Shapely women display a certain strong and soft feminine appeal.

It’s all in the curves. article, photo article, Curvy Cate photo

That’s probably the reason why so many fitness girls are practicing everything under the sun to obtain a nice big…..well, you know.

There is one absolutely gorgeous female wrestler who has beat them to the punch. Everything about Dana’s sensuous body speaks to curves and desire.

We first fist saw Dana wrestling another fit and more muscular San Francisco Bay Area girl online who we met at an event so ironically we were actually looking up the other girl and came across Dana.

One look at Dana and we thought wow. She is so sexy. She is a dream girl. Beautiful full lips too. article, photo article, photo

So we begged our recruiter Isamar to book Dana and fortunately for us she was available.

What Femcompetitor Magazine loved about Dana is that she was cooperative, did a great interview and was a real team player.

Working with a team player is so important when you have deadlines and time constraints that have to be met.

She wrestled her heart out that day with a tough back and forth match against Kait Snow.

She also took on Dylan Fox. article, photo article, photo

Then Dana had a command performance against Olivia D’Angelo. article, photo article, photo

Dana’s matches will be coming to

Everything that Dana did that day was sexy. She took a moment to peel and eat an orange and even that was erotic.

In our interview with her she admitted that she had not wrestled that much in one day so we were happy to have her gain some new experiences and she delivered a very energetic effort.

Dana and Fem Com agreed that it was an upgrade.

Understandably we wrote about her.

Dana Vixen – A Wrestler On The Move! – FEMCOMPETITOR MAGAZINE

After the grappling was over that day, Olivia D’Angelo, Samantha Grace, Isamar Gutierrez (yes we are name dropping, it’s what Magazines do) and a San Jose video producer met for dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant.

We could eat there for days.

Dana was the two G’s. Gorgeous and gregarious.

It was a nice day for all and reinforced why we love participating in the female grappling game through a corporate and teaming approach.

With that in mind we’re going to get a little deep on you.

Look what the fantastic higher thinking source Psychology Today has to say about the effects of team work. “In a cutthroat, dog-eat-dog world, there is a knee jerk reaction to be aggressive and merciless as you claw your way to the top. But, history and current scientific research show us that being Machiavellian backfires in the long run and will derail your lifelong success. A fascinating new study titled “How Social Interaction and Teamwork Led to Human Intelligenceposted in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B discovered that brain size and the subsequent evolution of human intelligence is increased by cooperation and teamwork.”

Very enlightening. Cooperating with one another increases our intelligence.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”… Michael Jordan

Dana is symbolic of why the world is a better place when we cooperate and team with one another.

She’s a keeper.

“We talk a lot about hope, helping, and teamwork. Our whole message is that we are more powerful together.”…Victoria Osteen

With that in mind we researched an interesting author who shares ideas on why teaming together works, especially in the sports and business world. It’s a major plus.

We hope you learn from his thoughts and enjoy the article.

Teamwork Helps Make A Team Work

By Dr Neil Flanagan 

My first bit of management wisdom came from a prospective customer who assured me that there were only two things that the boss needed to do when it came to people-management. ‘First’, he said, ‘You have to get people to pull together, And when you’ve done that, you have to get them to pull a bit harder’. To illustrate his points, he directed my attention to a photo on the wall of a rowing-eight crossing the finish line at a Regatta. I didn’t want to spoil his day by questioning whether why the rowers were facing in what seemed to be the wrong direction.

Notwithstanding, sport does provide many examples of great teamwork. The late-and-great Vince Lombardi used his successes with the Green Bay Packers to emphasize the importance of sticking to the fundamentals and teamwork. Relay races at athletics events usually show that a champion team beats a team of champions. And Cadel Evans emphasized the importance of teamwork when he won the 2011 Tour de France.

Teamwork is essential if a team is going to work.

Consider for a moment Evans’s triumph. He came close to victory on several previous occasions: his ‘overnight success’ took many years of blood, sweat, and cheers. While, as team leader, he received the biggest accolades, Evans’s win was a victory for his BMC team. And that team was made up of 8 other riders (the domestiques) and support personnel that included mechanics, masseurs, trainers, doctors, sports scientists, and drivers.

If you’re trying to make a team work or build teamwork, there are some valuable lessons that can be learnt from Evans’s triumph. Here are six stand-outs.

  1. All team members have a role to play. The leader has a job to do and so, too, do the helpers (the domestiques and support personnel). There is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’. Everyone in the team relies on each other to contribute at the highest level.
  2. Effective communication is essential. During the race, every rider on the team had an earpiece that kept them in touch at all times. Individual’s performance and contribution were closely monitored. Everyone was kept informed and up to date with the latest developments.
  3. Teams should know the mix between short- and long-term strategies. Winning a stage might be regarded as short-term and contribute to the long-term strategy of winning the race. Short-term strategies usually supports long-term ones.
  4. Effective leadership isn’t about trying to shine every day. There were times when Evans had to step-up to the mark and other times when he was required to work within the team. It was the end result that remained the focus of everyone’s actions. Evans was well-prepared and confident that, when the time came for the final time-trial, he was ready to meet whatever challenge was required of him.
  5. Teams share the spoils among the entire team. Even, as it was in the Tour, that the leader gets all the public recognition, victory belongs with the team. When the dust settles after the celebrations, all official prize money will be split evenly among the nine riders.
  6. Teams need time to celebrate. Even though the media wanted to know from Evans ‘What’s next?’, he indicated that the team needed to take time-out to enjoy its accomplishment before deciding on its next-step. There will always be challenges-a-plenty that are likely to remain for another day. Victory is sweet!

Dr. Neil Flanagan is a best-selling author of The Management Bible. To explore further any of the points made in this article, visit and see the e-book Teamwork.

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