Definitions of beauty are like listening to witnesses recreate images from a swift moving, gritty and intense crime scene. The descriptions are as varied and subjective as the person’s imagination.

You try it. Please provide terms that can describe a beautiful woman.

Better yet; let’s do it together.

She’s sexy, cute, foxy (very 70’s), hot, pretty, gorgeous, striking and of course beautiful; to name a few.

The competitor from Pennsylvania named Jenn is all that and more. She is so good looking that it takes two adjectives to do her looks justice. article, photo credit article, photo credit

When I first saw her getting frisked at Raslingal, I thought she was strikingly beautiful.

What also captured my imagination was the emotionally detached look on her face as it was being done. Some would have feigned being annoyed. Jenn said nothing and her face expressed even less. Back in my Fan Boy days, that’s when I became obsessed with her and wanted to see her in real competition.

Her travels took her many places but the one that seemed to become home was at Placerville, up Highway 50, north of Sacramento, a region of beautiful tall pine trees. Her group We Bring It was formed and there’s nothing like a reunion of old friends when she engaged in cat fights with Dakota, Keri Spectrum, Lia Labowe, and other Nor Cal warriors.


As much as I liked their product, as a Fan Boy, I was always a little leery of competitors going at it who know each other too well. I spoke about this at Femwin’s Los Angeles event with Ariel now almost five years ago. I had completely under estimated her because she had wrestled in the sisterhood up in the pines. Ariel reassured me that once the fighters made their agreements, everything after that was real.

Okay, if you say so, I thought to myself.

What I went by, and truthfully still do, is my gut feelings.

For an intense Fan Boy like me, great women’s wrestling is like a drug. It either honestly gives you the jolt or it doesn’t. I love WBI products and have ordered a ton, but even with great companies like Renee’s at the Haven (, Renee Catfighthaven, A Star We Need To See More Of ) or the masters at DWW; when the girls keep fighting each other over and over, for me it becomes like watching the baddest dude in prison. No matter how tough you act on the inside, you never know if you can make it on the outside.

I loved it when Germany’s Susanne fought away from the DWW tribe. Even though mostly a visitor, she still was on the DWW card quite a bit so I saw her as family. Thus when she fought at TPC and in America, sometimes I was surprised by her less than stellar results (Please view Germany’s Susanne, TPC, DWW; Soft Spirit, Hard Worker ).

Therefore I began to search for Jenn’s matches outside of the sorority.

She did some cat fighting at another really rough site and fought against Kira which was a great fight and I felt Jenn did better than I expected especially since Kira is a veteran cat fighter. I would watch another fight where Jenn took on a non-industry name at the same club and really had a tough time of it.

She wrestled more recently at another catfight site and competed against a shapely blonde newbie. She got off to a bad start and I wondered if the newbie was going to upset Jenn but she gathered herself and returned to veteran form. What prompted my lack of faith was when she fought…….Faith at WBI. The fight was a lot closer than I expected and Faith had her in trouble more often than I thought she should.

The real measurement of how far Jenn had come was when she agreed to fight one of the great champions of all time in Robin. I’ve seen Robin fight all over the world and all over the map. Whether it was with prompting from Ron at Cal Supreme, Phil at TPC, the management at Woman Warriors, APL, her own company or any other company; Robin is the real deal. article, photo credit article, photo credit

Because she is on the smaller side or “Littler than them” as Robin once said after destroying and turning a larger opponent into a cry baby; I sensed that many of her opponents had underestimated her and paid the price for doing so which usually ended with a full and patient Robin face sit as a punctuation mark.

So when it was Jenn’s time to face the L.A. Psych Master and greater So. Cal MMM (Mind Massage Mogul), I thought, oh, oh, spaghetti oooohs.

As Denzel Washington’s Training Day cop character would say (shouting with spit and blood flying everywhere), Spock ain’t got nothin on her!

Jenn’s fighting style can vary and I never liked that look away and use your hands approach she so often demonstrated. I felt if she had any chance against the Sitting President of Les Femmes Fatales; like a secret James Bond gadget, Jenn had better bring her, Renee’s, Ariana (I mean Keri), Lia’s, Dakota’s, Sybil’s and Kira’s “A” game hidden in her bikini.

Either that or become Ariel’s Doppelganger. No, not the nice one. The other one.

You can purchase the match at or

If we are fortunate in life, we evolve into someone else. While I will always be a Fan Boy as Minxy Li called me at a San Jose shoot (by the way, don’t tell Minxy that I name dropped), writing for FCI has changed me in that I’m becoming more emotionally detached at covering the beautiful female competitors.

