Aristotle, a Greek philosopher and scientist born in the Macedonian city of Stagira, was often quoted with an immense devotion of time by admirers analyzing his thoughts. He once stated, “Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference. article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

The number of beautiful women who provide sessions in our great industry is endless. Their astounding looks alone are a great letter of recommendation.

But in today’s complex world, is that enough?

Private recommendations are everything in certain financial and social circles. In many ways we all walk on the same concrete and soil but in terms of access to certain circles, we might as well be in different galaxies.

This is perfectly illustrated in Director Luca Guadagnino’s 2010 masterpiece, I Am Love. article, Magnolia Film photo article, Magnolia Film photo

The film follows an haute bourgeoisie family through changing times and fortunes, and its disruption by the forces of passion. The cast is led by Tilda Swinton as Emma Recchi. Producers Swinton and Guadagnino developed the film together over an 11-year period.

Every cent invested; every ounce of sweat and every creative juice is well spent on this emotional time bomb.

The exceptional Movie Reviewer Roger Ebert expands on the film’s dynamics. “The Recchi family has been living in a particular way for a long time. Cushioned by great wealth, working in an industry associated with style, never challenged, well-educated, its hungers cloaked in tradition, it occupies its place of privilege effortlessly. Emma speaks Italian fluently, but with a Russian accent, a reminder that she is not quite one of them.

The feast opening the film is prepared by Antonio (Edoardo Gabbriellini), a friend of her son Edo’s. She consults with this young chef, and a feeling passes into her. Later, on a visit to her daughter in San Remo, she happens to see Antonio, and with decision follows him through the streets. This is all done without dialogue. The camera is pursuer and pursued. The longer she follows him, the more certain they must meet.

Of course they make love.”

The Chef was allowed into that world based upon recommendation and look how the stars exploded.

Femcompetitor Magazine greets and meets many female submission wrestlers. Most are wonderful. Some perhaps a little more than others.

Would you like us to share our thoughts on the beautiful women that made a lasting impression on us and we feel certain would share a sensational session with you?

There are eight on this list and we’ll take the easy way out and go in alphabetical order. Please meet THE GREAT EIGHT.

CHEYENNE JEWEL article, photo article, photo

I can’t say enough about how much I love and admire Cheyenne.

This writer has known her for years and every time I see her it’s as though I discover something new about her that thrills me. I did have a session with her and loved the firmness of her shapely form and the dynamics of her curves up close.

She has evolved into an industry giant. I still remember meeting her for the first time at a Los Angeles shoot ages ago where she was a star on the rise and a group of us had dinner under the moon light at a Thai restaurant. She and I engaged in an enjoyable conversation and she let me feel her bicep to demonstrate her strength. article - Cheyenne Jewel photo article – Cheyenne Jewel photo

She truly is a pro at this and understands how to mind meld a session around your strengths, weaknesses and needs. Her Mid-West demeanor is down to earth and a sense of comfort permeates. I think about the session often and hope to one day to repeat the experience. Her wrestling skills are superb, her conquests legend and her self-control an asset.

Her contact at WB270 is

Cheyenne Jewel, Beautiful And Appalachian Strong

Cheyenne Jewel, A Female Wrestler Growth Evident



I had to be careful not to be obsessed with this Nor Cal beauty. She is absolutely gorgeous in person especially if you love shapely women with strong feminine legs. article, WB270 photo article, WB270 photo

I first met FeFe after an Oakland video shoot and a group of us were going out for lunch at a Berkeley Thai restaurant. We arrived first and FeFe rode her bike; hence the strong legs. Both being artists, we got along very well and she whispered in my ear, “I’d like to wrestle you.”

Sweet music to my ears.

That was all she needed to say and I later booked a session with her. I salivated as I waited in a comfortable room at her agency Fantasy Makers. She showed up and smiled wearing a long dress but I could still see her shapely calves as I followed her to the session room.

FeFe is very easy to talk to and is a patient listener with a wonderful sense of humor. We wrestled and struggled in erotic warfare. FeFe is fantastic to session with and I went on to cover many more of her video shoots with pleasure. I wish the industry had more money so she would wrestle more frequently.

Her contact at WB270 is

FeFe – A Submission Wrestler With Style



This San Jose Princess has opened up so many contacts to me in the female wrestling industry because she is by far one of the region’s greatest recruiters. article, femcompetitor photo article, femcompetitor photo

She is personable, honest, professional and the girls have complete respect for her.

Every time that I show up to cover a shoot, forgive me for this, but I can’t wait to see her in a bikini. She is mouth-watering. On one shoot the British star Minxy Li competed and caught me staring at Isamar and labeled me a Fan Boy.

I plead guilty.

Her contact at WB270 is 

I have so many great memories with Isamar from video shoots to lunch at a tasty upscale San Jose Mexican restaurant and dinner with Penny Barber and Bella Rossi at a delicious Japanese restaurant.

I love being around Isamar and in a professional way, I’m sure you will too. She truly is a super star in our industry. copyright photo copyright photo

Isamar Gutierrez, A Wrestler With All The Right Stuff!

Isamar Gutierrez – A Sensational Wrestler And Recruiter!

Isamar Gutierrez, A Hot Wrestler Who Creates FanMans



You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. I’ve never been more impressed meeting someone for the first time as I was with meeting Maria Queen from Brazil. She is a young woman with great star power and yet she doesn’t let it go to her head. article, femcompetitor photo article, femcompetitor photo

We relaxed and spoke for so long that I wished it could go on forever. I still feel like I know her like someone I’ve known for years. It’s wonderful that she is super sexy with a very attracting feminine voice. It’s like listening to a song.

