Antscha possesses an independent spirit that can never be tamed or broken.

Freedom and power uncontrolled are a fearful combination. When bridled to a charging steed an independent woman can feel the spirit to soar to great heights in a world with no limits.

For over a decade the super star Hungarian wrestler Antscha has competed with energy, intensity and prowess few have known so it comes as no surprise that she loves to ride horses.

The site shares the significance of horses in Native American and Roman culture. “The horse also represents power in Native American tribes.  Native American tribes that possessed horses often won more battles than those who did not.  They also had more territory.  The number of horses a tribe possessed was telling of how wealthy they were.  Within these cultures and others, the horse is often an emblem of war.

In mythology, the horse is ever present.  The Romans linked horses with Mars, the god of the fury of war.  Horses were also seen pulling the chariot of Helios, the sun god.  In the Celtic mythology, horses were good luck and were harbingers of good fortune.”

From her early days when she grappled with arguably the greatest tribe of female wrestlers ever assembled in DWW, Antscha proved she could meet, greet and defeat. Again and Again.

Her resume at that elite proving ground included contesting Viktoria M, Bori, Tiffany, Anita, Zsuzsa, Hajnal, Kati, visiting German star Karine and more.

No matter the venue, Antscha was up for it. She defeated Orsi B. in the ring, Jana N. in overtime and rolled through Luna, Renata B, Anastasia, and others like a muscle machine in high gear. Her self- description explains why.

“I enjoy wrestling a lot and I have been doing it for 10 years so I have a lot of experience and know basic BJJ too.  I have an open mind, and ready to improve myself and learn new things. I like to do domination too.”

The female vs female wrestling industry leader Femwin sings her praises. “A very skilled wrestler, Antscha is almost unbeatable by anyone, regardless of size! This very fit Hungarian girl is a former gymnast and has wrestled for many years. She’s extremely strong, aggressive and loves to dominate opponents both mentally and physically. Antscha once used a lot of scissor holds to force submissions but after a knee injury she started employing a large variety of holds and because of her overall great wrestling ability she seemingly goes casually about her business of defeating an opponent.”

Would you like to wrestle Antscha? If so you should probably read this first.

“I go to the gym every day alongside swimming and horse riding most days! I training in wrestling 2 or 3 as well as BJJ…I do competitive, semi-completive and all kinds of fantasy and domination sessions for 12 years which means a lot of experience….Are you ready for me?” article - WB270 photo article – WB270 press photo

Are you ready for her?

Look. I’ll provide you with some encouragement. Antscha is from Hungary and if your muscles get sore from her muscles making your muscles sore, there are endless thermal spas where you can find rejuvenation and some great restaurants you can dine at and watch life in progress.

Shall we briefly travel to Hungary?

The respected European site explains, “Hungary is a landlocked state with many neighbors – Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. It is mostly flat, with low mountains in the north. Lake Balaton, a popular tourist center, is the largest lake in central Europe.

The capital city, Budapest, was originally was two separate cities: Buda and Pest. It straddles the River Danube, is rich in history and culture and famed for its curative springs. Hungary has a single-chamber parliament or national assembly whose 386 members are elected by voters every four years.

Hungary is a highly musical country whose traditional folk music inspired such great national composers as Liszt, Bartók and Kodály. Other famous Hungarians include Albert Szent-Györgyi, who discovered the existence of Vitamin C, writer and Nobel Prizewinner Imre Kertész and Oscar-winning film director István Szabó.”

That gets us off to a nice cultural start. Let’s peek a little closer.

The prize information source Wikipedia adds, “On 23 October 1989, Hungary again became a democratic parliamentary republic, and is today an upper-middle income country with a very high Human Development Index.[ Hungary is a popular tourist destination attracting 10.675 million tourists a year (2013).”

It’s worth taking a trip to session with Antscha. More praises are coming in and there is nothing like the testimonial of a satisfied customer. article - WB270 photo article – WB270 press photo

“I was lucky enough to have a semi competitive session with Antscha recently. I have probably had about fifty sessions over the years but I can honestly say that Antscha was the best…and by some distance.

She is easy company, relaxed and friendly from the start and she has the most beautiful smile, I know because I looked up at it many times! She also has a body to die for and is completely focused on making sure you have the best session possible. I am fit and 170lbs but although I did win a few falls the outcome was never in doubt, she is skilled, strong and drop dead gorgeous.

Do yourself a favor and meet this girl, she is one in a million…you will be smiling and aching for days afterwards.”

Power and energy can be used on many levels. Antscha has used it to travel the world and impress with her sensational wrestling skills. In many ways she is symbolic.

Infusing us with spirit the site surmises, “If a horse enters your life, you will probably feel a power within you that is sometimes hard to control, a bit wild and fiery! You probably love to travel. People with a Horse as a power animal are fiercely independent and have little tolerance for anything or anyone that limits their free expression.”

The horse serves man, but can never be fully tamed by him.

With a body groomed for battle, a mind trained to control it and a spirit urged to propel it, Antscha is a rare competitor that only comes along in a great while. The temptation may be to capture her and bridled her. That would be a mistake. The hope of other female grapplers is to submit her. That is hard to do.

The reason why is because Antscha is rarely defeated and can never be tamed.

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