It’s a bird.

It’s a plane.

It’s a Frisbee?

No, it’s Braxton Stone-Papadopoulos kicking and sending her Taekwondo opponent soaring across the room like a flying saucer, the likes not seen since the 1953 film version of War Of The Worlds.

It’s a good thing that kicking is not allowed in Women’s Freestyle Wrestling competitions.

That footage was years ago when Braxton was an early teen but you sure can feel the magnitude of her power and charisma at her video interview.

Braxton Stone-Papadopoulos (born June 23, 1995) is a Canadian wrestler.

She won a bronze medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. She has been in competition with fellow world champion teammate Justine Bouchard. She has been ranked number 2 in the world.

She sure has made our great northern neighbor Canada very proud.

At their global site they proudly share, “Braxton Stone-Papadopoulos has enjoyed international success at all levels, beginning when she won bronze at the 2012 Cadet World Championships. A year later she was a silver medalist at the Junior World Championships. That came on the heels of her first senior national title at age 17 when she was named Most Outstanding Wrestler at the Canadian championships.

She went on to win bronze at the 2013 Pan American Championships and also made her debut at the Senior World Championships. After winning another national title in 2014, she competed at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow where she captured a bronze medal. Among Stone-Papadopoulos’ other accomplishments are a silver medal at the Dave Schultz Memorial in 2014 to go with bronze medals in 2013 and 2015.”

As you saw the seismic jolt of her power in the early video, Braxton initially earned a black belt in taekwondo by age 10.

She started wrestling at age 10 and was first coached by her uncle Stan Tzogas who had coached at the Olympic level.

Following the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Braxton made the decision to move up a weight class to 63-kg after she experienced difficulty reaching the 58-kg weight limit.

At the 2015 2015 Pan American Games she won the gold medal in 63kg category, defeating Katerina Vidiaux of Cuba 7-3.

In September 2015 Stone-Papadopoulos qualified for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro after placing fifth in the 63kg category at the senior world championships.

At the informative site, they share her fantastic accomplishments.

Year: Event: Result: Style: Weight:
2015 Dave Schultz Memorial 3rd place FW 63kg
2014 Commonwealth Games 3rd place FW 58kg
2014 Klippan Lady Open 3rd place FW 58kg
2014 Dave Schultz International 2nd place FW 58kg
2014 Junior World Championships 5th place FW 59kg
2014 Brazil Cup 3rd place FW 63kg

Those are incredible top finishes.

Braxton has also competed in hurdles for her high school with stellar results.

Why don’t we visit her supportive community?

Scarborough is a district and former municipality within the eastern part of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. article, By Simon P, Own work photo

Scarborough is bordered on the south by Lake Ontario, on the west by Victoria Park Avenue, on the north by Steeles Avenue East, and on the east by the Rouge River and the City of Pickering.

Over 200 years, Scarborough grew from a collection of small rural villages to become a large city with a diverse cultural community. It was named after the English town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire in 1796 by Elizabeth Simcoe, who was inspired by the Scarborough Bluffs which reminded her of white cliffs near her home.

Scarborough rapidly developed as a suburb of Old Toronto during the Metro Toronto years and became a city in 1983. Scarborough was amalgamated into the city of Toronto in 1998. The area is an administrative district in the new City of Toronto, and has its own community council composed of Toronto city councillors. The Scarborough Civic Centre, the former city hall, is still used by the municipal government of Toronto.

Scarborough is a popular destination for new immigrants to Canada to reside. As a result, Scarborough is one of the most diverse and multicultural areas of the Greater Toronto Area, being home to various religious groups and places of worship.

Here are the Bluffs from which Scarborough’s name is inspired. article, By Swatigsood at English Wikipedia

Braxton always sets very high goals for herself. She explains what is consistent in all of those goals in an interview at, “My goal is definitely to get on that podium. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that I can definitely make it on to that podium.”

Since she has consistently placed at the highest levels, in terms of her goals?

Mission accomplished.

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The global female sports community opens us up to all kinds of global experiences. Let’s traverse a little ways away from Braxton Hometown and explore Toronto.

We have a visiting writer with some wonderful ideas in Toronto exploration.

By Mike Niklaus

Toronto Shopping – 3 Popular Shopping Destinations

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  2. Next, when Toronto shopping, make sure to visit Chinatown on Spadina. Chinatown is a testament to Toronto’s unique multiculturalism, where you feel like you’ve stepped into another country from one block to another. In Chinatown you can experience great stores with fantastic Chinese culture, taste delicious Chinese recipes, and of course buy lots of neat things at great bargain prices. In Toronto’s Chinatown you can shop for clothes, paintings, lamps, antiques, jewelry and much more. I would go just to experience the food because the food I ate there is simply delicious! Definitely a unique place in Toronto and highly recommended.
  3. Thirdly, Toronto shopping wouldn’t feel right until you visit the popular Kensington Market. This is the place to buy cheap stuff at great bargains and sales. You can find clothes, suits, decorations, great food, furniture, souvenirs and more great savings in this extremely popular shopping region. It really feels like a Toronto market experience and I enjoyed simply walking through and browsing the great variety of things on display, the rich culture and the essence of a wonderful Toronto shopping district. This place is a wonderful experience.

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