Beneficial outcomes in life, large and small, frequently emanate from a powerful source.

The female wrestling scene is exploding with so much beauty, youth, athleticism and excitement.

One such gorgeous girl that exudes this new synergy and dynamic power is Barbi Hayden. article, photo article, photo

Watching her compete and entertain, she seems to be the source of the electric energy that influences the other girls. Simply put, when the girls wrestle Barbi, they have to bring their A game.

There is no slow motion in a match against Barbi. article, 30 photography photo article, 30 photography photo

It’s all or none.

Its full throttle personified. article, photo article, photo

She is the source of so much magical energy that her fellow wrestlers and audience can’t help but be ignited by it.

So much entertaining wrestling emanates from Barbi.

WHAT A BEAUTY! article, photo article, photo

“With the attention I got on my wealth, I thought I would have become a source of resentment, but it is just the other way around – it just generates that much more ambition in many people.”…. Azim Premji

Barbi would like to share her story with you.

It should infuse you with fan appreciation.

Callee Wilkerson better known as Barbi Hayden is best known for her frequent work in the National Wrestling Alliance promotions. Barbi first wrestled at WOW Let’s Roll on September 10, 2010.

Barbi has wrestled for NWA, NWA Houston, ACW, Women Superstars Uncensored, Velocity Pro Wrestling, and Ring of Honor and other Indie producers.

Here are some of her great accomplishments:

  • ACW American Joshi championship defeating Angel Blue, Athena and Portia Perez in a 4-way match (July 22, 2012);
  • NWA Lone Star women’s championship (4x);
  • NWA Texoma women’s championship defeating Bree Ann (December 21, 2012);
  • ACW Televised championship defeating Angel Blue (January 19, 2014);
  • NWA women’s championship defeating Kacee Carlisle (January 25, 2014);

When you look at Barbi’s online wrestling resume, it’s extensive and prolific. At her Social Media she also shares that she is the Youngest NWA World Champ In History.

The fan reviews reflect her being the power source of great admiration and appreciation.

Here is one such review found at “Unbelievably hot, and a great worker. Glad she moved away from the mid-west and to where the action was happening. Hopefully a short stint at Shine will lead to WWE.”

Understandably there is another. “My goodness, what is there not to like? Barbi surely has the looks but she also has power, grace and agility in the ring. No wonder she has top billing on about every card. It’s hard to find her equal in ladies wrestling today.”

“Friendship is the source of the greatest pleasures, and without friends even the most agreeable pursuits become tedious.”….. Thomas Aquinas

Kudos to Barbi for building long lasting friendships and business relationships that are propelling her to the top. For every great rise, there is a fantastic story that lays the foundation.

It’s time to visit Barbi’s hometown of College Station, Texas. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

College Station is a city in Brazos County, Texas, situated in East-Central Texas in the heart of the Brazos Valley, in the center of the region known as Texas Triangle.

This writer having been born in the Bryan, College Station area is very familiar with so much of the terrain.

This vibrant college town is 90 miles northwest of Houston.

As of the 2010 census, College Station had a population of 93,857, which had increased to an estimated population of 100,050 as of July 2013.

College Station and Bryan together make up the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area, the 15th-largest metropolitan area in Texas with 228,660 people as of the 2010 census.

College Station is home to the main campus of Texas A&M University, the flagship institution of the Texas A&M University System. The city owes both its name and existence to the university’s location along a railroad.

Due largely to the presence of Texas A&M University, College Station was named by Money magazine in 2006 as the most educated city in Texas, and the 11th-most educated city in the United States.

Very impressive.

The City of College Station ( is understandably proud of their community and is happy to share a little more background information. “Since officially becoming a city in 1938, College Station has grown from a tiny town of just 2,000 people to a diverse community of more than 100,000. Despite its exponential growth, College Station has found a way to maintain a small-town feel while offering abundant entertainment and recreational opportunities in a safe and wholesome environment. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

It is among the safest and most family-friendly places in Texas, consistently maintaining one of the lowest crime rates in the state. In addition, College Station has a strong spiritual side with every major religion represented among more than 80 houses of worship.”

Very good to know.

And I should know.

Having spent the summers of my youth in the region I can vouch for that. They are some of the most serene and extended family memories that I possess to this day. BBQs and baseball in the park.

Now for a little fun. is a fantastic source for finding the ins, outs and hot spots of any locale. They summarize Bryan-College Station well. “Welcome to Aggieland. Texas A&M University is the reason for being, not only for College Station but for neighboring Bryan, which was long ago subsumed into one metro area. Each school year the town’s combined permanent population gets a whopping 46,000 student boost. Then all the businesses on College Station’s main drag, University Blvd, really bustle. A few miles north of the university, the downtown Bryan area is a bit quieter but still has some bars and eateries.” article, photo article, photo

Love those Aggies!

Do you remember this storyline? We in Aggie land will never forget it. article, photo article, photo

The 2012 Texas A&M vs. Alabama football game was a college football game between the Texas A&M Aggies and Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant–Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This was the game where Texas A&M freshman quarterback and eventual Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel completed 24 of 31 passes, had 253 passing yards, and two passing touchdowns with 92 rushing yards to help No. 15 Texas A&M upset No. 1 Alabama 29–24, which led him to being the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy.

Thanks Wikipedia.

Coach Kevin Sumlin, please have a great 2016! We believe in you! article, photo article, photo

There was great excitement when Aggie football moved to the mighty SEC. This is a reflection of that excitement. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

On May 1, 2013, the Board of Regents at Texas A&M approved a $450 million renovation of Kyle Field. The renovation would raise the official seating capacity to 102,512 people, making it the largest football stadium in Texas and the SEC (surpassing Neyland Stadium by 57 seats) and the fourth largest in the country. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Like her hometown, Barbi is a wrestler on the rise, constantly improving and bringing attention to her brand on a national scale.

Maybe we should change that to a global scale.

When interviewed by the informative site Barbi expressed that she would love to wrestle in Canada and Australia. She also hopes to star in the WWE.

We’re confident that Barbi will surpass those goals. article, photo article, photo

When you are the source of so much dynamic energy, and so much power and enthusiasm emanates from you, in terms of important accomplishments, there are no limits.

~ ~ ~

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