In the entertainment world, the dynamic Box Office King will Smith was quoted as saying, “For me, there is nothing more valuable than how people feel in a movie theater about a movie.

In ancient Rome, Publilius Syrus was a Latin writer of sententiae. He was a Syrian who was brought as a slave to Italy, but by his wit and talent he won the favor of his master, who freed and educated him.

His mimes, in which he acted himself, had a great success in the provincial towns of Italy and at the games given by Caesar in 46 BC. Publilius was perhaps even more famous as an improviser, and received from Caesar himself the prize in a contest in which he vanquished all his competitors, including the celebrated Decimus Laberius. article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

In his world, this was of great value to him. He was quoted as saying, “A good reputation is more valuable than money.” We do say his world because in today’s world where even bad news is better than no news at all, not all of Hollywood would agree with our ancient scribe.

In the women’s wrestling world, for those of us who take it very seriously, a classic wrestling match once taped on VHS, but forever no longer available is priceless indeed.

The matches of the shapely, girl next door, fresh faced, DWW beauty Michaela are one by one becoming extinct. article, photo article, photo

She wrestled primarily from 2003 through 2008 and while she lost often because she seemed to have no real plan, given the effort she put into the match and her supreme eroticism, a Michaela competition was one to enjoy from beginning to end.

I say all of this wistfully as I keep kicking myself for losing my 1,000 VHS tape collection when I thought I was going to move to Japan for some time. That deal fell through and my library is now gone forever. At the time it seemed the right thing to do as I was getting rid of virtually everything in the house.

Admittedly, during those days, I didn’t have a deep appreciation for Michaela. I saw her as temporary novice who like the fall leaves on an autumn tree would soon be gone. I probably had every one of her matches.

Now that so many of those classics have not translated to DVD or video download, they only live in my memories.

Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.………..Mary Kay Ash

My anxiety was increased when I read this online emotional plea from what appears to be a Manifesto of intentions from DWW’s brilliant leader Gunther.

“If someone wants to purchase “DWW et al” or just part of our products, so then please contact me. But if there is no offer at a reasonable but realistic price then I’m going to throw it all in the dump or just destroy it, because for the sake of my life I’ll need a new start from scratch, as hard and sad that might sound for many of you. The current muddling plunges me even deeper into a mental hole and if that continues for much longer then it’ll be me who’s going to end up in the dump.

Those who want to help and those who are still feeling some gratitude and who want to support me and DWW and those who want to have all our content because they don’t want to miss it, can do so by accepting my offer, namely being able to download everything by getting unlimited downloads or alternatively getting everything on a hard drive (the latter for EU customers only).

That would help me and DWW a lot and finally it would make some hope and confidence. By the end of December this website will continue to exist with its current content. From January 2015 pretty much of that content will get removed forever. If nobody would like to purchase the rights then this content will end up in the dump and it’ll never be seen again and it’ll never return. Therefore this is the last chance for you to download and to get still all of the currently available videos.”

Michaela’s resume is limited and includes battles with the Terminator Princess Luzia, the DWW Dominator Petra, beautiful Barbara, Monika N and the sexy blonde Petulla.

This is how one reviewer described her match against her sister Monika. “This is a real sisters’ fight. Smaller but more experienced Monika challenges her big and strong sister Michaela. Although Monika is quick and skilled, she is in big trouble to control her sister’s weight and strength and Michaela makes deliberately use of her physical advantage in this match. This is an exciting and real pins and submissions apartment wrestling match between two real sisters. article, photo article, photo

Michaela’s matches against Luzia and Petra were understandably going to be one-sided.

Here is the match description against Luzia. “This is a pins only wrestling match on a bed. Michaela is much bigger and heavier than Luzia, but Luzia knows how to wrestle and even though that it is tough to use any skills on a rather small bed, the better and stronger wrestler will always win. Of course you can imagine that this was a one sided match with lots of text book school girl pins, reverse school girl pins and close body to body; body-press pins. There were no pin counts allowed since all pins were for submissions only. Consequently you can see very long pins and a hard struggling loser.”

The signature match for me was Michael’s apartment struggle against Petulla. Mercifully I still have that in my collection.

They start the usual way with who is going to be the better woman. We all know ahead of time that honor will be bestowed upon the blonde beauty Petulla, but it doesn’t matter. Michaela will give it her best effort and in a long struggle with Petulla utilizing long school girl pins, at some point Michaela succumbs to her gorgeous blonde master.

Michaela was a classic fresh faced girl next door beauty with curves in all of the right places. She was very feminine with elegant dark brown hair that cascaded around her shoulders.

If you like Michaela and want to make sure that you don’t lose out on her matches, some are still available at website.

Women who decide to wrestle do not always have to ascend to the top of Mount Olympus to make their mark in our great industry. Michaela made her mark with style, beauty, hard work and grace. What she gave was priceless and given it’s near extinction, becoming more rare and valuable by the day. article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

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