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A fitness company that is very comprehensive in taking care of the needs of their customers is 24 Hour Fitness. article, photo article, photo

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Treat While You Train™ to Launch in U.S. Club Markets in 2016

SAN RAMON, CA – February 23, 2016 article, photo article, photo

24 Hour Fitness harnesses the ongoing enthusiasm of the new year with a full spectrum of programs that represent core lifestyle principles of mindset, movement, nourishment and regeneration—the important recipe for achieving results in personal fitness goals and making the most of life.  Regeneration vaults to the programming forefront this month, with the exclusive new program launch of Treat While You Train™, tapping into the power of the nervous system to boost regulation and relaxation for recovery and re-conditioning.

Treat While You Train™ directs attention to how we spend our time and restore our energy.  From play to sleep, the body and mind need time to recover, reflect and regenerate.  The class uses the science of self-myofascial release; a form of self-massage with high-grip rubber balls that improve range of motion, eliminates pain, and prepares all systems of the body for the optimum performance. Along with a series of restorative stretches and stress reducing breath techniques, the movement patterns help regenerate the body and mind from the inside-out.

“In my 29 year fitness career, I’ve learned that without proper recovery time, not only will you reach a performance plateau, but you also run the risk of injury, and may even degrade your current fitness level,” said Treat While You Train™ program creator, Jill Miller.

“Treat While You Train delivers the dynamic combination of appropriate stretch techniques and trigger point massage to decrease the inflammatory chemicals that are released from strenuous exercise or the stress of daily life. It promotes recovery and enables you to get back to a regular exercise schedule with less soreness and fatigue much quicker.”

“Regeneration and self-care are ancient practices that we’ve ignored for too long and our health and happiness show it,” stated Lashaun Dale, Vice President, Content & Programming, 24 Hour Fitness. “Science has proven how important self-care is and we’re taking it seriously—educating our members about the power of mindful stretching, breath technique and relaxation. Treat While You Train™ is a valuable tool to sustain fitness, return from injury and restore vitality, regardless of where you are on your fitness journey.  It’s a great warm-up, cool down, or anytime movement fix that we can’t wait for our members to experience for themselves.”

About Jill Miller, Program Creator, Treat While You Train™

Jill Miller is the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide, creator of the corrective exercise format Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method. With more than 29 years of study in anatomy and movement, she is a pioneer in forging relevant links between the worlds of fitness, yoga, massage, athletics and pain management. She and her team of 400+ teachers consult with both clinics and professional sports teams globally on performance enhancement and recovery. Additionally, she is the author of the international bestselling book The Roll Model: A Step by Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility and Live Better in your Body.

That’s good to know. Here is something else of interest.

bootybarre® Launches Across U.S. Club Markets in 2016

SAN RAMON, CA – February 16, 2016

24 Hour Fitness, in partnership with world-renowned fitness and wellness expert Tracey Mallett, is launching bootybarre across club markets in 2016.

Created by Tracey Mallett, bootybarre is a 45 – 60 minute workout consisting of a dynamic warm-up and upper body work, followed by 30 minutes at the barre. Cardio drills are infused throughout, to keep the body moving and heart rate up. High-energy music is mixed to keep participants motivated through to the end and the workout concludes with Pilates-inspired abdominal and back work, followed by a restorative stretch. article, photo article, photo

“As a former dancer, I wanted to create a workout that incorporates elements of dance conditioning, Pilates and yoga, but modified to suit all levels of fitness while still being extremely effective and easy on the joints,” said bootybarre Creator, Tracy Mallet. “bootybarre requires no prior dance experience and consists of unique, deep-toning techniques with active flexibility, to tone and tighten the whole body in under 60 minutes.

“I’m thrilled to introduce this program to 24 Hour Fitness. It’s especially effective for people with time-crunched schedules because it builds total-body strength and flexibility, while keeping your energy level high.”

bootybarre is safe and efficient, using the resistance of one’s own body and light weights to tone and strengthen. Each exercise series flows together seamlessly and in a controlled way to keep the heart rate elevated and boredom at bay. The controlled movements in a bootybarre class are focused on proper biomechanics and strengthening not just the bigger muscles groups, but the smaller stabilizing muscles, which often get neglected but reduce pressure on joints and the spine.

“Tracey is a master at program development that is first and foremost fun and engaging, but equally important, that delivers a challenging progressive and authentic barre workout for total body results,” said Lashaun Dale, Vice President, Content & Programming,
24 Hour Fitness. It’s innovative programs like this that continue to expand the fitness world for our members and inspire them to live their best life.”

About Tracey Mallett, Program Creator, bootybarre®

Tracey Mallett continues to revolutionize the exercise world with her body changing techniques designed specifically for time-crunched individuals. A fitness professional for over 20 years, Tracey’s roles span from television host to author of two books to creator of a best-selling line of dance and fitness-based DVDs. She is an International Fitness and Wellness Expert, dancer, choreographer and Master Pilates Instructor who teaches around the world. She owns her own fitness and Pilates studio in S. Pasadena, Los Angeles, and is currently certifying trainers worldwide in the “bootybarre” technique. A former professional dancer and originally from the UK, she has presented her workshops at many major professional fitness conferences domestically and internationally.

About 24 Hour Fitness

Headquartered in San Ramon, Calif., 24 Hour Fitness is a leading health club industry pioneer, serving nearly 4 million members in 450 clubs across the U.S. For more than 30 years, the company has been dedicated to helping members change their lives and reach their individual fitness goals. With convenient club locations, personal training services, popular group exercise classes and a variety of strength, cardio and functional training equipment, 24 Hour Fitness offers fitness solutions for everyone. article, photo article, photo

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