The music of Sue Thompson, the legendary Country and Pop singing sensation of the 1960’s who produced major chart climbers like Norman, Paper Tiger and my favorite, What’s Wrong Bill, would provide perfect background music to any cherished home movie.

If our experience is consistent with many, we would agree with Ms. Thompson that Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry. She would know since that was another one of her smash hits.

I thought of that when I revisited the matches of DWW’s young blonde, slightly muscled beauty Edina recently. article, photo article, photo

She once traveled to Georgia, USA to meet Renee’s Soldiers at the Haven.

Viewing them was like watching a beautiful home movie complete with all the emotions of nostalgia, happiness, laughter and sadness. There was beautiful soft dark haired Renee dressed in a black sweater and decorative stripes making everyone feel at home. Sitting on the bench was Hana and other DWW Maidens.

The only thing that would have made things better would have been to include in the lost footage, the images of Renee’s babies; the Turnpike Triplets; Keri Spectrum of Jersey, Jenn of Penn and Kira of York.

Happily we had Edina sporting a sexy blue and yellow outfit who would battle American star Holly adorned in white that would see our DWW Blonde defeat the American with crushing, sexy body scissors.

Edina’s DWW career is like a cherished home movie.

Next I watched her being trained by the early DWW Champion and golden haired Princess Kriszta on the famous inside blue mats. Later they would engage in one long erotic battle.

Edina possessed a nice resume in celluloid with matches against Kriszta, Christie, Timea C, Melanie, Antonia, Linda, Lenka, Kati, Antonia, Tanja, Clara and the American Holly to name a few.

The DWW Management loved her style. Here is her match description found at highlighting her combat adventure with Christie. “This was one of Edina’s first wrestling matches and Edina fans shouldn’t miss it out. This match is short but Edina already did prove us back in 1999 in one of her first matches that she’s got great potential. Edina is a muscular blonde who still lacks wrestling experience in this pins and submissions match but strong Christie didn’t have an easy time with her at all.”

She dominated the slender sexy Tanja who gave her best effort but continually melted into the arms of the smaller, tightly muscled blonde Hungarian. Edina would also defeat Linda in a long ground war but her signature win was against longtime DWW favorite Timea.

As explained by the exceptional naming site the Anglo-Saxon meaning of the name Edina is Wealthy.

They further escribe that people with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated. They also seek for harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things.

This has heightened my interest in the subject that we all wish were a part of our real lives but if not; even still, we enjoy it from a distance or vicariously up close.

It’s the subject of wealth.

Do you remember the premise of Communism that in effect, everyone would be treated equally especially in the distribution of wealth.

The road to you know where is paved with promises.

Here is what actually happened in Hungary.

The intriguing site speaks to that. “Despite the official ideology of equality during the communist period, incomes in Hungary during this period were far from equal. Incomes varied according to social class and place of residence, with incomes in Budapest typically higher than in villages. The situation was much worse during the period between World War I and World War II, however, when average per capita income was very low and income inequality very high.”

Research indicates that a large portion of Hungarian society, about 30-40 percent, suffered a loss in income after 1989.

Poverty is a huge problem in Hungary, and one which has worsened since the transition in 1989. According to estimates based on the subsistence level calculated by the Hungarian Statistical Office, in 1996 the proportion of those living under the subsistence level was at least 35 percent. Using the European definition of poverty as being 50 percent lower than the per capita average wage, then 14 percent of the population was poor in 1996.

Poverty is disproportionately high among children, peasants and agricultural workers, housewives, and the handicapped. Geographically, poverty is higher in villages than in urban areas, with approximately 28 percent of the village population living in poverty, but only 18-19 percent of the city-based population and 5 percent of Budapest living in poverty. One social group where poverty is particularly high is the Gypsy ethnic grouping. The Gypsy population has been among the worst off in the transition to a market economy. Some 80 percent of Gypsies lived in poverty, compared to just 15 percent of non-Gypsies in 1996.

To try and remedy at least some of the problem the government has turned to luring wealthy foreigners to stabilize the economy.

As reported at, “Debt-strapped Hungary, at loggerheads with international institutions over a financial safety net, is turning to a new potential source of help: wealthy foreigners.

Lawmakers from Hungary’s populist ruling party have proposed a law that would grant foreign nationals residency in exchange for purchases of government bonds, in a bid to help finance the country’s towering public debt.”

Hungarian residency and citizenship could be a significant daggling carrot to investors. Since the country belongs to the European Union, its passport holders can travel without visa to other parts of Europe and the U.S., and they have the right to live and work in all 27 EU countries.

Hungary, which has outstanding public debt equivalent to 78% of its annual economic output, the highest in Central and Eastern Europe, according to Moody’s Investors Service; has been seeking a financial safety net from the International Monetary Fund and European Union to protect it from euro-zone reprisals.

When you travel with female wrestlers around the globe and look beyond the mats, a fascinating movie is constantly unfolding.

Edina is a nurse who loves tea, Hip Hop music and reading.

Beautiful Edina had the look of health and wealth. Everything about her regal movements spoke to class.

Sad movies made Sue Thompson cry and we respect that. It’s nice though when we view a home movie like Edina’s that makes us smile, enjoy and learn.

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