June 9, 2019,

You know of a couple that has been in your circle for over 25 years who announce that in their 50’s, they are finally going on a cruise.

First off, you are indeed happy for them.


Then perhaps a little quiet jealousy seeps in, especially if you are not in a position schedule wise or financially to take one yourself.

Those incredible all you can eat buffets, the romantic nights under the brightest stars, on the pitch black ocean, unobscured by any city lights, and the company of so many happy travelers from around the world who made it.

The winners in life make the trip.

They are having a measure of success, otherwise they wouldn’t be there, and they are sharing the good times and memories with you.

Or your friends at least.

As for those of us who have not gone on a cruise, we have to be content with our memories of the fun long lasting television series, The Love Boat.

The Love Boat was an American comedy drama television series set on luxury passenger cruise ship named the S.S. Pacific Princess, which aired on the ABC television network from May 5, 1977 until May 24, 1986.

Along with that show there were four three-hour long specials which aired in 1986, 1987, and 1990.

The series revolves around the ship’s captain Merrill Stubing (played by Gavin MacLeod) and a handful of its crew, with several passengers, played by various guest star actors for each episode, having romantic and humorous adventures.

It was part of ABC’s popular Saturday-night lineup of the time, which also included Fantasy Island until that series ended two years earlier in 1984.

We sure loved it. The show helped us to dream of the good life along with a successful marriage or long term romance. There, all dreams could come true.

Today there are many cruise lines that can offer you paradise on the ocean along with incredible stops along scenic and exotic ports but one that stands out is, in appreciation of the Love Boat, is named Celebrity Cruises.

fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetitor.com, celebritycruises.com via USA Today photo

Celebrity Cruises is a cruise line which was founded in 1988 by the Greece-based Chandris Group.

In 1997, Celebrity Cruises Ltd. merged with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to form Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the latter since then. The company has its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Celebrity’s signature logo is an “Χ” displayed on the funnel of Celebrity ships, and is the Greek letter chi, for “Chandris”.

Very intriguing.

They have admirers.

U.S. News exudes, “Celebrity Cruises earns high marks from cruisers and experts alike, thanks to its upscale design and innovative cuisine. Celebrity’s fleet departs from U.S. cities like HonoluluMiami and Seattle. While you can sail on a smaller ship like Celebrity Xpedition, which transports only 100 passengers, you can also cruise on a larger ship like Celebrity Silhouette, which can accommodate 2,886 passengers.

Regardless of the ship you select, you can expect a high level of customer service, with each ship carrying approximately one crew member for every two passengers.”

That is a fascinating statistic. Now that speaks to great customer service.

They continue, “Celebrity’s ships ply waters all around the globe, with 2019 sailings making stops in AsiaEurope and the Caribbean, among other popular destinations. Voyages span anywhere from two to 19 nights, and excursions vary by cruise duration and itinerary.

No matter which itinerary you choose, you’ll find a full docket of onboard activities, including dance lessons, wine workshops and trivia contests, as well as relaxing pursuits like spa treatments. When you work up an appetite, check out the fleet’s variety of dining options, ranging from the Main Restaurant to several specialty restaurants.”

Yes, we are aware that we need to get out more and this enticing cruise line makes us joyfully and painfully aware of that.

But that shouldn’t apply to you. This group sounds like a lot of fun.

Why don’t we cruise over and have a visit at celebritycruises.com where they introduce themselves, “Who’s the best cruise line to sail on? Celebrity Cruises, of course. Winning Cruise Critic’s Cruiser’s Choice Awards for Best Cruise line in Eastern Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Alaska, it would only make sense for you to cruise with us. With Celebrity Cruises you’ll visit unforgettable destinations, receive outstanding service and taste culinary excellence, all while on board ships with stunning designs and luxurious accommodations.”

Let’s read about some of those incredible destinations.

  1. Take on the Caribbean on the most anticipated ship of the year, Celebrity Edge. Departing from Fort Lauderdale, become culturally immersed in historic Puerto Rico, sample wines on St. Martin’s French side or sit back and relax on Cozumel’s beaches.
  2. Embrace the Mediterranean on a 10-night cruise that will take you through the Mediterranean Sea and the vast terrains that encircle it. From the French Riviera’s sun-kissed beaches through the Balkans, the Greek Isles, and Israel – 10 nights might not be enough.
  3. Departing from Vancouver, Seward or Seattle, our Alaska cruises let you taste fresh salmon in Ketchikan, dogsled in Juneau, take in epic glacier views and more. All this aboard one of three amazing ships: Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Eclipse and the newly revolutionized Celebrity Millennium.

Three times is a charm and very vacation charming.

Under the stars.

Alongside the beach.

There is something else that is very novel and original about female friendly Celebrity Cruises.

Kate McCue is an American cruise ship captain, currently employed by Celebrity Cruises.

fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetitor.com,  celebritycruises.com via Cruise co.uk Crusie Line

When she became the commanding officer of Celebrity Summit in 2015, it was the first time that an American woman had been in command of a “mega” cruise ship. Prior to her time at Celebrity, she had worked as an officer for both Disney Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean. She is currently the captain of Celebrity Equinox.

The great news is that Kate started an important trend.

The informative team at cntraveler.com educate, “McCue may be the first American woman to captain a cruise ship, an honor she earned in 2015, but her story is emblematic of a paradigm shift in the cruise industry, where, for the first time, more women are taking the helm. Women now constitute between 18 and 20 percent of the cruise industry workforce, and five to 22 percent of cruise ship officers are women, depending on the line. Compare this to the global airline pilot industry’s five percent female statistic, and it’s clear that cruising is making waves (pun intended).”

Very clever and very good to know. Even better to see the wonderful trend unfold.

“I tell anyone who will listen to me: On a cruise, you can be with all these people, or you can be by yourself. You can find tranquility, you can find party, you can find new friends. I’m a cruise convert.”…Guy Fieri

You have every reason in the world to go on a cruise. Do it while you are young, healthy and strong. There is a difference. If the appreciation level is not there yet, it eventually will be.

Your soft memories when you are older will confirm it.

Don’t wait.

Do it now.

fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetitor.com, pexels.com Bruce Mars photo credit

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