Chalk it up to the glass is half full when others see it as half-empty theory.

When it comes to looking at fuller shaped women, we love the glass, well, half full. Very full. Really full.

Shapely full.

So this whole trend of Fitness Models who pose before and after pictures to make a point about how better a woman can look after participating in and purchasing their program doesn’t have the intended effect on many of us.

In fact, a number of us predominantly prefer the before photos beautifully presenting slight belly rolls and butter on the thighs,

Look, how many of you can say that from time to time you don’t love to have a morning meal that consists of rolls and butter with coffee?

As far as the thighs, that’s consumed at dinner time, which we always look forward too.

Thus when we came across the picture of the super sexy Fitness Model Ashlie Molstad, it was the before snapshot that got our juices flowing., article, photo credit

Rolls and a little bit of butter are gladly welcome.

“Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It’s a state of mind.”… Amisha Patel

Now don’t get us wrong, with a gorgeous girl like Ashlie, we love both the before and after sequences, it’s just that it was the before that made us stop and gaze while our eyes glazed.

You should meet Ashlie.

Which one? Well, in this case, the one in between. The current Ashlie.

At her vibrant site she is happy to meet you.

“Hey, my name is Ashlie, aka Foodie Girl Fitness! Welcome to my little corner of the internet., article, photo credit

?I am an entrepreneur, network marketing professional, founder of my amazing team the Follow Your Bliss Family, a leader, a fitness coach, a drinker { yup- champagne and I are in a full blown love affair}, a dreamer, a dog lover, and a full blown foodie, who likes colorful language, laughter, and celebrating life every chance I get.

?I started this health and fitness journey and along the way I learned that I don’t need to wait for someone else’s permissions to start working on my own dreams. And that life is way too short to give a shit what anyone else thinks about you or how many calories are in that cupcake or what the damn scale has to say about my relationship with gravity.

Two years ago I was in the throes of some serious depression, going through the motions of life checking boxes I was told needed to be checked, living paycheck to paycheck {but still well beyond my means. READ: debt!}, and completely at war with my body. When I stumbled upon this little fitness community and joined a private accountability group on Facebook… I was just looking to get in shape for my wedding, but what I found was a life I had never dreamed of.

What started as a fitness journey to fit into a white dress, has now become the biggest blessing in my life. I fell in love with the support and community of women I was working with in my accountability group. I fell in love with working out at home and the results I was seeing. And I fell in love with the way I was starting to feel. So I opened this page to share my journey, in hopes of just keeping myself more accountable and maaaaybe inspire a few other women to get started working towards their own goals.

I wasn’t looking for a job, I already had one- and it was my “dream job”. But it turns out the Universe had much bigger plans for me….as I started sharing, people started asking me for help. As I started helping them, my life began to change. I was feeling my depression lessen, I was making a difference in people’s lives, I was bringing in paychecks for my family, and I became addicted to helping people live their best lives.

I left that old “dream job” to pursue what really sets my soul on fire- helping people put themselves and their health first as they work to love their bodies and find that confidence that comes when you spend some time treating yourself to some long overdue self-love and self-care.

I am by no means perfect. I slip up, I still struggle, I love food like you wouldn’t believe- but I’m trying. Every day I am working to become the best version of me. Because when I’m at my best, I’m able to give so much more to others.

Through my private accountability groups I have been able to connect with strangers, who are now some of my best friends. I have been able to fire my boss and work from home full time. I have been able to build a team of other goal diggers and professional life changers that inspire me every day by the amount of lives they are impacting. And I am living in a body that I love- that I treat with respect and kindness.

My goal with this page is to share my journey with you, to hopefully inspire you to chase those dreams, take joy seriously and follow your bliss. Whether you are looking to change your body, your career or change both, it is my passion and pleasure to show you what I have done to change my life. If you’re ready to take your life to the next level and leave behind the things that are weighing you down, stopping you from pursuing your dreams and start focusing on the future, I’m all in. That’s what I do. All you have to do is reach out- send me a message here and let’s chase those dreams of yours TOGETHER!”

Mission accomplished.

Ashlie, we are very inspired., article, photo credit

So are others with wonderful insight and great reputations. They are clearly keeping track of Ashlie as she shows them how she rolls. At they share, “Fitness blogger Ashlie Molstad started her fight against unrealistic body expectations in four words: “Same girl. Different angles.”

That phrase accompanied a short photo series she posted to her Facebook page on November 11. In the first photo, she’s in prime Instagram form, reaching her hands through her hair, flexing her abs, and splaying her legs into a perfect thigh gap. In the second photo she is relaxed, lounging on a chair and letting a few stomach rolls peek through.”

Another powerful group took notice.

On November 16, 2016 at they smile, “Last Friday, 31-year-old fit girl and Beachbody coach Ashlie Molstad (aka @FoodieGirlFitness) posted two revealing photos of herself on Facebook: In the first, she’s standing in underwear and a sports bra, looking super swell. In the second, she’s wearing the same belly-baring outfit, but because of the way she’s positioned — sitting down on a couch — her body looks much different, with belly rolls, to boot.”

Sounds good.

Maybe this whole before and after body posting of gorgeous Fitness Girls will continue.

Make no mistake about it, we will keep looking for those posts. Salivating. Before and after. We always love rolls for dessert.

Why so?

Because when it comes to breathtaking beauties like Ashlie, that’s just how we roll., article, photo credit

~ ~ ~