November 21, 2019,

Reasons are plentiful and very sound as to why we fear and resist change.

The acknowledgement may start in small increments and once we begin to recognize what it is, it can be a very saddening affair especially in our lives if the before is far better than the now.

Our focus here is change that we cannot control or stop.

Having said that, our ability to accept the above type of change becomes easier if we embrace and become pro-active with the changes that we need to implement for our health and relationships.

It is the change we hope to see and participate in.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”… John F. Kennedy

Once we become of age we are fully aware that windows of opportunity and opening pathways are finite and very important during certain stretches of the life journey.

When is the best time to coach your child? It is when they are with you in the home. One day they won’t be and you either did it or you were on the road and you didn’t.

When is the best time to improve your diet and exercise? As early as possible and make it a lifestyle choice. Heaven forbid, don’t wait for a health crisis to force you to change.

Some of us have and we can tell you it is awful and sometimes irreversible.

Perhaps the most intensive dynamic of change is that it forces us to realize that each day goes forward, we are getting closer to our death and non-existence. That is ultimately the final destination for all of us.

Is that direct enough?

There is another side to that coin though.

If you have become keenly aware of that, there is a tremendous opportunity to focus on what is important to you at critical stages of your life.

Career travel is primarily for the young. Being a part of the vibrant college dynamic is very different at 18 than it is at 38. You can still go at a later date but the experience is not quite the same.

It is good to become proactive with change. Before you can change the world, as the expression goes, you have to change yourself.

Become pro-active as it were.

We can look to film for many examples and here is an exceptional one about realizing there is a problem that affects many and instead of just standing by and going on with life and waiting for things to happen, usually bad, the protagonist takes steps to do something about it.

The Physician is a 2013 German historical drama film based on the novel of the same name by Noah Gordon.,, Universal Pictures photo credit

The film focuses on an orphan from an 11th-century English town whose mother died of a mysterious illness. Deeply affected, the boy vows to study medicine and decides to travel to Persia.

The film stars Tom Payne, Ben Kingsley (as physician Avicenna), Stellan Skarsgård, Olivier Martinez, and Emma Rigby lead roles.

Robert Cole, as the storyline goes, has an extraordinary gift, where he can sense when someone left untreated has a terminal illness. He notices this for the first time when he feels it as a little boy when his sick mother is dying of appendicitis, a disease of which he was unaware.

He eventually takes a long and dangerous journey on foot from England to Persia in order to unravel the mystery of ‘gut infection’, and to learn how to treat it. Trying to save other people’s lives, the main hero finds himself on the verge of death, which ultimately changes his own life dramatically.

Ascertain change in your personal life and insert yourself in the equation to alter your future and possibly others.

We now turn our attention to a visiting writer who has more intriguing insights on change.

Mr. Ray Goslin introduces himself, “Since 1993 I have been providing Business solutions to increase productivity and performance and Stress & pain management systems via Consulting, Online programs, Workshops & Seminars. Certified in multi-disciplinary mind body modalities of Clinical hypnotherapy, Physical therapies, Yoga.”

Nice credentials. It makes us appreciate even more what he has to say. Please enjoy.

Change By Choice


One of the most effective ways in dealing with stress is to change by choice. You see, if you don’t change by choice, sooner or later, you’ll have no choice, but to change. What do we mean by this? Our own conscious mind is constantly giving us feedback. It’s like a barometer. How we’re tracking in our life.

We need to look at this both in our personal life and we can look at it in business life to make things more effective and give us more options. When you change early, you have many options available and the job is easier. While we tend to resist change, let’s face it, change is the only constant. Night changes into day, day into night. We change our clothes every day. We change the food we eat.

These are things that are easy to do, but when it comes to more serious things in our life, we tend to stick to our old ways because it takes more effort to make those changes. Let’s look at it more in our personal life to begin with. What if you’re put on a few kilograms, if you’d take note of this, your own conscious mind is giving you a signal, manifesting as a physical sense in your body that what you’re doing isn’t working.

It’s easier to reign in when it’s just a few kilograms, but if you ignore it, and the weight becomes more of a problem, it becomes a harder task, doesn’t it? Also, other health problems may come into play. Then you not only have to make changes with how you’re dealing with food, but now you have to change how you’re going to deal with these other health problems. This compound becomes more difficult. Your options become restricted.

What do you do about if you know you need to lose weight? Instead of changing to the next fad diet that comes along, you need to change the relationship you have with food, because you know the last 20 diets didn’t work, so why would you expect something different? If you have aches and pains in your body and you have a belief that it’s just your age or it’s just a part of your life and you adhere to this, and maybe it’s even reinforced by other people telling you the same thing. The same limiting beliefs.

What if you were to change the way you think about. What if you will do things to become more flexible? Develop a more flexible body, and usually a flexible body and a flexible mind go hand and hand. Just as the same as a rigid body and a rigid mind go hand in hand and we get stuck in our ways.

As things get worse, become more complicated, our options become fewer. To the point where you have no more options. You either change or you pass a tipping point where nothing else can be done. By developing a flexible body and a flexible mind, this allows you to bend more before you’re going to break. Work easier, cope with stress more effectively.

If you’re suffering with stress, if you don’t do the necessary things to deal with stress, then as the systems become overloaded, it could turn into anxiety if you don’t deal with this effectively and pull it back to normal states of stress.

The final stage, when the resources run out more and more, this can lead into depression. This is when all resources have run out and the unconscious mind says, “I have nothing else available to you.”

Let’s look at this in the business world. There are always disruptors. We’re seeing it in the transport industry at the moment, and the resistance to women in the boardroom, from those trying to adhere to the old ways, “We have always run the system, and we won’t change. If they don’t change, they’ll have no more options and soon they’ll be out of business.

To give you an example from a book of Forbes which is going back a few years now but it’s still quite relevant. In 1987, Forbes celebrated their 70th anniversary and they put out a list of the top 500 companies. By the year 2000, just 13 years later, more than half of those companies were out of business. These were the companies that refused to change. They rested on their laurels and thought, “We’ve been successful. We don’t need to change.”

Any company that thinks “We’ve always done it that way, we’re not going to change because this is a way it is and we’ve been running the industry are in for a rude shock. Well, the disruptors have always been there. Go way back to Gutenberg. The invention of the printing press. Look how amazing the invention of the printing press was, what a great disruptor it was at the time, but how it empowered people so much.

Nowadays, we have modern day disruptors. In the transport industry, and in the accommodation industry. Those that try to hold on those old ways, those who resist change, eventually get squeezed out because their options become fewer and fewer. Instead of resisting, play the same game, learn what the new rules are. When you take action early, this eliminates the stress because the bigger the problem gets, the more stress is involved. Then you’ve got to start putting more things into play to the point where you either change by choice or have no choice but to change.

Many people have the attitude that “If only the world would change, my life would be better”.

You see, when you change, you alter the dynamics, so people, circumstances and events have no choice but to change. This empowers you to influence things for the better.

Over the next few years, 40% of jobs are just going to disappear. What are you going to do to stay ahead of the game? You need to be constantly looking, how can I improve things, how can I tweak this, what changes do I need to make NOW


  1. Do nothing, hold on to your limiting beliefs, and think you have no control over things.
  2. Wait for the inevitable, to the point where you really do have no option but to change.
  3. Change early, when you first get the sign, empower yourself, and take control of your life.


Start looking at things in your life. Take notice of what your unconscious mind is telling you. These things that are manifesting in your life. Learn to read your barometer, know what to leave and what to change. Change early, change by choice or know that you eventually have no choice but to change.

Which choice are you going to choose?

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