Three times is a charm and three times would be extremely charming if Hollywood ever decided to produce a third remake of the 1958 classic sci-fi shocker and cult classic, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. article, Allied Artists Pictures Corporation photo article, Allied Artists Pictures Corporation photo

The original Attack of the 50 Foot Woman is an independently made 1958 American black-and-white science fiction feature film, produced by Bernard Woolner, directed by Nathan H. Juran (credited as Nathan Hertz), that stars Allison Hayes, William Hudson, and Yvette Vickers.

The story concerns the plight of a wealthy heiress whose close encounter with an enormous alien in his round spacecraft causes her to grow into a giantess, complicating her marriage already troubled by a philandering husband.

In 1993 it was remade starring the gorgeous blonde actress Daryl Hannah known for her performances in the films Blade Runner, Splash, Roxanne, Wall Street, Steel Magnolias and Kill Bill. article, photo article, photo

Now, if they ever wanted to make a third, we know the perfect blonde goddess who would be ideal for shaking things up.

“Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.”… Coco Chanel

Please meet the sensuous 6’2”, 190 pound model of blonde perfection named Amazon Hanna. article, photo article, photo

Isn’t she beautiful? article, photo article, photo

Here as well. article, photo article, photo

We would love to see her act in addition to her many talents which include wrestling.

She explains those talents to you. “I have a passion for jujitsu because it’s so complex and technical.  Grappling, strength training, kick boxing, hiking, swimming, world traveler, explorer, nature lover, intelligent, dominatrix, happy and fun.” article, photo article, photo

Did she say actress also?

Oh well. She does have more to say.

At her enjoyable site she expands, “I offer 2 types of services. Wrestling sessions and evening sessions. Wrestling sessions include semi competitive wrestling, beat downs, fantasy wrestling, and fetish holds.

Evening sessions is another service that I offer. For example if you want to hire me to accompany you to an MMA event or fight card or if you wish to take me to dinner.

I am currently available for sessions in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I am also willing to travel to various other cities if expenses are paid or if I am on a tour.

I can travel anywhere in the world if expenses are paid. To get more info on travel, please email details to Hanna. A good option is for you to fly to Las Vegas and do sessions there, where you can also arrange to go with Hanna to a (fight night) or night out on the town and dinner.”

There’s nothing like having dinner with a sensuous, statuesque woman who is very youthful in appearance yet elegant and mature.

It’s a golden blonde package wrapped with a platinum ribbon.

Here is what one happy customer had to say after having a session with her. “She looked awesome as she answered the door to her upscale hotel room in a shapely bikini.   She has a bubbly personality and was very welcoming.   She is extreme fit and very strong.  She is also incredibly agile for her 6’1″ frame.  She understands the “cat and mouse” aspects of a fantasy mixed wrestling session perfectly.”

Perfectly. Nothing like perfection.

For additional ideas on an extremely enjoyable time with Hanna, here are some of her suggestions:

  • Evening out in Vegas
  • Evening at special events
  • Hiking at Red Rock
  • Lunch and spa time
  • Dinner date and drinks
  • Tour of city
  • Session at Hanna’s (mat room)
  • Rent a ring for boxing

Ever since this writer got my first muscle car, when it came to gorgeous girls, I always loved the dinner and date experience.

Hmm, in Las Vegas where can we take a regal woman like Hannah?

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”… Diana Vreeland

Oh, I know a place. Let’s visit.

You could never take your eyes off of Hanna but she would forgive you if you dined with her at Alize since the view is breath taking. article, photo article, photo

They appreciate your patronage and would like to reassure you that your choice to make magic with Hanna was the right one.

At they warmly smile, “Notably ranked as one of the 5 highest restaurants in North America, Las Vegas’ Michelin-starred Alizé Restaurant is more than just a pretty face with a knockout view.

Granted, being on the 56th floor of the decadent Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas does allow for the city’s most breathtaking view of the Las Vegas Strip.

But even Alizé’s view is surpassed by its consistently phenomenal French cuisine and world-renowned wine cellar and cognac collection. Our Chefs have sourced the finest American ingredients and attend to every culinary detail with fundamental French techniques.

Established by Chef André Rochat, who began his formal culinary training in France at the age of 14, Alizé’s award-winning menus combine Chef André’s innovative French tradition with Chef Mark Purdy’s acclaimed flair and style.

At Alize, we begin each meal with the end in mind. article, photo article, photo

It is our intention, with every item served and every interaction made, to leave our guests feeling better than they did before.  We carefully orchestrate the details of each experience with a team that is committed to our guest’s happiness; it is an experience of exceptional quality and comfortable style.

To some, a great meal may be the fine quality of the food; to others it may be the superb wine selection or excellent service.  We believe a great meal is the sum of many parts and ultimately ends with a wonderful lasting impression because – after all – that is what will be remembered.”

We certainly love the attention to detail.

What a day. Have a session with Hanna during the day and share a lifetime memory at night.

Her email is:

Hanna sure has star power. Wouldn’t you agree?

If Hollywood comes calling for the third movie remake, since the second one starred a breathtaking statuesque blonde named Hannah, all they would have to do with the one starring our Hanna is update the script. article, photo article, photo

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