Maria Garcia is a beautiful lady on the fully competitive female wrestling scene ready to flex her grappling muscles. article, photo credit article, photo credit


When someone is a national sports champion, travels the globe to compete, owns a dynamic night club and website along with a wrestling resume that includes competing against some of the industry’s greats, you would think that she would be a household name.

That being said, you get the sense that even though Maria has flown all over the globe, in the women’s wrestling industry she’s traversing under the radar.

Ms. Maria Garcia? article, photo credit article, photo credit

You are now officially on the radar!

Based out of the scenic Mediterranean seaport jewel Malaga Spain, Ms. Garcia reflects the passion, dynamics and spice one would expect from one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world. article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

Maria Garcia is a wrestler in demand.

Here is what the respected wrestling site expressed. “When GORGEOUS Spanish IFBB Pro Figure competitor, Maria Garcia, first appeared on the session scene we had to immediately contact her. We weren’t sure if and when we would have the opportunity to shoot the fitness beauty from Spain but as luck would have it…she immediately responded and told us she would be in Miami competing in her latest Pro Figure show.

So not wanting to pass up the opportunity we decided to hop on a plane from Boston to Miami and got there just in time to see her compete on stage as well.

Although Maria understands very little English she more than makes up for that in her understanding of the language of SCISSORS! As a professional pole dancer, and with her training in jiu-jitsu, Maria certainly knows all about the effectiveness of using her powerful thighs to her advantage!”

When you are a star, it’s hard to be humble but Maria manages that well as she explains her credentials in perfect English. “I’m an IFBB Professional Figure competitor from Malaga, Spain. I live here but I travel all around the World competing. I’m the Spanish champion in Body fitness (FIGURE) I competed in Holland at the Juliette Bergman Classic, at the Nordic Pro in Finland, in Orlando “Europa show of Champions” at the Pittsburgh PRO and against the greatest girls in the figure category and more at the Arnold Classic Madrid.”

The world renowned London Wrestling studio invited Maria to compete and here is a description of how she exceeded their expectations. “A very special video – the first ever competitive female v female match for both Maria Garcia from Spain and our gorgeous new wrestler Laken! Maria is 54kg and Laken 60kg, and as they are both pretty new to wrestling, we thought this could be a fairly even match between these two beauties.”

Ms. Garcia has gone on to wrestling a tough British girl in Mystique and even battled world champion Robin in the beautiful blonde’s domain.

The site provides an inside view. “Robin takes on Hard Body, Maria Garcia. A very tough match! Hard fought! Maria’s strength vs Robin’s experience made for an excellent match! 2 incredible beauties with very different body types and both with a keen desire to win are incredibly exciting. I can guarantee there will be a rematch!!”

Now that you have met her, let’s visit Maria’s domain; sensational Malaga. article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

Let’s listen to an expert at “Of course the great beaches of nearby Costa del Sol are what have made Malaga one of the most visited regions of Spain. But this town has more to offer than just seaside and sunshine! article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

It was founded already by Phoenicians, and was of great importance in the Moorish epoch. Highly interesting historical remains are left as well in the town itself as in all the province.

Add to that beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages, and perhaps you will know what for to come here… article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

The cuisine of Malaga is light, healthy and typically Mediterranean: Shrimps in all variations, roasted or boiled, and Pescaito Frito, fried fish, are among the major attractions. A regional specialty are Chanquetes, very small fishes of the family of anchovies. Boquerones in Vinagre are other small fishes which are put into marinade for a day or so, a delicious and very refreshing dish.

In the mountain-ranges close to Malaga, on the other hand, you’ll find dishes of game, sausages and the famous “Rabo de Toro a la Rondeña”, bull’s tail prepared in the style of the small town Ronda . Vegetarians appreciate the fresh and mature vegetables of the region.

But Malaga’s perhaps most famous recipe is another variation of those cold soups or Gazpachos, which are that typical for all Andalusia: Ajo Blanco is a fine cream of almonds, garlic and olive-oil.”

Yummy. Let’s keep going.

Here is what excitedly shares. “Health & beauty centers can be found almost all over the province. There are traditional and modern spas, innovative thalassotherapy and hydrotherapy centers, and internationally renowned clinics and wellness centers.

The extensive beaches on the Costa del Sol, their diversity and climate have transformed the region into the best holiday destination. Enjoy them in the summer and almost all the year round!” article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

The city site provides us with a gem that could change the whole travel experience. article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

“There couldn’t have been a better idea than exploring Malaga on a bicycle. As you maneuver through the amazing narrow alleys, the beach promenades and the winding streets of the historical center, one gets to know better about Malaga’s rich olden times, which would have never been discovered otherwise. Every day at Plaza de la Marina around 10:00 am, a guide accompanies a bunch of enthusiasts on a tour of amazing Malaga. Moreover, Malaga Bike Tours offer the option of capturing the best of Malaga in just less than four hours.”

Aren’t we forgetting something that Spain is famous for and proud of? article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

The night life baby.

The enticing site takes us by the hand, twirls us around and dances with us.

“Experience a different kind of nightlife in Spain, and make the most of everything there is on offer. One way to start the evening is with dinner and a few drinks in a music bar… or else you could go to a musical or the theatre. Then adjourn to a bar or disco with friends to carry on partying until well into the night. And if you want to prolong the fun until the next day, you can go dancing in all-night discos or drop into an after-hours club. And to round it all off –even though the sun’s already up– what could be better than a delicious cup of hot chocolate with “churros” (hot fritters)?”

Wow! This is the village that helped shape Maria.

Blessed with exotic looks, a perfect figure and sun splashed charisma, Maria Garcia is an exciting Fem Competitor who is using her muscle to wrestle, excite and amaze.

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