There are times in life when you need to bring out the big guns. Every major civilization had theirs and no civilization had a more powerful elite force than ancient Rome.

Rome’s Praetorian Guard provided a variety of high level services.

Equal parts secret service, Special Forces and urban administrators, these specially trained and handpicked soldiers are most famous for serving as the sworn bodyguard of the Roman ruler, but they were also used as a Jack-of-all-trades force in the service of the Empire. Guardsmen fought alongside the legions on campaigns, put down uprisings, pacified rioters and served as security at gladiator shows and chariot races.

When you walk eyes wide open into the impossible abyss, be sure to bring them with you.

I heard through the grapevine that you want to wrestle Arekah Lox? Is that true? article, photo article, photo

Well if so, I have just three things to very delicately say to you in my Texas accent.

First off, you’re gonna git you’re butt kicked.

Second, you’re gonna git your tailed whipped.

And third, you’re gonna git your head handed back to you on a platter and it ain’t gonna be silver.

More like black and blue.

Did I mention you’re probably going to have sore ribs too?

My suggestion is to hire one of the Praetorian Guard to come with you to your session.

I mean when a chick wears tee shirts that blare expressions that say words to the effect, if you’re a mean girl, you get stiches. If you talk smack, you get smacked.

Oh, by the way, please don’t tell her I called her a chick. I meant to say lady.

But hey, look at it this way. Painful though it may be, you’re going to have a lot of fun. Look at what some happy customers had to say.

“Arekah is the best addition to come along in the wrestling/session industry in a long, long time. I have done this for more than 20 years and, at least for me, it is extremely rare to session with somebody new and have it exceed every possible expectation the very first session. Words simply can’t describe how good she is.  Arekah defeated me, and de-feeted me, wrestled me, squeezed me, stepped on me, toyed with me, taunted me, teased me and left me with the memory of a lifetime. Just take it from a very experienced player, she is absolutely tremendous.”

That was from and here is another from

“When she opened the door of the hotel room I was stunned by how beautiful she was. I am 5’7 and with her heels on she stood easily over 6ft. We discussed a quick fantasy where I had stolen some money from here which in reality was the fee, and she finds it on me and proceeds to attack me.

She was crazy strong. When she pinned me I could not move my arms one inch even with me as hard as I could. My arms had stretch marks I was trying so hard. Her scissors were horrible in the good way. Body scissors that me feel like my insides were heating up, and head scissors where I could feel and hear my skull popping/cracking! I was going 100% during the majority of the session and didn’t get one submission let alone her in one hold. She was easily able to pick me up and cradle me as if I were a baby. At one time she had me pin her in the classic school girl/boy pin and threw me off like I was a doll.”

Okay. Thanks for the heads up. It’s time to let Arekah speak and gentleman may I please suggest that you listen sitting down, chin up and eyes open.

“You will probably hear of my name and capabilities if you haven’t already.  I’m working on my all-around game right now, but fighting is not my only passion…I love the role play/fetish side as well!  I am extremely open minded and would love to play out any scenario…I get pleasure from pushing my clients’ limits and taking them to that place!”

Just between you and me, I know she wrestled Kristie Eztold twice but given the power that this chi….., I mean lady possesses, I would have loved to seen product of her going up against our industry Praetorians like Seattle’s Raquel, So Cal’s Skylar Rene, reigning queen Ariel, Cindy Huntress and Lia Labowe.

So often I research these Amazon beauties and they seem content to stay in the fetish world. That’s fine but I wish they would take the war wagons outside of the Fetish City limits a few more times.

Hope springs eternal. We producers need to come up with more money. article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

Arekah sessions in the Los Angeles, North Hollywood area and consistent with our prime directive, FCI tries to educate as well as promote the great stars of our industry. So many ladies ply their trade in Los Angeles that we have taken you on the basic tour many times.

If you travel to have a great time and session with Arekah, afterwards you might need some therapy. Yes that too, but I’m not talking about getting your head squeezed Zen style. Arekah already did that. I’m suggesting some physical therapy in this circumstance and there is no better metropolis to recuperate and get pampered than in Tinsel Town.

Hope certainly does spring eternal but after meeting Arekah, a nice spa and hot springs would feel eternally good. We are happy to provide you with a few suggestions.

This one looks sensational. article, photo article, photo

Here is how describes their great product. “Here at Glen Ivy, we are about the people and the memories that make for more than just photographs; we facilitate cherished moments that last a lifetime. We focus on spa care as self-care, not only for the body, but for the mind and the spirit. We are more than pools and spa treatments; we are about the community and the camaraderie that this place, Glen Ivy, inspires. Please join us in celebrating a spa lifestyle and together we will continue to nurture a more vibrant and healthier community of individuals, elevating life experience for all.” article, article,

If you’re looking to splurge a little and get a great return on your health, mind and body investment then could be your resting place. They breathe, “Burke Williams has elevated the spa experience to a new art form. Each of our locations incorporates the finest amenities of a world-class European spa, and our dedicated, professional therapists will treat you to the ultimate in relaxation and renewal. Make your escape today!” article, photo article, photo

Let’s try one more. Who knows? After your session you may need three treatments. I like this one too. They rub you the right way at and express, “Come for a soak, ancient Korean style. Stay for a treatment from our extensive selection of modern, global spa services. Return often. Wi Spa offers ultimate relaxation and restoration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Enter our expansive facility in the heart of Los Angeles, and be transported worlds away by our hot and cold baths and specialty progressive sauna rooms. Add a massage, body scrub, or facial. Or simply enjoy unique amenities including a full-service restaurant, fitness room, open air terrace, and delightful kid’s zone that earned us the honor of “Best Family Fun Spa – Los Angeles 2010.” At Wi Spa, we take the concept of a “day spa” to a whole new level – or four to be exact, with our Women’s floor, Men’s floor, The Family-Friendly JIMJILBANG and our rooftop terrace. Bring your nearest and dearest, or make it all about you. Either way, you are about to discover the way affordable and necessary luxury of wellness, the Wi Spa way!”

Feeling better?

Now before you get too enamored with The Praetorians, I should warn you that for a princely sum they could turn on you. If they did it to the Caesars, why not you?

According to the respected information source, “The Praetorians’ may have been tasked with protecting the Roman Emperor, but they were also the single greatest threat to his life. The unit was a major player in the webs of deceit that characterized imperial Rome, and they were willing to slaughter and install new emperors when tempted by promises of money or power. article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

Disgruntled Praetorians famously engineered the assassination of Caligula and the selection of Claudius as his successor in A.D. 41. Among others, the Guard or their prefect also played a part in the murder of Commodus in 192, Caracalla in 217, Elagabalus in 222 and Pupienus and Balbinus in 238. In some cases, the Praetorians were partially responsible for both installing and murdering a would-be emperor.”

So if you need some help to face Arekah, please bear in mind that the early emperors also relied on the Imperial German Bodyguard, a special corps of Germanic tribesmen native to the Rhine River region. Emperors such as Nero and Caligula prized the Germans for their skill in battle, and may have even trusted them over the Praetorians because their outsider status ensured they were less likely to be corrupted by Roman politics and power struggles.

I share this with you because I’m your friend and trusted adviser.

The Praetorians are usually adequate but when you’re going up against a beautiful, sexy, shapely Amazon with muscles of steel like Arekah…….

Buddy you just might need some back up.

~ ~ ~

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