The city where you live in many ways is your virtual reality.

A holodeck is a fictional virtual reality facility featured in the Star Trek universe. In the real world there is no such technology although scientists predict virtual reality tools similar to the holodeck (but without the ability to touch) “will become a consumer-ready product by 2024. article, photo article, photo, Paramount Network photo

Miami is ahead of the holodeck curve. article, photo article, photo

Blessed with gorgeous sun baked women, sensational spicy foods, white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, upscale marvelous homes built upon waterways and art deco buildings out of a TV series; living in Miami is the ultimate day to day holodeck.

It’s understandable that the super sexy dynamo Ainsley Rodriguez, from Miami in terms of insatiable excitement is way ahead of the fitness curve. article, youtube photo article, youtube photo

If you need motivation to get in better shape, Ainsley is the perfect inspiration.

She’s a Sports Nutritionist, Diet-Training Coach, and a ProSupps Sponsored Athlete Bikini Fem Competitor.

To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.….Tony Dorsett

Ainsley excitedly speaks to us at her inspiring site “For those of you who came to this “about me” page expecting to find a story about how I was once obese and magically lost all the weight…I’m sorry for the letdown. Truth is, I have been active since a young age with a profound admiration for dance and movement.”

You see what I mean? It’s a Miami thing. article, photo article, photo

She continues, “My shift from dance to the gym occurred when I entered an accelerated studies program in high school, forcing me to leave my current high school to participate in a dual enrollment program. This granted me the opportunity to graduate high school at 18 years of age with two years of college under my belt. At the time, I had aspirations of becoming a doctor, so the decision was a no-brainer. I put my future before the social aspects of high school and did what I thought was best for my future.”

There are thousands of inspirational stories waiting to be told about young women who yearn for a great education. They are stories of struggle and stories of success, and they will inspire others to take action and work to change lives.….Soledad O’Brien

Do others agree about her masterful success? Of course they do.

The fun site shakes and Miami bakes expressing, “One look at this girl’s rock hard abs and toned physique, and you’ll instantly know she is a fitness freak.” article, a photo article, a photo

Another exciting site exercise praise high lighting Ainsley is a young fitness model who has developed a loyal following on her social media accounts, with over well over 140,000 followers on her Instagram.

When you take one look at this gorgeous bright girl, you can understand why. Her interviews go on forever and there is so much to quote but the one that stands out is that her fans inspire and motive her, that’s why it’s so important to Ainsley to inspire all of us.

Believe it. We are inspired! article, photo article, photo

That was fitness inspiration. Let’s travel to Miami which easily inspires. article, photo article, photo

We could write countless paragraphs about this global sunny metropolis but if you want to feel the colorful holodeck electricity, let’s go Miami Vice art deco.

There is no better host to get this party started than They shine, “Miami Beach’s Art Deco District is the first 20th-century neighborhood to be recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, with 800 structures of historical significance, most built between 1923 and 1943. The fanciful pastel buildings, with porthole windows, ship-like railings, sleek curves, glass blocks, shiny chrome, and gleaming terrazzo floors are prime eye candy.”

With plenty of white sand and tan lines, paints a desirable holodeck picture. “South Beach has been called the American Riviera and an Art Deco Playground. Yet there’s more than fine white sand and colorful buildings to South Beach’s fantasyland of exuberant Deco architecture. South Beach offers an eclectic mix of world-class boutiques, galleries and stores. It’s also a culinary hot spot for everything from gourmet to casual beachside cuisine. At night, South Beach comes alive with crowds ready to go out and have a world-class evening out. article, photo article, photo

South Beach is an architect buff’s paradise. The Art Deco buildings are an iconic part of the city and its “sun and fun” history. Soak it all in; there are certainly more than enough things to do in South Beach, Miami.”

Would a tour of art deco Miami be complete without an epic celebration? Of course not. The nicely focused site pronounces, “Art Deco Weekend was created nearly 40 years ago by the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) to showcase the beautiful Art Deco buildings of South Beach, saving it for future generations.  MDPL’s early work was the catalyst that created the vibrant, world-class city we live in today.”

It’s a community festival presented by the Miami Design Preservation League, celebrating architecture, preservation, education, history, advocacy, art, culture and entertainment.

It’s also a fantastic place to meet inspiring, sensuous beauties like Ainsley. article, photo article, photo

To me, art’s highest purpose is to entertain, to enlighten, to inspire, to evoke emotion and to change an audience in some way, big or small.…..Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick

Good times and challenging, she repeatedly reiterates that her followers and fans help her tremendously. The amount of love, support and respect that she receives from them on the Social Media keeps her inspired and motivated.

In her interview at she surmises, “Of course! Let’s face it. There’s been times when ALL of us find it difficult to keep going and feel like just giving up. Making the mind-muscle connection and keeping my eyes on my priorities is how I get things done. Once you have passion in your life toward a particular goal you become unstoppable, relentless.”

Okay, it’s time to get in better shape and there is no better Fitness Holodeck to be inspired in than a visit at Ainsley’s. article, photo article, photo

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