It’s a question that’s often asked at family reunions, co-ed dinner parties, and corporate lunches on the restaurant patio and probably any other place where men and women are socializing in a structured yet relaxed setting.

A female will look you in the eye and say something to the effect, “Hey, I know this is a little bit off the subject, but what do guys want in a woman?”


I’m puzzled, baffled and confused. How in the world can I answer that question for all men? I couldn’t then and I can’t now. Since I’m married, I can explain what I have wanted in a woman, past tense. But to explain what most men want in a woman, even today I’ll have to turn to the experts.

At the respected dating site, Christian Carter, author of the best-selling eBook Catch Him & Keep Him has much to say on the subject and Mr. Carter is a very interesting read but for our purposes here, I’ll try and capsulize.

He explains, “While every man is different, there are certain things about a woman that will make any man stand up, take notice, and make him decide he wants to get to know you on a deeper level. article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

If you want to win the right man’s heart, you need to know what it is that makes a man go from just feeling casual about dating you to wanting and needing you on a deeper level.  I’m going to take you inside a man’s mind you so you understand what it takes to trigger this kind of connection.”

He then lists four major areas:

  1. A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Playful
  2. A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Independent
  3. A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Emotionally Mature
  4. A Real Man Wants A Woman He’s Intensely Attracted To

Thank you Mr. Carter.

That list seems pretty solid to me. I’m now going to introduce to a very popular female wrestler to you whom a lot of men (paying with real money) seem to want.


She’s blonde. (You respond…..Oh Yeah!)

She’s German. (You respond….Blonde, German, Yeah Baby!)

She works out. (You respond….Wonderful!)

She’s definitely independent. (You are at the girlfriend stage, not wife stage so you respond….Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)

She’s well-traveled. (You respond…Where To!)

Who is she? Well Anna Konda of course! article - Anna Konda photo article – Anna Konda photo

Didn’t you read the title? More importantly in an interview with Ms. Emily Wasik of Anna explains one of the reasons she is so popular and lends some insight into what many men actually seem to want.

“Men will adore you if you bulk up and test your limits in terms of power. You can then present your man with a whole new spectrum of services. If he is impressed and intrigued, then he is the right guy for you. If he rejects you, then he is the wrong guy. In a healthy relationship, both partners must see each other at eye level.”

I sincerely agree with that. Let’s read on. She continues, “I want to motivate women to follow my example—to do weight training and to be proud of their female form. Everything I do is erotic. So I also want to turn people on. However, it’s not about sexual acts, but the overall context. A woman who builds up her strength and is proud of her body often shocks people because they think a woman with a few too many pounds should hate her body. The fact that so many men are turned on by me shows that this is (baloney).”

I have to admit that I am an Anna Konda fan.

At first glance I was a little caught by surprise especially since she was about to crush a large watermelon between her thighs, but over time I will concede I do find her to be very erotic.

Here is why I think many fans of female wrestling find Anna Konda to be very erotic.

She’s blonde; she’s German, very independent, knows what she wants and is shapely.

If you love to watch another fit, shapely female get dominated then Anna Konda matches are right up your alley.

There is no half speed with Anna. Seriously folks. When she wrestles it’s as though someone has found the heaviest brick in the pile and placed it on the gas pedal of the most amped up BMW ever produced.

There are crushing head locks, brain and vein popping head scissors, excruciating take downs, flattening body smothers and a relentless pursuit of anyone trying the keep running away style. Trust me, like the Terminator (complete with the German accent), she eventually gets you and down you go.

“You have been terminated!” article - anna yvonne+shut+up photo article – anna yvonne+shut+up photo

In her interview with   she shed’s more light on her popularity.

“The big company’s make perfect clips, they got the sexiest wrestlers….whatever -but why people love my clips is because I show always me, I mean a real person. Real action. Real trouble. Real victories. Real domination. Real surprises.”

If you would like to session with Anna she is located in Berlin. article - wikimedia photo article – wikimedia photo

She continues, “I never travel for sessions. The benefit for you guys is that you know, you always can have a session with me whenever you come to berlin. I got many fans in U.K. and my clients here are only 30% from Germany. People from all over the world meet me here. Also, from New Zealand or Australia. Always in my studio because real wrestling doesn’t works in hotel beds. I do only one session a day. This makes sure that no-one disturbs and that I can really impress you. I don’t do sessions to make as much money as I can. I do it to convince you in female strength! And this works best way here.”

When watching Anna work with other wrestlers, she is very professional and seems to create a strong feeling of comradery. When watching her male customers in mixed wrestling interact with her, they seem to love it.

This is FCI’s introduction to Anna so stay tuned for more to come. She is a lady of varied interests and services and there is too much to say about this sensational business woman in one article.

At the respected site of the mind, in an article by Eric Jaffe that addresses what men want as well. Among many things it states, “For the study they recruited young women to approach male students at random and have a brief conversation. Average-looking women, mind you—”moderately attractive,” even “slightly unattractive”—in casual clothes. No supermodels; no stilettos; no bare midriffs. It was important that the young man remain coherent. The ladies all told their guy they’d seen him around campus. They said they found him very attractive. Then some asked their man on a date. Some asked him to come over that night. And some asked him, point blank, to go to bed.

Nearly 70 percent of men agreed to visit the lady’s apartment, and 75 percent accepted the sexual proposition. At least one man asked why wait until the night. Another checked his mental calendar and said he couldn’t today but what about tomorrow. Another who refused on account of being married apologized for having to refuse on account of being married. Meanwhile just half the men agreed to go out sometime. Extrapolating the finding to the real world means that on any given first date, the man would sooner sleep with the hostess than dine with his companion.”

And now for somewhat of a summary.

“But the research did not stop there. What psychologists discovered is that underneath the simplicity, we men can be surprisingly complicated. We want women, yes, and we want sex. But we don’t always want a slender frame and sharp curves. Sometimes we want a good personality. And a good romantic comedy.”

On that score, Anna can definitely deliver the goods.

So gentleman, the next time you are at a social outing and your female associate keeps staring at you and finally asks, “What do men really want?”

You know what picture to show her. article - anna konda photo article – anna konda photo

~ ~ ~

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