Stories about pearls are frequently opened slowly with excruciating pain, sadness and expectations unfulfilled.

In the quiet film The Girl With The Pearl Earring, based upon a 1665 painting by Johannes Vermeer the great Movie Reviewer, Roger Ebert says it so well, “Sometimes two people will regard each other over a gulf too wide to ever be bridged, and know immediately what could have happened, and that it never will.”

In the 2001 independent film entitled The Pearl, the protagonist goes diving and finds a beautiful pearl that she hopes will bring wealth to her impoverished family but instead brings tragedy and sadness where ultimately a decision is made to throw it back into the ocean, unsold. article, Wikimedia  photo article, Wikimedia photo

The DWW Princess Maggy possesses many fine qualities well suited for the blue Danube wrestling mats including high energy, aggression, courage and skill. She also possesses a name that in Scottish and American means Pearl.

The superb naming site expands upon the name’s possessions. “People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated. They also have a need for harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things.” article, Wikimedia  photo article, Wikimedia photo

Will her grappling story have a happy ending?

Regarding the start of her career, a reviewer lays the foundation for us. “Maggy is a beginner and she’s unskilled but strong. Her specialty is the School Girl Pin. Jenny is much smaller than blonde Maggy, but she’s a fighter and pretty experienced. Maggy wanted to show us that she deserves being part of our team and she really wanted to win this match versus much smaller Jenny. There are some wonderful SGPINs in this wrestling match as well as some scissors, grapevines and body press pins.” article, DWW  photo article, DWW photo

Here is what another reviewer had to say in what I felt was her signature match in a win over the very sturdy and widely respected Monique. “This is one of the many typical competitive beginners’ pins and submissions wrestling matches with lots of natural SGPINs and some scissors. Monique is a big and strong woman but she needs to learn wrestling.

Blonde Maggy is another strong beginner and she has already had some more matches than Monique. Maybe that might be her advantage. They’re starting with some arm wrestling and then their wrestling match begins. There are hardly ever any wrestling skills to be seen when you’re watching two novices wrestling. However, these two women are both trying very hard to win this match because they both want to fight for a place in the hearts of our wrestling fans for getting more chances and being able to continue in the future. If unskilled but real wrestling matches between two novices is your thing, then you’ll probably enjoy their match.”

Her resume includes battles against Jenny, Luisa, Monique, Dina and Anni.

In her match against Dina, her improvement is becoming evident.

“Welcome blonde newcomer Dina! In her first wrestling match she’s wrestling versus another new and unskilled girl, Maggy. Because of both their lack of experience and their lack of skills, they’re starting to wrestle from their knees and they’re wrestling for pins only. Sometimes Cathy is giving advice from behind the camera to newcomer Dina. Dina is a very strong and well-built woman with big muscles because she’s regularly working out in the fitness studio as a Zumba instructor. Maggy, however, is also a very fit and strong woman and therefore that fight is equally matched and competitive.” article, DWW  photo article, DWW photo

Maggy’s wrestling was clearly appreciated and her name helps us to appreciate why pearls are so valuable.

Before the beginning of the 20th century, the only means of obtaining pearls was by manually gathering very large numbers of pearl oysters or mussels from the ocean floor or lake or river bottom. The bivalves were then brought to the surface, opened, and the tissues searched. More than a ton were searched in order to find at least 3-4 quality pearls.

In order to find enough pearl oysters, free-divers were often forced to descend to depths of over 100 feet on a single breath, exposing them to the dangers of hostile creatures, waves, eye damage, and drowning, often as a result of shallow water blackout on resurfacing.

Because of the difficulty of diving and the unpredictable nature of natural pearl growth in pearl oysters, pearls of the time were extremely rare and of varying quality.

The well read newspaper adds, “Pearl diving has been a successful business throughout the world for thousands of years. Mexico, however, was once the world’s foremost supplier of pearls. While native Mexicans had been diving for hundreds of years, the business of pearls really kicked off when the Spanish explorers discovered the quality of the pearls in Mexico.

In the mid-19th century, native Mexicans dove nude from homemade canoes for up to five hours each day. They dove with a short, sharpened stick that pried open the oyster shells, as well as warded off dangerous sea creatures. In 1874, larger vessels and new equipment, including the diving suit, revolutionized the pearling industry. The new methods permitted access to much deeper water, lengthened the amount of time the divers could be underwater and lengthened the season.”

Mexico is the place where the latter Pearl story took place.

Fortunately for Maggy, though at times filled with excruciating pain, her brief wrestling career is one that was moderately successful and enjoyable to watch.

Making a DWW team was always difficult to do, but certainly worth the effort. In Maggy’s case, as long as there are women’s wrestling fans, her name will be remembered. Research indicates that she has continued her wrestling career at

Wonderfully when it comes to Maggy’s story, we have a Pearl yarn not only with a stellar beginning but one with an ocean of endless wrestling possibilities as well. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

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