Evgeny Onegin is a 19th Century Russian aristocrat by way of inheritance who wears many societal entitlements on his sleeve, but never has his heart found its way there.

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fciwomenswrestling.com article, sci267.tripod.com photo

At one point in the film Onegin, starring the gifted and emotionally penetrating Ralph Fiennes; after he has returned from attempting to permanently get lost in the world, he stands by his cousin’s side who has found career success as a military leader, a man in the business of taking humanity but clearly one who hasn’t lost his.

His cousin is disappointed that Onegin has not stayed in touch and mildly scolds him with a probing question since he’s been gone for six long years.

“Is the world that interesting?”

How would you answer that question?

Though it’s changing, many in America have never traveled outside of the United States. In 2014, only 36 percent, which is up from 15 percent, have a passport (The British 70%). The numbers went up because recently it is now required to have a passport to enter Mexico or Canada.

Even within the States, if there is one city that you should visit within your lifetime, if you already haven’t, it’s New York.

There are many fascinating artists there and some are in our female wrestling industry.

One such person is Annie or widely known in our female wrestling industry as Amazon Annie (Queen of Squeeze).

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fciwomenswrestling.com article, amazonwrestler.com photo

For those of us who have been a part of the industry for some time, we are familiar with Annie’s exceptional wrestling skills, industry cooperation, stellar customer service and charisma with the media and privately in sessions with clients.

She has built a large body of work with the masterful VeVe Lane and her team at Doommaidens in New York City.

In speaking with FCI, Annie explains with her ever present smile, “I am 6 ft. and a natural 200 lbs. I am farm girl strong!”

You should see what she can do to a sturdy beach ball with her sexy thighs of thunder.

It was like hearing the economy go boom or bust!

She continues.

“Experience wise, I have two years grappling training, seven years wrestling men, have appeared on a few Japanese game shows and have worked with many video companies. I have a big smile and a bubbly personality. I would like to think that I have manicured my persona to be relatively wholesome, really fun and maybe a little glamorous.”

fciwomenswrestling.com article, amazonwrestler.com  photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, amazonwrestler.com photo

Annie? You have succeeded.

Here is what one of the industry leaders, Doommaidens had to say about her.

“Amazon Annie is a Glamazon; tall and blond, with feminine curves coupled with ferocious calves and thighs. Before becoming a session wrestler, she was an undefeated mud wrestling champ in New Orleans. Now she wrestles on dry land – or, rather, on the mats. Or in an oil wrestling match! And she is just as ready to lift and carry as she is to have a good wrestling tussle.

Annie’s incredible lower body strength, height and sheer athleticism make her a tough lady to beat! Don’t be surprised if she learns and uses your best moves in the process of minutes in order to smash you to pieces. She has a true competitor’s heart: pain or failure does not compute. She will only be satisfied if she comes out on top!

Despite her intimidating Amazonian height, Annie is incredibly personable and easy to talk to. She is friendly, jovial, and patient. But she’ll still wipe the mats with you!”

It’s wonderful when larger sexy girls wrestle one another. Annie’s taken on super star Kristie Etzold, journey level tough girl Sherry Stunns, powerful Clobretta and one of my favorites from England in Kali.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, doommaidens.com  photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, doommaidens.com photo

I’d love to see the day she takes on Skylar Rene, Christine Fetzer or Arekah Lox.

One look at those sexy powerful thighs and it doesn’t take NYC taxi cabs of imagination to sense what it would feel like to erotically and painfully find your head in between them. (Hint: Apple in juicer.)

Hot off the press, this is in from a gentleman who tried it, loved it and lived to tell the tale.

A customer from March of 2015 expresses, When I set up my first ever wrestling session with Amazon Annie she returned all my emails quickly. When we met she looked stunning, like a Goddess.

I was so nervous but she put me at ease with her incredible smile & personality.  When she said it was time to wrestle, despite me weighing over 300lbs she had me on my back, pinned, unable to move in seconds.

That and being crushed in her extremely powerful scissors was how I spent most of the hour. She got me in several other holds, but she is so strong tapping was the only way out of every hold she put me in. Annie gave me her full attention for the hour. She was so much fun I’ll now try more sessions & wrestlers but can’t wait to wrestle Annie again.”

In researching Annie, she’s well-traveled, creates easy, interesting and enjoyable conversation and loves to read.

New York welcomes you with the usual, magnificent suspects like Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. Their pizzerias and Chinese restaurants are mouth-watering and legendary. Since Annie loves to read, it made me think about the coffee shops which don’t seem to garner the same amount of attention unless they are in a Woody Allen film.

Perhaps we can receive some advice from one of the natives.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, projectlatte.com  photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, projectlatte.com photo

The progressive site gothamist.com shares, “BROOKLYN ROASTING COMPANY: It’s only fitting that the neighborhood be serviced by more than just dollar bodega coffee. Thankfully, BK Roasting Co. delivers, offering up fierce brews out of a capacious warehouse. There’s no need to spring for a fancy latte here, since basic blends like Columbia Santa Barbara, Guat Antigua and Iris Espresso stand strong with nothing more than a dash of milk, though you won’t be disappointed with, say, a cortado, for instance.

fciwomenswrestling.com article,  roadtrippers.com photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, roadtrippers.com photo

Hamilton Heights: THE CHIPPED CUP: This charming little uptown coffee shop might not boast much in the way of space, but what it lacks in roominess it far makes up for in attitude and ambiance, doling out delicious cups of Counter Culture coffee and delectable pastries to fiercely loyal clientele. Though the small space fills up with local freelancers looking to get in on free wifi (when it’s busy, you are limited to two hours), an outdoor patio offers extra room in good weather. On quieter days java drinkers can hole up on vintage mismatched chairs and couches and caffeinate in peace.”

Nothing like a warm cup of coffee and conversation after a session. That’s enough for now but please check out the article at http://gothamist.com/2014/03/12/best_coffee_shops_nyc.php

You could also session with Annie and knowing the city the way she does, she can turn you on to some more.

Every time that I hear someone say they have seen and done it all, I never believe them. There are so many places to go and far too many interesting artists to meet to accomplish that.

For those of us who have participated in sessions, we know that each one is very unique and yes, very interesting.

If you haven’t already sessioned with Annie, it should be on your to do list. Annie says it best when speaking with FCI.

She would love to meet you and “express some of the marvelous things that are being done in my corner of the universe.”

In the Russian masterpiece, Onegin, a retelling of Alexander Pushkin’s epic verse novel; our self-loathing hero didn’t seem to get many of the important things right, but traveling the world and meeting interesting people was one of the few things that he did.

~ ~ ~

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