I interviewed her and extracted her super impressive resume both in Brazil and America. I would later watch her wrestle and witness her dominate tough industry opponents. She is the real deal.

She seems to value customer service and I highly suggest that you contact her for a session.

Her contact at WB270 is



Meeting Rain means that you never have to say that you’re bored. She’s non-stop energy and extremely enjoyable to be around.

I first met Rain back in 2012 at a San Francisco East Bay Area video shoot. She wrestled with high energy and was a crowd pleaser often saying “Excuse me!” to get the audience’s attention so she could smile and speak.

Rain (right) article, photo article, photo

We would later hang out at a San Jose area video shoot where she and sexy Nor Cal girl Evadne took on a sexy muscular fitness queen named Draga. When Rain took on the imposing Draga I held my breath but Rain did not disappoint. For those of you who are her video fans, you know she is a fantastic submission wrestler. photo photo

We relaxed and spoke of many personal things and I felt like I could tell her anything and mostly did. It was like therapy. I should have paid her. I really like being around Rain. I think you will too.

You can view information about her and where to contact her at


Rain DeGrey, Great Wrestler, Philosopher, Almighty Wise


 SAMANTHA GRACE article, femcompetitor photo article, femcompetitor photo

Samantha normally is not a recruiter but I got on so well with her after meeting her at an Oakland video shoot that I asked her if she would let me cover a video shoot in Canoga Park. There I got to meet the beautiful Kymberly Jane and have lunch with Darrius from Hit the Mat studio fame.

I’ve worked with and covered Samantha’s shoots so many times that I feel like we’re brother and sister. She is super sweet, honest and great to hang out with. Oh yes, she’s really great looking too, both front and back. article, femcompetitor photo article, femcompetitor photo

It helps that she is super sexy as well.

After Femwin wrapped up a day of shooting in Las Vegas, a group of us went out to dinner and I sat next to Samantha as we enjoyed a Cirque du Soleil reproduction of the Beatle’s illustrious music career.

I’m certain that you will love Samantha. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t. She even helps producers with camera work and interviews. It’s sure to be a session you’ll never forget.

Her contact at WB270 is

Samantha Grace – A Wrestler Who Gives More Than Expected

Las Vegas Events Past, Daisy Ducati, Samantha Grace …



Femcompetitor Magazine is so impressed with Shauna’s reputation and career that we have featured her in articles at least twice. article, Jeff Ragazzo photo article, Jeff Ragazzo photo

Ex-Military, her rise in the female submission wrestling world is now legend taking on all comers like star wrestler Jolene, Goldie, Miami’s Mikaela and more.

I always knew she was incredibly good looking and sexy so you can imagine my excitement and joy when I met her at Femwin’s VIP event and found myself in her head scissors.

It was heaven.

Shauna is very regal, elegant, classy, sexy and low key. A group of us met at dinner and she is a great conversationalist as well. I’m certain you would love to session with her.

Her contact at WB270 is

Shauna Ryanne – A Wrestler With Prowess, Power and Pride

Shauna Ryanne Is Magical, Inhale Her Stardust At Femwin’s …



Skylar Rene is beyond impressive. article - WB270 photo article – WB270 photo

There, I’ve said it. Ever since I watched her wrestle Julie Ginther at a 2013 New York event, push to the limit British star Minxy Li as well, I knew she was a Fem Competitor on the super rise.

We’re so happy that Skylar decided to wrestle. She could be a star in virtually any female sports industry and now is certainly a global star in our industry having wrestled abroad and all over America.

After hanging out with Skylar I wondered how someone very young and beautiful could be so humble, mature and well-rounded this early in life. Good for her. It takes decades for some of us to reach that place in life, if ever.

What I enjoyed about meeting her in person is that not only is she gorgeous but she’s very comfortable with the camera, diplomatic and professionally accommodating. She’s a natural. I was fortunate to also have a long conversation with her and loved every minute of it. I’m certain she would provide a fantastic session. article - photo WB270 article – photo WB270

It also helps that as of this writing she lives in upscale ocean side Costa Mesa where you can session with her and enjoy the sun, sand, beach and memorable outdoor Southern California eateries with your sun glasses on.

Her contact at WB270 is

Skylar Rene, Female Wrestler, The Total Package!


Helpful recommendations in life, while not always a guarantee of perfection, certainly helps us find people who may be an ideal fit for our goals and needs. When the shoe is on the other foot and we need a recommendation to enter certain circles, it’s worth its weight in gold.

The quietly engrossing film I Am Love, that relentlessly draws you in, is a reminder to me how people can live so differently, accomplish so much yet if we walk past them down the street, we may barely notice them. It would be enlightening to even for a moment enter their world but most of us will go a lifetime without ever doing so.

It would take a strong recommendation for passage even if for a moment.

Our female submission wrestling world is filled with sensuous women that if you walked past them down the street, you would definitely notice them and would probably hope that you could meet them under private, professional circumstances.

You can.

With a recommendation.

It’s one thing for us to write about these successful athletes, dancers, models and competitors at a distance. It’s another thing to get to know them personally and recommend them.

As Shauna so eloquently says, “Play by the rules and you’ll have a great time.”

Now that is a suggestion that we can recommend for all of the above.

~ ~ ~

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