The only direct portraits of Joan of Arc never survived, but the memory of the French Heroine that led the French army to important victories during the 100 year war will live forever.

The great fully competitive female wrestling industry is full of survivors and no one is a greater testament to that than the Warrior Queen named Afrika. article, photo credit article, photo credit

Afrika provides us with some insight as to why she has survived so long in a physically demanding sport at

She educates, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could attain the body and power you only dreamed about. Just by thinking about it? What if I told you that your mind actually plays the most important role in your success in getting fit and manifesting the power you need to be strong? Sounds crazy, but it’s true…Our subconscious mind has one all-important job, and it succeeds every time. What is this job? To prove that your beliefs are true.”

With a body that speaks to hard work, smart work and dedication, Afrika seems to be proving her own theory to be true.

Highly respected in the women’s wrestling industry, Afrika has worked with such stars as Jennifer Thomas, Liz Lightspeed, Helen Von Mott, Frankie, Belle, Raquel D, Hollywood and many more.

Her signature match for me was when she faced the legendary Helen Von Mott at an event and went toe to toe, bicep to bicep and stomach crunch to stomach crunch in a grueling match that was closely contested and decided by only one fall.

Female competition International is not the only one impressed with her. So many industry giants swell with pride when speaking of her. Here are a few:

The respected mixed wrestling site squeezes and states, “Afrika is a beautiful and very muscular woman who has been a Heavy weight bodybuilder for 12 years and only gets better with time. She has won titles at the world class level in Freestyle Wrestling, Powerlifting and Arm Wrestling and is currently training in other forms of grappling.”

A site to travel to for first rate FvF wrestling competition is Femwin. They express, “Afrika, from the Los Angeles area, is not only one of the most beautiful wrestlers in the world; she’s one of the best. In fact she has great difficulty finding other women to fight and consequently usually wrestles guys. Afrika’s an extremely powerful and talented wrestler who can apply devastating force to her favored holds which include all sorts of chokes, head and body scissors, bear hugs, arm locks, grapevines and the Boston Crab.”

One of her favorite associates, lifts and carries her praises. “Afrika, is not only one of the most powerful women wrestlers in the world, she’s one of the best. In fact she has great difficulty finding other women to fight and consequently usually wrestles guys. Afrika’s an extremely powerful and talented wrestler who can apply devastating force to her favored holds which include all sorts of chokes, head and body scissors, bear hugs, arm locks, grapevines, Boston Crabs, and unbelievably powerful body slams and power bombs!”

Afrika hails from The City of Angels. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Having traveled the scenic I5 route to Los Angeles filled with aqua blue water ways, framing majestic mountains and expansive open spaces decorated with fertile farms; every time I think of Tinsel Town, my muscles tinge with excitement.

Let’s put our weights in the trunk and glide down the sunny California highway to Afrika’s home.

Providing us with the weight bench, Wikipedia shares, “Los Angeles often known by its initials L.A., is the most populous city in the U.S. state of California and the second-most populous in the United States, after New York City, with a population at the 2010 United States Census of 3,792,621. It has a land area of 469 square miles, and is located in Southern California.”

In a city that has everything to do 100 times over, where do you start. Visit of course. Here are a few things to do to get you started.

“Los Angeles has one of the most dynamic dining scenes in the country, offering everything from street food to 5-star restaurants. From California cuisine to organic ingredients, food trucks; L.A.’s culinary influence can be felt across the country. Food aficionados can experience the restaurants of Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller and Nobu Matsuhisa, as well as a new generation of culinary stars like Kogi BBQ Truck founder Roy Choi and Top Chef champion Michael Voltaggio. Global kitchens can be found in culinary neighborhoods across the city, while L.A.’s beach cities offer some of the best oceanfront dining in Southern California.” article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

There’s nothing that I enjoyed more than dining with friends while sitting outside in the beautiful, often quiet fall like sunshine of L.A. under a stylish canopy.

There is something that you could enjoy that would enhance that experience.

Have a session with Afrika before-hand to build up your appetite.

Our Amazon maiden expresses, “I am in the process of getting ready for my 2015 world beat down tour, pumping iron, doing roadwork and working with my boxing trainer I am hitting the heavy bag and sparring with male boxers getting ready to kick your ass. See my new website for info regarding some mixed fighting events I will be hosting in the near future.”

Hmm, that’s one approach. Here is another. She continues; “I’m trained in pro-style wrestling as well as Olympic style wrestling and am available for videos for anyone that needs a strong dynamic girl for their wrestling projects. I do girl-girl matches as well as mixed and love beat downs. Can never get enough of those.

Visit me on my website and if interested contact me for sessions or join my site and if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite for your beat down fever then get hold of me for a live session and we will take care of you.”


When you meet her, there are lots of things to discuss. First I would suggest put your sunglasses on, (yeah baby, lookin’ cool), dress sports casual and relax. Here is the inside scoop.

Did you know that Afrika was once a fire fighter? I sure didn’t. Here are some of her favorite foods. Ready? Sushi and fat free frozen yogurt. How many times a week does she train? Six days a week when she’s not wrestling you. Who are some of her favorite wrestlers? Well the Japanese girls of course because they are non-stop. Didn’t I just tell you she likes sushi? article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Carl Edward Sagan, a great American astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, science popularizer, and science communicator in astronomy and other natural sciences was quoted as saying, “Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.

In an industry where thousands of women have come and gone, why has Afrika survived and thrived? Some of the reasons are obvious. She has taken immaculate care of her body, has kept positive long term industry relationships, and possesses a warm and down to earth persona while having a keen eye for customer service and product promotion.

There is another reason as well.

Like Joan of Arc, she stays in the fight until the victory is secured; never quitting and absolutely never giving up.

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