The more things change, the more they remain the same and the lessons involved repeat themselves.

Great female warriors are timeless. article, photo article, photo

In Greek mythology, Andromache was the wife of Hector, daughter of Eetion, and sister to Podes. She was born and raised in the city of Cilician Thebe, over which her father ruled. The name means “man battler” or “fighter of men”.

Alkaia was one of Queen Andromache’s Amazon generals. Her name means, “Mighty One.” article, photo article, photo

As Fem Competitor Magazine has reviewed the matches of the Czech Warrior Princess Alkaia, 155 pounds of shapely gorgeous blonde athleticism, though a rising star, she is proving around the global female submission community that she is indeed a Mighty One.

And you want to know something?

She knows it too.

You go pretty girl.

At Female Wrestling Zone she has her work cut out for her as she takes on Freya, Veneris, Artemis, Lilith, Siberia, Katrina, Nica and Cobra.

The Czech Fighters all know each other well and the matches there are spirited and energetic.

Alkaia is all about power. article, photo article, photo

If you want to see her power on display then watch her match against 190 pound Power Lifter Domitia in a back and forth struggle that looked like it was right out a Hollywood Action Hero film.

Two big shapely blondes in a ground struggle is always a crowd pleaser.

vs Domitia – Sweet Sexy Big Babe Wrestling article, photo article, photo

Alkaia speaks to her power at, “I realize I may have an advantage over regular girls due to my superior build, strength and tenacity. I love all physical challenges, and I thoroughly enjoyed beating up AJ who’s heavier than me but stood no chance! I also love to pose and show off my feminine muscles.”

From our view, Alkaia is a very sexy, shapely and talented girl. She has beautiful feminine muscles and gorgeous thighs.

Beautiful and talented, what a combination.

Guess what?

A respected management team agrees with us.

At Alphacatz they smile, “Alkaia is a great new talent – just look at that body! This is how a true amazon is supposed to look like. There is a lot of power in those big beautiful meaty muscles, and Alkaia is all woman! Great curves and a great girl that is sweet to talk to but just loves wrestling!”

She even has a sense of humor. Look at some of the fun work that she has done for the leader in female submission wrestling videos, Fight Pulse.

NC-08: Alkaia pins down the attacker

Release date: April 21, 2015

Description: “Alkaia is doing her make-up in the dressing room when she is attacked by a molester (AJ). Little does the attacker know that Alkaia is an athlete and an accomplished wrestler. She pins him down with ease and keeps him in control underneath her. AJ’s struggles to dislodge Alkaia are futile as she confidently straddles his chest, neck and face.” article, photo article, photo

For you guys who love to wrestle women (who doesn’t), doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun? article, photo article, photo

Alkaia has a serious side too. Obviously. Where you ask? On the wrestling mats of course and while she has wrestled her Czech Republic contemporaries, she’s not afraid to take risks, step outside of her comfort zone and wrestle some of the elite at Femwrestle in Germany.

“Commit yourself to a mighty purpose.”… H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Here are some of her matches at THE BIG SHOW.

Antscha is probably pound for pound one of the best fighters in the business. She’s a former DWW disciple so why shouldn’t she be?

Thus while Alkaia decided to take her on, when you are a newer warrior going up against a far superior champion there are two things you want to happen. article, photo article, photo

Don’t give up.

Try not to get toyed with and completely embarrassed. Make them work for it.

Check out the match and see how our gorgeous blonde princess did.

Can you say ditto?

We can.

Especially if you are going to fight England super star Mystique. Not only bring your “A” game, but have your B, C and D game in reserve too. article, photo article, photo

Against Mystique, Alkaia needed it. Mystique, when she smells a strong advantage as she did against America’s injured Skylar Rene, she can be merciless.  Alkaia still has our respect for competing.


Not to under estimate our beauty but we sort of knew what was going to happen against Antscha and Mystique. For any newer fighter, those outcomes would be inevitable.

So we decided to purchase her matches against Mara from Hungary and Brenda from Germany.

Let’s start with Mara.

At Fem Com we felt this should be Mara’s to win since she has more experience and more importantly has learned from and trained with the great former DWW Fighter Tia. article, photo article, photo

Mara vs Alkaia turns out to be a great match. How good is it? It takes over 6 minutes before one girl pulls a surprise move and achieves the first submission. article, photo article, photo

If you love watching two nicely shaped Euro Princesses in a protracted ground war, you are going to love this match.

Next up is the very inexperienced but nicely trained Brenda from Germany.

The management at Femwrestle described this match well.

“The First Match from our November 2015 Femwrestle Event. Two very sexy and muscular Girls, Brenda from Germany vs Alkaia of the Czech Republic. It’s a very open fight. But girls want to win this match. Great action.”

This match reminds me of a National Football League matchup that features two expansion teams eager for a win, not knowing when their next opportunity on the rough schedule will afford them one.

Both girls are in great shape and the German Maiden in particular sports a fitness body of perfection. article, photo article, photo

Her wrestling is not quite there yet.

It will come in time.

Brenda is absolutely not a fantasy girl. She’s the real deal. She knows most of the holds, she just has trouble closing them out.

Speaking of “out”. This should be Alkaia’s coming out party.

Gorgeous Female Warriors In Battle article, photo article, photo

Watch this match between two very pretty fresh faced girls who want to win this one badly but of course only one will. We loved this match.

In a competitive match, Alkaia would also meet the nicely muscled German boxer Sandra as well.

“A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark.”… Dante Alighieri

Well it was nice to see the Mighty One up close. article, photo article, photo

She competes hard and seems to train even harder. She comes from a great stable of fighters and should continue to prosper from their internal combat.

Alkaia is a wrestler on the rise and should continue to impress and gain global respect.

What else would we expect from an Ancient Warrior Princess?

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.