Surfing the net and finding two female professional wrestlers in the ring, no matter what part of the world, typically they are going to fall into two camps.

There’s the hero and the villain zero.

Its fun, it’s entertaining and it’s predictable.

So when you surf and stumble across two beautiful girls wrestling in singlets and consistent with the attire, grapple freestyle, regarding the beautiful girls involved you may ask yourself many questions and arrive at a few conclusions.

First, what in the world are they doing wrestling in a ring in front of a crowd used to watching the high flying Indie girls?

Answer? Money. Publicity. Maybe.

When we first saw the super sexy Canadian female freestyle wrestler Dori Yeats wrestling in the squared circle, we had to rub our eyes to make sure that we were seeing, what we thought we were seeing.

It was indeed real and straight forward as it was, it was also very sexy.

Please see for yourself.

“Rio Olympics 69kg Female Freestyle Wrestler Dori Yeats in Action!”

That was a super surprise.

Later, regarding something that Lori is involved in and passionate about will probably surprise you again.

This wonderful Canadian girl is full of surprises.

Let’s meet her.

Dorothy (Dori) Yeats is a Canadian Wrestler who won gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. article, photo via Vanier College

She is the daughter of five-time Olympian Doug Yeats, who won gold at the 1979 Pan American Games.

Her mother was a member of Hungary’s national gymnastics team.

Dorothy is a graduate of Elizabeth Ballantyne Elementary School, Royal West Academy and Vanier College.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, she is also a Civil Engineering student at McGill University.

She is passionate about math and physics, something that she also has in common with her father.

Regarding her father’s influence at they share, “Dad, who was a Greco-Roman wrestler at the world level, helps organize a large team that includes half-a-dozen coaches, plus the help that comes from B2ten – a group of private business people that came together in the run-up to the Vancouver Winter Games, who put a lot of money into providing the best staff and facilities for top Canadian athletes.

That includes experts in sports psychology, nutrition, finances, cardio and more.

She can now also turn to Kyle Shewfelt, the Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, as a mentor thanks to the Team Next program run by CIBC.”

Dori participated at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore.

She won the gold medal in the girls’ freestyle 70 kg event, defeating Jinju Moon of South Korea in the final. In 2012, she faced Adeline Gray of USA in the gold medal match at the world championships. Although she was defeated, the 19-year-old walked away with a silver medal.

In 2014 our star added two more prestigious victories to her résumé, winning gold at the World University Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

Dori rising trajectory to Olympic stardom began to take off.

On March 4, 2016 the group adds, “Canadian wrestler Dori Yeats qualified for Rio in the 69-kilogram division Friday at the Pan American Olympic qualifier in Frisco, Tex.

The 22-year-old Montreal native defeated Tamyra Mensah from the United States 5-0 in a semifinal match. That win punched Dori’s ticket, as the top two finishers in each class qualify for the 2016 Summer Games.”

On Aug 17, 2016 they break down her Olympic experience. “Yeats advanced to one of two bronze medal bouts in the 69-kilogram division after winning a repechage bout earlier in the day. Under Olympic rules, fighters who lose to the eventual finalists along the way get another shot to come back and compete.

Yeats lost in the quarter-finals Wednesday to Japan’s Sarah Dosho. Dosho, who went on to win gold over Russia’s Natalia Vorobbeva, helped keep Yeats in the tournament by winning out.

Canadian wrestler Dori Yeats lost to Sweden’s Jenny Fransson in the bronze-medal bout on Wednesday.”

Even in defeat, Dori made it to the Big Leagues. No wonder. Let’s capsulize her championship runs.


  • 9X Canadian National Champion (60 kg–69 kg)
  • 2009 Canada Games Champion at 65 kg
  • 2010 Junior Pan American Champion & Cadet Pan American Champion at 63 kg
  • 2010 Youth Olympic Games Champion at 70 kg
  • 2011 Commonwealth Champion at 63 kg
  • 2012 Junior World Champion
  • 2012 Senior World Silver Medalist
  • 2013 Junior World Champion
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games Champion
  • 2014 University World Champion
  • 2015 Pan American Games Champion (69 kg)

Now another surprise.

Demonstrating how the world of female sports is becoming so interchangeable, like her mother Dori used to be a successful gymnast.

She had performed gymnastics for 10 years but despite giving everything she had to the sport, Dori knew she wasn’t close to going to the Olympics.

She was wise enough to switch to wrestling and within six months had won her first national title.

And to think. She nearly quit after a week, her arms and legs covered with bruises and her stomach turning from having people sweat all over her.

Some people find that sexy. Dori obviously isn’t one of them.

Spectacular. Impressive.

“People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.”… Andrew Carnegie

Now this surprise is one that you probably won’t see coming.

When you think of people who love Pitbulls, what vision comes to mind?

Most likely not a brilliant college educated Olympic star like Dori. Perhaps.

Here is her interview as she explains why and opposes a Mayor who is not so fond of the large jawed canines.

Published on Oct 6, 2016

“Dorothy Yeats is not happy with Denis Coderre and explains why on CJAD 800.”

In terms of the future, Dori sees her Olympic experience as gold and why shouldn’t she? So few achieve that opportunity.

At the global news and information source she smiles, “I definitely got the experience I was supposed to get,” Yeats said. “I’m excited for next year’s world championships to face these same girls again and show them in a year this is how much better I got and see how much better I get every year after that.”

Dori, no matter where you compete, every year in the future, we are all going to be watching.

~ ~ ~