Minxy Li

Here’s what initiated my metamorphosis.

As a pathetic Fan Boy, years ago I had written this letter to a Web Mistress who I would have loved to had for a Mistress. I remember jokingly showing it to a close friend at lunch and as he read it, I’ll never forget the look that came across his face. For a long time he was silent. He remained expressionless and then finally looked up at me and said, “This is weird. This is scary.”

Then he began to break it down for me.

“First of all, you are nothing to them and the thought of them having any feelings for you is absurd. You are nothing more than their ability to make their car payments, pay the rent on time or get groceries when there is less money at the end of the month. When they read something like this, they’ll think you’re either a potential stalker, a pathetic weak male who can’t get any girl friends or worse, you’re married and secretly trying to cheat on your wife. This is a business to them. Period. Burn the letter.”

Well. Tell me you really think.

So, this has been like therapy for me. I had the Jenn fix so bad that when Fewmin partnered with VeVe Lane’s Doommaidens for their 2013 event and I found out that Jenn was on the card, I began to research plane fare. When she cancelled, so did I.

So this is my cathartic waltz to Zen Jenn emotional detachment and I say that with some humor but with some truth also.

At Female Competition International when we write about competitors, our prime directive is to promote them but our greater objective is to watch the traffic they pull afterwards. As of this writing we are working on our rate card. We have had a second meeting with a Bank. We won’t speak about what we want to do, we try and speak only about what we’ve done.

Our inaugural site, which often featured articles on women from a female rights perspective, was created to show the corporations that despite what they had previously seen and heard about our industry that they too could comfortably live in a women’s wrestling neighborhood.

FCI Elite Competitor is built to build bridges and retain relationships with the faith based colleges of the WCWA and more importantly influence their decision to post our articles on their social media.

Here is what has already happened with our article driven format as opposed to the match download approach. We began publishing in January of 2013. At the end of that year I would say we had okay traffic. As we end this year we are up 700%. The bank has invited us to a meeting and now after two years of talking we are finally ready to sell to the corporations. Time will tell how things turn out. Life is risk with no guarantees.

Even with no guarantees, we are going to try real hard.


I’ve shot over 40 women’s wrestling matches. My frustration in the women’s wrestling world is that I feel we are rarely going to see the dream matchups and as long as producers like myself have to dig in our wallets and fork over cold cash for shoots, we never will. For starters, even at a $2,000 budget, which is small, we have to work with local talent because we can’t afford to fly the hired guns in and pay for hotel, food and then the matches also.

The corporations are our only hope.

The women’s wrestling events are so session driven that the priority for the girls has to be to drive the sessions. The wrestling matches are just the teaser. With this current trend, you’re rarely going to get dream matchups.

Wearing many hats and basing this on my experience as a coach in the elite California High School Sports arena, we have a way of sizing up skill levels.

In my humble opinion, few are at the level of Robin, Cheyenne, Kara, Ariel, Isamar and others. Watching them fight many opponents is like watching a movie where at the beginning, you already know the ending.

No junkie rush there.

So for example with Jenn, instead of sending her in to meet Robin, I would love to see her face Daisy Ducati, Olivia D’Angelo, Penny Barber, Shauna Ryanne or other girls at that skill level.

Beautiful and tough Olivia D’Angelo article, photo article, photo

To do that takes real money.

So when you are an FCI writer, emotional detachment is the order of business. Our bar is 1,000 word articles. Our sites our built to please Corporate America. We want readers to come, sit down, relax and read at our sites. No web to web titillated bouncers need apply. These articles take a lot of time to put together and things get real simple, so I’ll ask it in question form.

No matter how beautiful; if a female competitor’s article cannot pull traffic and the corporations are interested in your numbers, how many future 1,000 word articles would you write about her?

Typically when we promote a Fem Competitor through an article we write about her stats, who she wrestled, where she traveled to and where she’s from; then conclude in praise.

Jenn was special for me so I had to get this emotionally messy one out of the way first. We have another article on the shelf that deals with the what, when, where and why of Jenn.

We want those future dream matchups before time runs out. Detachment has easily defeated emotion and Fan Boy obsession.

So yes, when I watch a rare princess like Jenn, describing her in one adjective will not do. She is strikingly beautiful. But now, more than watching her beauty, after this is published…….

We’ll be watching her traffic.

~ ~ ~

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