The Women’s College Wrestling Association (WCWA) has surged to over 34 universities offering scholarships to young dynamic female freestyle wrestlers.

When Female Competition International (FCI) first began writing about the WCWA schools approximately 3 years ago, there were only 12 schools.

We are amazed at the growth.

Part of the inspiration for the growth is the world’s fascination with the female MMA industry.

When we covered a competitive female submission wrestling event, one of the Fem Competitors that we interviewed expressed how our industry is a starting place and she eventually wanted to fight full blown MMA.


Get your face punched in and get kicked, well…..everywhere?

To each his own.

Say what you will, many women love the MMA world.

A female pioneer is designing, producing and selling MMA attire is Deborah Ann Purcell.

She’s dynamic and innovative.

Let’s meet her. article, photo credit

Deborah Ann Purcell is a retired American female mixed martial artist. She was formerly an assistant coach to the Southern California Condors of the International Fight League.

Debbie was involved in cheerleading, dance and competitive gymnastics throughout her early teens. She later quit gymnastics and took up Martial Arts.

At the young age of 17, she was introduced to Tae Kwon Do and this later introduced her to kickboxing, boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

She is actively involved in supporting women’s MMA, having set up and the WMAA (Women’s Martial Arts Association), along with being a world-class competitor herself.

She also started Fightergirls, her own extremely successful women’s fitness and MMA apparel line, in which she designs every piece personally.

That’s a nice start. It’s time to visit Deborah’s home.

At her energetic site they shine, “Shop the biggest and best selection of women’s martial arts MMA clothing and gear made by women for women Fighter girls brand® is made specific for women who want the perfect fitting clothing and gear with over 400 products for sale.

Look and feel great training in these cute but tough fight wear. Shop our huge selection of shorts, board shorts and compression, tops MMA tee’s and tanks, and boxing and MMA gloves for all your need from MMA, body combat, or swim Fighter girls has the right product for all your sporting needs.

It’s nice to have a store that just caters to women right?

No more having to buy clothing and gear that is made for men all of the fighter girls product are made specifically for females and trust me there is a big difference between men and women when it comes to the fit. Ladies look and feel great at the next workout or training class in our clothing and gear. I promise that you will love the quality and fit of the Fighter girls brand!

So ladies don’t settle for a pair of men’s shorts or gloves come by and see the difference and what a female clothing line should look and feel like! Made by women for women! Come by and check out our boxing and MMA gloves for women with many different colors to choose from! We have many different style of women shorts for MMA, grappling, Body combat and Krav Maga just for women and girls made here in the USA .

Huge selection of MMA shirts for women and girls that love martial arts and boxing all made for females! Fight like a girl at the Fighter girls store!

The fighter girl apparel and gear is made specifically for females both women and girls shopping will be fun and easy in the Fighter girls shop and store! Most companies are battling to make the cheapest made clothing now a days is that a savings?

Fighter girls does not believe so!

Fighter girls keeps setting our standards higher to make the best clothing and gear for females! Come test out the Fighter girls brand in the water or at the next martial arts class you will see why women and girls love the clothing and gear we produce! #Fightergirls Fight girl Girl Fight.”

Their clothing sounds like the real deal bundled in fun and effectiveness.

We loved Debbie’s clothing line. Life is about choices and options.

We have a visiting writer who agrees.

By Todd N Erwin 

Women’s MMA Gear is Anything But Boring article,

With all the guts and glory involved in mixed martial arts competition, men sometimes forget the women in the audience and behind the scenes, cheering them on to victory and supporting their tireless efforts in becoming the champions they so desire to be. Where would these athletes be, without the support of these beautiful creatures who wear the women’s MMA clothing that keep them looking good at the main event?

This is why many of the major brands involved with the sport put together a selection of women’s MMA gear that appeals to the ladies and the men who end up by their side. The people at Fight Chix, Silver Star, TapouT, Ecko Unltd., Bad Boy and others understand how important it is to have the support of the women we love in the ring, and they want them to look their best. With those goals in mind, you will find a healthy selection of t-shirts, thermals, bikinis, and hats to suit the sexy styles that demand attention.

A few good examples are found in TapouT’s Juniors Blossom Scoop Neck. This great-looking shirt comes in black or white, has ¾ sleeves, and a deep scoop neck that adds lots of sexy detail to the “healthier” girls in the crowd. The solid color shirt is broken up only by an intricate logo design running down the right side, creating just enough detail to be interesting without being distractive. Something like this would look great with jeans or a similar casual outfit.

There is also the Fight Chix Angel Wings Burnout Tee. This cotton poly-blended shirt creatively utilizes the familiar Fight Chix logo by putting a pink foiled design on front and back. This piece of women’s MMA clothing then adds a special touch by “burning out” the interior of a set of wings shown on the back, revealing just a little of what’s underneath, if anything. The playful concept takes an otherwise boring shirt and adds interest to keep the guys guessing all night long.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about the bikinis for a moment. Tapout’s Shattered Bones Juniors Bikini Bottom is a “barely-there” bottom that has side ties and a “skrunchie butt” backside for maximum visual appeal. The design accentuates a women’s curves and the youthful design is right in line with the common themes of women’s MMA gear.

When the weather turns chilly, look to Fight Chix to keep the girls covered with stylish thermals like the Vegas 2fer, which combines a 100% cotton t-shirt with sewn in long sleeves for added warmth and comfort. The Vegas theme puts a stylish graphic across the chest and an attractive pair of dice and wings at the bottom right on the back of the garment. The shirt comes in a full size range and is designed extra-long to be worn as a casual accessory with many different outfits.

With so many styles and colors of women’s MMA clothing to choose from, it’s easy to keep your favorite girls dressed and looking their best when supporting their favorite fighters in the ring. Vendors don’t rely only on the darker colors and basic black design elements found in much of the men’s clothing available. The modern styles used in women’s clothing are anything but traditional, allowing girls a chance to strut their stuff and yet feel comfortable in their own skin, so to speak.

Todd N Erwin is an avid mixed martial artist and a huge fan of the sport. He is also the owner and operator of which is an online MMA store and blog which is a great resource for anyone looking to purchase quality and affordable Womens MMA Clothing, MMA Training Gear and Womens MMA Gear.

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