May 15, 2020,

Dining in at home five days a week, during what was previously the work week, can get a little monotonous if you are not creative and don’t decide to change things up a bit.

Truth be known, it really isn’t that hard to do so. Even if you must stay on a budget.

Which, during the current pandemic, most of us must.

It is always easier to recommend dishes that we ourselves have already tried, loved and lived to tell about it.

We sense that if you are on a more restricted budget due to the global pandemic, it may not be cost efficient to dine on fast foods because the one meal alone appears to be inexpensive.

Over the course of a week. It will prove not to be.,,, articles, Daria-Shevtsova.

To be or not to be. Let’s be open to a few suggestions that we have stretched our tight budgets by.


We begin the week with a chicken and brown rice combination.

What we have found is that you can go to most supermarkets and buy a whole baked chicken for under $10. Not bad.

While that is true, we also found that the best buy in our area is to go to Walmart where their whole baked chicken is only $5. Even better, if you pick the right day, the priced is reduced to under $4 if it is a day old. That offer is real since we have taken advantage of it. Can’t beat that.


You should fix enough rice to last you two days and the next day you can change up and fix a canned tuna, macaroni and cheese casserole which tastes fantastic with brown rice.

The tuna, macaroni and brown rice can all be purchased from the 99 cent store a dollar each. Our suggestion on the cheddar cheese is once again Walmart. Hard to beat the prices.


Since you fixed a lot of macaroni and hopefully have a little left over, this is an ideal day for hamburger meat, macaroni a fish combination.

Ground hamburger meat, chopped up and cooked can go a long way. Second day old macaroni tends to taste better than the first day as long as you have tightly wrapped and covered it the night before.


We’re going to cheat a little bit here because we know that brown rice is far healthier than white rice, but in the new healthier eating era, even white rice has been fortified.

According to, “In the US and many other countries, white rice is typically enriched with added nutrients, including iron and B vitamins like folic acid, niacin, thiamine and more.”

Good to know. Makes us feel better when we supplement with the traditional rice.

So while you we wouldn’t suggest to eat white rice every day, once in a while shouldn’t be too bad.

We say that because we’ve found that nicely spiced and baked salmon just tastes better with white rice gently soaked in some sauce of your choice, preferably Chinese food oriented.,,, articles, Huy-Phan.

Where to pick up the salmon?

You can do that at any super market but we’ve found that your seafood and fresh goods outdoor markets tend to be the best. Especially if you live in Seattle or a coastal city.


We saved spaghetti for the end of the week because we’ve found that nothing tastes far better on the second or third left over day as spaghetti cooked in a nicely thick Italian sauce.,,, articles, Lucio-Panerai.

A wonderful addition is garlic bread and we found a very tasty variety at the 99 cent store where you get two long loaves for just a $1.99. You bake it in the oven for about 6 minutes or whatever the particular instructions tell you and it is extremely good.

As far as the meat goes, we like a sausage option here and we find Jimmy Dean sausage to typically be around or under $5 at Walmart. You can cook it well, cut it up into small bits and mix it in with the spaghetti and this could last you well into Sunday.


What has often intrigued us is how people who have had their incomes reduced through unemployment or other means still go to fast food establishments with a family. In our experience it is impossible to escape out of there, feeding four for under $15.

Here, and we are aware this is dinner only, you should be able to feed a family of four for around or under $50 for an entire week.


Please keep in mind what we are trying to accomplish here.

We’re not advocating that you do this for 52 weeks, we’re just providing you with a few ideas to use whole or in part to have a delicious stay at home week and ideas to perhaps partially use in the future.

Which brings us to a nice refreshment drink that could last all week. This one might surprise you.

Raspberry tea with honey.,,, articles, Artem-Beliaikin.

First you boil a nice big pot of water, place the tea bag in and let it simmer.

Then you add honey, purchased at the 99 cent store for, well, 99 cents.

Later, place it in the refrigerator to chill and with ice cubes this will be wonderful to drink with your meal. There are many fruit tea bags out there but raspberry tends to go down much smoother, lightly sweetened with honey, than most.


There are so many places to go here but the operative words are simple and long lasting.

We like vanilla ice cream. You can purchase it inexpensively at Walmart and just eat it in small portions.,,, articles, Tirachard-Kumtanom

We also love their pumpkin pie, again for under $5 and you just consume small portions of it per meal.

At the 99 cent store we’ve have found that you can get a nice water melon for $2.

For those of you who are vegan or eat a healthier brand of diet, we understand that and if you have a budget that can afford that, we applaud that.

Here are just a few suggestions, that’s all.

It sure has worked out great for us over the years and made our wallets during financially stricter times feel a whole lot more muscular.

~ ~ ~

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