Bad is good and good is bad.

Words to the effect, George Orwell said it first in his timeless novel 1984 and then Michael Jackson said it second in his timeless music. Right?

And yet neither of them probably knew the sensational and volatile Indie Wrestler Camron Star, but when you look at her entrance into matches, boy does it seem to apply.

She’s so bad that’s she’s really good. article, prowrestling-wikia-com photo article, prowrestling-wikia-com photo

The fans hate her because they love watching her so much. Kid’s yell and scream at her and laugh profusely. Parents sit by watching, making sure the little ones don’t take it too far and smile sheepishly. Adult males try and push her buttons as she walks by.

The way Camron wrestles, she has a way of pushing a lot of buttons and pressing and stomping on the right ones in the ring. article, youtube photo article, youtube photo

She has technique but she is clearly one shapely powerful brawler. Her punches hurt more, her body slams vibrate harder and her shoulder to body contact splatters.

She is one fun gorgeous blonde to watch throw down.

Talk about big babe wrestling. article, prowrestling-wikia-com photo article, prowrestling-wikia-com photo

Her match against Kelly Klein is a rough and tumble, super sexy classic. Camron otherwise known as the Natural Talent displays so much of her abilities in this Indie masterpiece. Kelly Klein never looked sexier in her snug fitting color coordinated outfit.  As of this writing, it’s still on YouTube.

Her match against Indie sensation Heidi Lovelace is a masterpiece in absorbing punishment, you not only hear the body slaps and punches but feel them too.

It’s time to meet Camron.

Let’s make it a little more up close and personal.

The widely respected Indie wrestling site informs, “She was once known as Allie Spirit…Florida’s bright-as-sunshine cheerleader who wouldn’t think of stooping to any kind of rule-breaking to capture a win. But then the cheerleader left, replaced by the cruel and violent Camron Star. The vicious wrestler didn’t only break the rules to win matches…she broke the rules simply to make her opponents suffer. Camron Star considered inflicting pain as much of a goal of her matches as having her arm raised in victory.”


Was that direct enough?

Her ring career began in 2001 and like many Indie pretties, her character development is constantly evolving.

As evident in her ring wars, she likes old school like Madusa Miceli and nature Boy Rick Flair. She loves old school aggression and inflicting pain like using the German Suplex.

Where is the village that help raise our Indie star?

Indianapolis, Indiana. Let’s travel there by race car. article, wikimedia,picture photo article, wikimedia,picture photo

Indianapolis is the capitol of Indiana. It is located in the East North Central region of the Midwest, near the confluence of the White River and Fall Creek. The city covers 372 square miles and had an estimated population of 853,173 in 2015, making it the largest city in Indiana, second largest in the Midwest, and 14th largest in America.

Approximately 1,971,274 people live in the Indianapolis metropolitan area (MSA), the 33rd most populous MSA in the U.S.

This is intriguing.

Indianapolis continues to be a distribution and logistics center, as more interstate highways intersect with the city than any other in the U.S.

Didn’t know that.

This has led to the city’s nickname as the “Crossroads of America.”

Three Fortune 500, four Fortune 1000 companies, and a robust sport tourism and convention industry, contributed to a gross domestic product (GDP) of $125.8 billion in 2014.

Indianapolis hosts many notable events annually, including the largest single-day sporting event in the world, the Indianapolis 500 automobile race.

As headquarters for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the city frequently hosts the Men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments. It hosted Pan American Games X in 1987 and Super Bowl XLVI in 2012.

Did you know that about Indianapolis? I sure didn’t. There is more. Since we are here and we don’t electronically come to Indy often, let’s please enjoy.

Here is something else you probably didn’t know about.

At the fun site, they share, “Mark your calendar now for the 50th Annual Christ Church Cathedral Women’s Strawberry Festival. The popular Strawberry Festival takes place in front of Christ Church Cathedral on Monument Circle in Downtown Indianapolis. article, photo article, photo

Strawberry Festival utilizes more than 300 volunteers and serves an estimated six tons of strawberries and 18,000 homemade shortcakes. article, photo credit article, photo credit

More than 95 percent of the Strawberry Festival proceeds goes directly to local, national and international not-for-profit outreach groups. In 2016 we gave away over $63,000 in grants.”

That is wonderful to know.

Here is something else you probably might know.

In the historical section of the educational website they chronicle a very important event in history. “The federal government filed a libel suit against The Indianapolis News when the newspaper questioned Theodore Roosevelt’s work on the Panama Canal deal. The News editors were indicted but refused to be tried in Washington, saying the trial should take place in Indianapolis, where the alleged libel took place. The judge ruled in favor of The News. It was a landmark ruling for freedom of the press that still stands.”

As we slowly travel to the edges of town, let’s not forget something that will live in football lore forever. This has to be in one of this writer’s top ten NFL games of all time.

NEW LUCAS OIL STADIUM article, bnpositive-camron jpg article, bnpositive-camron jpg

Home to a library of powerful sports stories, reports, “The demons can relocate to some other team’s locker room. Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy are Super Bowl material

Manning led the Colts from 18 points down in the second quarter, and on a game-winning 80-yard drive late in the fourth, for a wildly entertaining 38-34 victory Sunday over the
New England Patriots in the AFC title game.

Sunday’s game was a show for the ages, and Manning was the star. He threw for 349 yards and one touchdown and brought his team back from a 21-3 deficit, the biggest comeback in conference title-game history.”

Remember that January of 2007 game? How can we forget? And it all took place in the great city of Indianapolis.

Camron is strong in part because she is from a strong region of America.

It shows in her game and persona.

We’ll let this tough girl get the last word in.

During her interview with she expressed in terms of why she is ambitious. “I’ve accomplished so much that most people will never see or know about. Those things helped me realize that I’m not wasting my time here. Now, I’m just here to provide the best show for the fans that I can. No matter what they think about me.”

When it comes to the Indie road warrior Camron Star? article, photo article, photo

Bad is very, very good.

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.