Jana is a DWW Maiden with a clear vision of the big three.

It can be both intimidating and impressive when someone has such a clear vision of the three big “W”s; especially for those of us who are still in flux and searching for answers down crowded alleys shoulder to shoulder with those who are not looking within and listening to the same misinformation.

The star of purpose knows who they are, why they are here and are not wondering what they hope to accomplish but instead know exactly what they will achieve.

They clearly understand how to answer the questions pertaining to who, why and what.

Jana N. of second generation DWW legend is such a wrestler.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, DWW photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, DWW photo

When she steps onto the mats, especially in the cat fighting realm, she makes no pretense of who she is; why she is there and what she is going to do to her opponent often in humiliating fashion.

In the early days of DWW when Luzia, Sandra, Dagmar, Vera, Kriszta and Hana roamed, there was very little cat fighting. It was the next generation of competitors that brought that to the fore as customer appetites around the world evolved and changed.

Some people are frightened by change but Jana seemed to eagerly embrace it. In fact when you research and examine her powerful record, the same opponent that she destroyed in the cat fight match stood a much better chance of defeating her in a straight wrestling match.

A respected list of some of the names that Jana went hair to hair with include Eva, Jitka, Denise, Vladka, Mary Ann, Luna, Lucille, Maryna M, Gloria, Vera, Anastasia, Renata B, Clara, Ingrid, Vanda, Cathy, Antcha, Petra, Marketa, Laila, Kendra and believe it or not, much more.

We all have our hobbies and Jana enjoyed a hobby within a hobby. She loved cat fighting no doubt but what she loved even move, especially as a teen was to dominate and defeat mature women. Denise seemed to be at the top of her list.

Here is what one reviewer had to say and after researching Jana’s matches, I certainly concur.

“Jana is probably the best cat fighter ever. In the past she finished off BSA fighters as well as strong fighters like Daniela, Luzia, Edita, Ingrid and Denise. We cannot remember a single catfight that she had lost. Cat fighting is her specialty.”

That my friends is what will propel you into the DWW Hall of Fame.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, DWW photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Wikimedia photo

Jana is a fascinating personality to profile given the range of her interests. She’s a mother who likes Hip Hop, Ice Tea, Chinese Food, swimming, dancing and watching movies.

For a person who seems to be certain of who she is, complete with a strong vision and defined purpose, her selection as her favorite film is an intriguing one.

She chose what is in my opinion is M. Night Shyamalan’s work of perfection, The Sixth Sense.

Before we examine the intrigue let’s pour the foundation. I read myriads of reviews yet this one from Logan, Utah found at imdb.com seems to capsulize well while only leaving out one very important element.

“When I first saw The Sixth Sense, I didn’t know what to expect. I guess I was looking forward to a good scary horror flick. I was very surprised. I found that the purpose for this movie was far greater than just trying to scare the audience. I found this movie was showing not only the emotions of fear, but also faith, commitment, sadness of loss, and love.

The end was so surprising, I had to see it again. The second time I watched it, I did it from a totally different perspective (this is a very rare quality for any movie), and I enjoyed it just as much, or maybe even more. I also, as many viewers have, tried to detect fallacies in the story. I couldn’t find one. In addition, for those that appreciate great soundtracks, the music only helps to heighten the experience of the movie.

I believe that a great movie is one that helps the viewer perceive life and the world differently. The Sixth Sense is one of those extraordinary movies that does that to me. This movie reflects on some difficult subjects that will make the viewer walk away asking eternal questions.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo

Questions about death, about letting go, about eternal love and commitment, about the love between parent and child, and between husband and wife. Maybe I read too much into this very wonderful film, but I believe it will be difficult to find a movie that has touched on these subjects so poignantly and so well for years to come.”

Okay movie reviewer and reader. What would you say was missing that pertains to Jana who seems to have a clear sense of self?

I’ll give you a minute.

What was the main character’s problem that surfaced at the very end?

Here is my answer.

Up until the end, he went through the entire film without seeing himself for who his defined behavior said that he was.

The movie was most clearly about the spirit world thus running the risk that application to real life could be dismissed. There should be caution in doing that.

This writer has worn many hats in my adult life. When I was young I worked in advertising sales and among the many advertising disciplines I learned, I studied subliminal advertising as well. I was impressed with the whistle blower Wilson Bryan Key Ph.D. who was the author of several books about subliminal advertising and subliminal messages.

What I concluded from my collective studies is that the people most affected by it are the ones who most staunchly do not believe it exists.

Is there a cross and skull bone imbedded on the cuff links? Are there breasts in the ice cubes? Upon second examination why does the model have six fingers in an ad agency product that has been tripled checked and cost millions to produce? Is it a coincidence that the necklace draped around the nicely dressed man’s neck resembles a chain?

If I were to review Mr. Shyamalan’s masterful exploration into the human mind; that is what stood out most to me. How many of us go through life looking in the mirror and seeing an image that we are comfortable with yet many components of our life are crumbling and we can’t figure out why?

Friends and enemies alike try and provide us with the clues but we refuse to listen because in most ways they appear to be personal attacks or insults. It’s only when we are humiliated, suffer severe losses, have an important relationship end, lose a vital job….again; it’s only then that we cast aside the preferred image and begin looking at our defined behavior which pencils in a very different, often more disturbing and imperfect one. With no viable exits we are forced to face a very important and undeniable conclusion.

Time to look in the mirror.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo

I need to change.

In my opinion this is where the main character in the film failed.

Now that I examine the great DWW star Jana more closely for the first time, I do find her favorite film choice a little ironic. Of all people, when it comes to her wrestling, Jana seems to be a person who has a clear grasp of the big three “W”s. I find it  ironic in the very film she says she likes most; it’s led by a character who does not.

I’m glad I had a chance to revisit Jana. I’m primarily a 1990’s first generation DWW fan. Once the other genres besides straight wrestling became more prominent my interests began to wane. I had previously seen Jana as a young girl, cute but fairly non-descript who would simply be fodder for the stronger DWW soldiers.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, DWW  photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, DWW photo

Now I understand why Jana will remain in the DWW Hall of Fame as their greatest cat fighter of all time.

In terms of her wrestling, she has always had a clear vision of who she was, why she was there and what she wanted to achieve.

Those are the building blocks that will propel you to success in any industry.

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