The ability to salivate over rich chocolate and a gorgeous shapely model, without guilt, in the same story is a rare treat.

Discussing the incredible chocolate treats found at a specialty shop in Toronto before meeting our super sexy model is like eating desert before the nutritious, healthy and shapely main course.

It’s time for the main course and were salivating even more.

The super sexy shapely model Karyn Johnson and the gorgeous Curvy model Catarina Moda have roots in Ontario, Canada.

Let’s give it up for Canada by standing and applauding. If you reside in America, you well know that as far as neighbors go, Canada is environmentally majestic, border cooperative and unforgettable to visit.

We’ve been blessed.

Possessing an abundance of gorgeous women like Catarina and Karyn is a super blessing as well.

At her marketing site, Catarina shares, “Born in Mississauga, Ontario, I have been modeling since 2013. My modelling collaborations include retail, design, editorial, print and runway. Born in an Italian family, fashion and style have always been a huge part of my upbringing, and modelling, for me, is a natural extension of that culture. I love fashion, networking and anything that elevates the curvy woman.”

That doesn’t surprise us since we have often covered Milan, known worldwide as the fashion Mecca where virtually all of those with a fashion dream trek.

We want to hear more about Catarina.

The owner of SexyPlus Clothing, Stefanie Augusteijn smiles, “As a regularly featured model on our website and social media, Caterina is an important representation of the beauty and appeal of plus size clothing. On numerous occasions, our customers have complimented us on portraying beauty diversity as part of our product features, and this in turn, helps to generate sales. Caterina is reliable, always prepared, talented and extremely professional. She endeavors to support small businesses and other women serving the plus size industry. We highly recommend her and will continue to work with Caterina for as long as we can!”

Great. We look forward to that.

So many shapely women walking down major city streets have curves to die for, so it’s fitting that the shapely model Karyn Johnson publishes

You should check it out. She has a wonderful clothing and lingerie line. Her corsets are killer.

To meet a beautiful woman like Karyn, sometimes you need an introduction and the fun publication is happy to do a meet and greet. “Karyn Johnson is a Canadian plus size model who turned her passion for the beauty/fashion industry, and her lifelong goal to be a plus size model into reality. Karyn’s dreams came true in early 2010 when she was signed by B&M Models in Toronto, Ontario.

In less than a year she has quickly gained success modeling for plus size clothing retailers such as Lola & Gigi, Voluptuous Clothing, Sears, and Walmart. When this curvaceous bombshell isn’t modeling, she is the online face for the popular cosmetics company BALMSHELL (which couldn’t be more suiting!). Karyn is excited for her future as a plus size model and hopes to gain further success in Canada, the United States, and internationally.”

Good. We’ve been introduced.

Please let me straighten my tie. Karyn smiles and speaks, “To me, a woman with curves represents someone who knows how to enjoy life. When I see women depriving themselves from things, such as food, to meet the unrealistic expectations that are placed upon them by society, it truly saddens me.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in moderation and living a healthy lifestyle, but I would rather eat that piece of chocolate or spend my extra time with my friends, than spend excessive amounts of time worrying about fitting into a size 2. Just like an older woman with beautiful lines on her face showing a life well lived, I believe my “full figured” shape shows a woman who lives life to the fullest. And that is why I love and embrace my curves each and every day!”

The shapely model is expanding and gaining in acquiring corporate partnerships as Karyn did with Elle.

As we walk into the dressing area, it’s fitting that Karyn is based in Toronto, Ontario; one of the most diverse cities in the world.

Please consider this.

According to the United Nations Development Programme, Toronto has the second-highest percentage of constant foreign-born population among world cities, after Miami, Florida. While Miami’s foreign-born population has traditionally consisted primarily of Cubans and other Latin Americans, no single nationality or culture dominates Toronto’s immigrant population, placing it among the most diverse cities in the world.

This diversity is reflected in Toronto’s ethnic neighborhoods, which include Chinatown, Corso Italia, Greektown, Kensington Market, Koreatown, Little India, Little Italy, Little Jamaica, Little Portugal and Roncesvalles.

The city’s 9-1-1 emergency services are equipped to respond in over 150 languages.

The world is a fascinating place if we just take the time to get to know it.

Okay, you’ve been very good. It’s time for desert. We know that you didn’t forget about that mouth-watering chocolate aroma that we dangled in front of your taste buds.

This is so much fun. Why? When do you get the opportunity to showcase curvy girls and talk about eating chocolate without tossing in the words salad and diet? We are so happy to throw them both out, bowl and fork too.

Karyn is a shapely girl who loves chocolate and as a soulful 1960’s ballad would say, we love what it’s doing to her.

Hmm, what is a specialty chocolate shop in Toronto where we can sample some unique tasty chocolate?

Great. Found it.

The bell above the door rings so it’s okay to walk in. Oh the smell is heavenly. Okay we’re going to give you a menu.

Very nice. There is a review from “Sweet Olenka’s started with its chocolate, but it has since become famous for its summertime ice cream. Right on Lakeshore Boulevard West in Etobicoke, Ray and Olenka are the ‘mom and pop’ pair running this community hub, churning out favorites such as their “wasabi Buddha” truffles and dark chocolate ginger ice cream.”

A culturally rich neighborhood and specialty chocolate is well……very special.

Let’s keep reading the menu and go to the about us section. At they warmly announce, “Since 2007 our family run business has been offering delightfully delicious decorated sweets, cakes, and everything your sweet tooth needs. Our quality products are all crafted with love in store with the best quality ingredients. Our Ice Cream is hand made from scratch which gives it an amazing texture and flavor. We offer a variety of unique flavors that are gluten free and vegan.  Our cakesters and baked goods are wonderfully decadent. The ridiculously expansive chocolate collection is of the highest quality. We also take pride in making most of our products with a vegan option. Come visit and meet our friendly staff!”


Will do.

Do you see why we love living next door to Canada?

Meeting Catarina and Karyn was a very sweet and flavorful experience bathed in rich diverse erotic chocolate shapes and hues.

~ ~ ~

OPENING PHOTO FOUND  curvymag-com photo

Caterina Moda-Canadian Plus Model