Image is everything. The gospel according to Andre Agassi’s, well………1990 image.

In real life, so we’ve read, for Mr. Aggasi in the mature stage of his pathway; important causes, family, substance and quality are everything.

Thus while image may not be everything, when you are presenting a brand that you want the public to buy, image is kinda everything. Wouldn’t you agree?

My public image is absolutely not a fair reflection of who I am.Mario Balotelli

If we are to believe them, the world of the gorgeous shapely model is about offering more choices to women from all walks of life as to what body image is beautiful.

It’s in the eye of the beholder they say, but it is soap that in many circles is very hard to sell.

Enter the sensuous plus size model Chloe Marshal. article, wiki photo article, wiki photo

She’s beautiful, bright, thoughtful and attracting. article, photo article, photo

Ms. Marshall has stated that she “wanted to go through to the Miss England finals to break the stereotype that you have to be tall and skinny to be considered beautiful.” However, Marshall’s Body Mass Index of 26.03, which is within what the body mass index classifies as overweight, has led to her being criticized for promoting obesity and future poor health.

Born in March of 1991, Chloe Elizabeth Marshall is an English plus-size model from Cranleigh, Surrey. Having won the Miss Surrey title in March 2008, she became the first size 16 (U.S. size 12 to 14) model to reach the finals for the Miss England tiara.

In her biography at Chloe shares, “I wanted to go through to the Miss England finals to break the stereotype that you have to be tall and skinny to be considered beautiful.”

Your image isn’t your character. Character is what you are as a person……Derek Jeter

Many are in agreement. Chloe has signed a number of modeling contracts and has a resume that speaks to an image that many that count have become enamored with.

Chloe appeared on the cover of Plus Model Magazine in March 2010. She signed a three year contract with Ford Models in early 2010 and has modeled for notable plus-size clothing clients including Macy’s and Torrid. She also walked in Lane Bryant‘s 2011 runway show in Las Vegas.

In some ways the best was yet to come. Chloe later signed with JAG Models.

Launched on July 1, 2013 JAG Models is an agency catering to women of all sizes. Co-founders Jaclyn Sarka and Gary Dakin have been in the industry for a combined 25 years and represent some of the industry’s top talent. Never ones to take no for an answer, or stick to conventional representation, they have placed girls in editorials and covers of such esteemed publications as Vogue, Elle, V, French and Bazaar according to their website.

In terms of image educates, “What do you think you look like? Body image is the mental representation one creates, but it may or may not bear close relation to how others actually see you. Body image is subject to all kinds of distortion from internal elements like our emotions, moods, early experiences, attitudes of our parents, and much more. Nevertheless, it strongly influences behavior.”

As always from that group, well said. Here is how many are viewing Chloe based upon the online comments.

“She is very beautiful! I wish more people had that kind of unshakable confidence in themselves.”

“Hotter than any other beauty pageant winner.”

“Wow she is beautiful.”

As of this writing, here is a brief video in tribute to Chloe’s beauty.

When Femcompetitor Magazine began to first reach out to the world of Plus Sized models, we did it with an eye to diversity and inclusion and in all honestly with lust as well. The image of beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and many of us get massive whiplash when we are driving or walking down the street and a curvy girl is strutting her stuff.


What we didn’t realize was this huge firestorm that is raging within the modeling community where there are factions that embrace the idea that body image is subjective and curves are beautiful too as opposed to the other camp that is enraged that models like Chloe are encouraging young impressionable girls to find what they term as obesity, acceptable.

Wow. And we thought we had issues in our competitive submission wrestling world.

The issue surrounding this in the modeling world can be deadly. As we have now written a number of articles on plus sized models, some still not published, we were astonished at the number of extremely thin and well known models who have died of anorexia.

French model Isabelle Caro succumbed to this unfortunate affliction and it was reported out of guilt her mother later committed suicide. The casualties continue.

The globally respected news and information source reports, “Chloe’s success comes as the debate about the use of size zero models in the fashion industry continues.

The debate was sparked last year when a Uruguayan model, Luisel Ramos, 22, died of heart failure after starving herself.

In November, a 21-year-old Brazilian model, Ana Carolina Reston, died from anorexia.

The deaths prompted organizers of Madrid Fashion Week to ban underweight models, while Milan followed suit with a code of conduct to stop anorexic-looking models being used in shows.

The British Fashion Council, however, refused to ban size zero women from taking part in London Fashion Week.

Doctors and women’s groups have expressed concern that the use of underweight models encourages anorexia in the industry and sends a dangerous signal to girls.

We don’t want to turn this article into a debate since it’s written with a view of our appreciation of Chloe’s beauty but apparently she has been a lightning rod for controversy. Here is one view of many from the other side.

Published in 2008, a writer for the well-read expressed, “Chloe Marshall has caused a storm by becoming the first size 16 beauty queen to reach the finals of the Miss England contest.

Feted and fawned over for her courage in daring to break the mould, Chloe boasts she wants to be an “ambassador for curves”.

Who on earth does she think she’s kidding? What she’s demonstrating isn’t bravery but a shocking lack of self-control.

Instead of flaunting her figure, Chloe ought to own up to the truth. She is fat and she got that way by over-eating.

I don’t take any pleasure in attacking Chloe – after all she’s only 17. But I think she has been very badly advised in her bid to champion the cause of bigger girls.”

Wow. Please tell us what you really think.

In a free society this discussion could saunter down the catwalk endlessly.

In an interview with, an advocate for plus size models, Chloe reiterated, “When I was 15 I decided I wanted to be a model and signed with a Modeling Agency in London when I was 16. I entered the Miss Surrey Pageant because I wanted to show people that there is an alternative to the size zero conception of beauty. Entering the Pageant was amazing and I received a lot of positive press and also positive emails and letters from the public.”

So for our purposes here, we do admire Chloe’s courage and her success. She has chosen to design her image in a way that she is comfortable with. It’s a personal choice.

As for us, while we respect the concerns regarding health, for now we are content to fall in love with the sensual image of Chloe.

~ ~ ~

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