Czech Republic, served fresh from the tap. The Schweizerhaus is open from March 15 until October 31.

It’s pleasing when an enjoyable information source like agrees with you. “This sprawling beer garden is a must-see for anyone visiting Vienna’s Prater, one of the world’s oldest and most famous amusement parks. Hidden in the rear of the park, Schweizerhaus’ communal tables are constantly filled with boisterous groups ripping apart giant pork knuckles while downing steins of beer.”

The writer and traveler from the New York Times at not only came but he saw and he drank and ate. “The house beer is pilsner-style, natch, which remains the preferred type in central Europe; it’s good quality, not overly carbonated, with some flavor but not a lot of that of either malt or hops — again, as it should be. The schweinsstelze is liberally coated with salt, pepper and garlic, then spit-roasted. The skin is close to crackling in texture, with a thin lacquer, and unbelievably delicious; the meat is soft and juicy (and best eaten along with the skin).

There are other winners on the menu: fried potato pancakes, the original hash brown, very crisp and made from good potatoes; pork schnitzel, pounded thin, and also nicely crunchy; sausages, especially the weisswurst, which is not as smooth and innocuous as most; and, thankfully, given the plentiful meat, all of the salads, including cucumber and potato, and the coleslaw.”

Wow. I’m full. Are you?

Why don’t we sit on one of those DWW patio chairs and finish our conversation about Nicole.

As far as her personal tastes go, she likes Weiner Schnitzel, tonic water and watching movies; her favorite film being Small Sacrifices. She also loves to dance (no doubt energetically while sometimes screaming) and admits she has a fighting spirit.

Who would have thought?

The name Nicole means People’s Victory. Good choice since we are often privately rooting for her. Since we can’t get enough of her, the fantastic naming site brings desert.

“People with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.

People with this name tend to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. Their practical nature makes them good at managing and saving money, and at building things in the material world. Because of their focus on order and practicality, they may seem overly cautious and conservative at times.”

Well at least Nicole was not that way on the mats but since her occupation called for her to work in a restaurant, no doubt there is a situation where she constantly exercised self-control.

It was nice to revisit Nicole’s memory.

Somehow taking an excursion like this validates my own past. A feeling that my recreational release from an extremely stressful, obligation filled and disappointing traditional pathway was not a complete waste.

I suppose part of the reason that some of us like to come close to the flame and procure a taste of the wild such as watching a beautiful girl like Nicole excite and act primal on the mats is because even when we play it safe in life, we often get severely burned anyway. The difference is we don’t have any enjoyment along the devastation road decorated with stunted growth.

Sometimes you just have to walk to the edge of the cliff. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

At least this way, when we walk on the wild side, even with its dangers and adverse possibilities, we have fun and lasting experiences that we want to remember forever as opposed to the tons we want to forget when it’s time to finally extinguish the fire.

Nicole’s fire burns eternal.

~ ~ ~

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