Grooming a future athlete within the family to be the best that she can be might be easier when you have had an exceptional NCAA football career yourself.

That was Chloe Sutton’s family experience as her father once starred for the Air Force Academy.

Chloe Sutton is an American competition swimmer who specializes in freestyle and long-distance events., article, via Twitter

Chloe represented the United States at two consecutive Olympic Games. Our swimming star has won a total of five medals in major international competition, three gold, one silver, and one bronze spanning the Open Water Championships, Pan Pacific Championships, and Pan American Games. She was a member of the 2012 United States Olympic team, and competed in the 400-meter freestyle at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Extremely impressive.

As an open water swimmer, Chloe is a three-time medalist, and is a two-time medalist in the swimming pool. She won the first international medal of her career at the 2006 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, winning the 10-kilometer open water event. The following year, at the 2007 Pan American Games, she won gold in the same event.

Different sport, so true, but we would say that is following in your father’s footsteps with gusto and passion.

Chloe continues to amaze., article, via Twitter

In June 2012, Ms. Sutton became the first American to make Olympic swimming teams in both open water and pool events.

Not only is she continuing the family tradition, Chloe is breaking new ground and longtime records.

Those are very exceptional stats. Understandably we would like to take a closer look.

At Chloe’s energetic site aptly named, they share, “Chloe Sutton is a 2-time Olympian and 5-time National Champion in both pool and open water swimming. Chloe won her first National Title at the age of 14 in the 10k open water race. At 16 years old, Chloe was the first American woman ever to race in the 10k open water at the Olympics.”

Her teammate and admirer shares her accomplishments:

  • 2008 Olympic Games, 22nd place in the 10K
  • 2012, FINA World Short Course Championships 400m freestyle silver medalist, 800m freestyle bronze medalist
  • Qualified for the 2012 Olympic team by finishing second in the 400m free
  • Just missed out on a medal at the 2011 FINA World Championships, finishing fourth in the 800m free
  • Placed second in the 400m free at the 2011 ConocoPhillips National Championships
  • National Champion in the 800m free for the second year in a row
  • Winner of the 2009-2010 USA Swimming Grand Prix Series

That speaks to a strong foundation which propelled great record breaking accomplishments, which we appreciate.

So what is Chloe doing in her present with an eye to the future? article, article, via Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals

This important announcement treaded in from on February 3, 2015. “Chloe Sutton, the only American to compete in the Olympic Games in both the pool and open water, announced her retirement from competitive swimming today. The announcement comes as she celebrates her 23rd birthday, marking the start of not only a new year but a new chapter in a very accomplished life.

Sutton became internationally known at an early age, winning the inaugural 10K open water swim at the Pan Pacific championships at 14 years old. The following year, she took gold at the Pan American Games, setting herself up for an Olympic appearance at just 16 years old in the first 10K Olympic race.”

We’re sorry to see that Chloe is no longer competing but make no mistake about it, she is still involved in her great sport.

Let’s return to her home.

“Chloe loves to meet new people, share her story, and help people wherever she can. Even though she is retired from the sport, she still spends a lot of her time teaching lessons and clinics to keep one foot always in the water. Chloe loves spending time with her friends and being a normal 25 year old on top of her busy schedule. Chloe graduated with a degree in communications with a passion for storytelling and connecting with others. Chloe also has a few fun hobbies including anything fitness related, crocheting, baking, and traveling.

Chloe is now the director of marketing for the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour where she is able to work from home during the day promoting hundreds of swim clinics every year with dozens of Olympians and National Team swimmers!  She travels the country on weekends with the Tour teaching high performance technique with swimmers of all ages. Chloe is able to mentor new pros and teach them how to become successful through marketing themselves and teaching at Fitter and Faster clinics.”

It’s always wonderful to give back.

Now the two time Olympic Swimmer is helping others swim faster.

Why don’t we visit with her new team at They would like to tell you a little about themselves. “Fitter & Faster Swim Tour is the only turn-key elite level swim clinic operation in the United States.  FFT enables teams and communities to host a professionally managed swim clinic featuring many of the best swimmers in the world.  Our mission is to teach and inspire swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

We have produced more than 800 clinics in over 40 states since being founded in 2009. More than 50,000 swimmers have participated in our clinics.”

We continue to be amazed.

We can’t seem to get enough.

Chloe was born near Lompoc, California., article, via Santa Maria

Lompoc is a city in Santa Barbara County, California, on the west coast of the United States.

The city was incorporated on August 13, 1888. The population was 42,434 at the 2010 census, up from 41,103 at the 2000 census.

The name of the city is derived from a Purisimeño term, “Lum Poc”, which means “stagnant waters” or “lagoon”. article, via Santa Ynez Vacation Rentals

The Spanish called it “Lumpoco”.

Lompoc was originally intended to be named New Vineland, after the temperance colony in New Jersey. It then became a military town with the completion of nearby Camp Cooke (now Vandenberg Air Force Base). The city is known as the flower seed capital of the world.

History is always enlightening.

The future should always be filled with hope.

Enjoying the brilliant swimming career of Chloe Sutton can be a reminder to all families to strive to accomplish great things in the present and then pass it along to family members poised to have a record breaking future.

It can inspire you.

It can also inspire the world.

~ ~ ~

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