Movies that stir strong emotions are often reflective of the times even if the people who are alive in those times watch them and hope that it doesn’t.

The story may focus on acts of terror, pervasive violence, substance abuse, financial corruption at the highest levels, global nuclear threats, unsolvable pollution, rampant adultery, out of control super viruses, hopeless isolation, the inability to trust anyone in a long-term relationship and more.

When watching the film, the viewer quietly says to themselves, please tell me this isn’t true.

Most of the time it is. article, movieposter photo article, movieposter photo

Girlfight is a 2000 American sports drama film written and directed by Karyn Kusama and starring Michelle Rodriguez in both of their film debuts. It follows Diana Guzman, a troubled teenager from Brooklyn who decides to channel her aggression by training to become a boxer, despite the disapproval of both her father and her prospective trainers and competitors in the male-dominated sport. article, photo article, photo

The low budget film which was difficult to finance received great reviews and went on to become a cult classic. In reviewing the movie, the masterful film critic Roger Ebert expressed, “This is a story about a girl growing up in a macho society and, far from being threatened by its values, discovering she has a nature probably more macho than the men around her. Since the movie (written, directed and produced by women) is deeply aware of that theme, it’s always about more than boxing.”

I thought about the surprisingly sensational submission wrestler named Electra who hails from Seattle when I read this line by the lead female character Michelle Rodriguez, “I had to stop the boxing because your ego flies all over the place and I started to actually welcome the challenge of someone in the street stepping up to me.”

Wow, sounds just like Electra. article, WB270 photo article, WB270 photo

Given her talent level, oddly enough Electra is not high on the female submission wrestling radar.

She opened my eyes when she wrestled Cheyenne Jewel and seemed to get the best of her. When I had a session with Cheyenne we spoke about what happened that sweltering day and she had nothing but praise for Electra.

So did the respected industry site which excitedly proclaimed, “Electra is a knockout in more ways than one. Incredibly beautiful… but get the gloves on her, or in a ring, or on a mat, and she will knock you out … for real!”

After watching her decimate journey level wrestler Devon D’amo, this writer’s praise level for Electra is rising as well.

When viewing the match I didn’t know what to expect. Devon is fairly well known in the women’s submission wrestling community but primarily for her fantasy work and some matches at FWA in Atlanta. She also trained with a formidable professional boxer and wrestler in Hot Stuff Hollie who Femcompetitor Magazine once featured.

Hot Stuff Hollie, Wrestling Sensation, Boxing Legend 

There was the usual feeling out period in the beginning but soon Electra began to have an answer to all that Devon had to offer and then began her offensive assault.

The decimation included extended body scissors; close in body scissors, brutal chokes and a reduction in time between one submission after another until the anguish on Devon’s face made it clear that she had enough.

Interestingly as well was that Electra was such a good sport during the combat even allowing Devon back onto the mat after she had her trapped in the corner. It was afterwards in the post-match interview that Electra’s thinking was revealing. article, Twitter photo article, Twitter photo

She spoke about being comfortable in street fights, once even taking on four girls after one accidentally stepped on her toe. She relished the combat and took pride in the fact that she came out on top even after being sucker punched.

Like the character in girl fight, having been trained well in boxing she’s waiting for someone to bring it on.

Given how feminine and incredibly good looking she is, who would have thought?

She’s equally expressive about what she has to offer and how she became the great Fem Competitor that she is today. “I started lifting weights when I was 16, I’m 26 now….. That’s 10 years…. In High School at 18 I was already squatting 200 lbs.  I grew up dancing….. ballet, tap jazz & hip hop and did track in High School.  I was a sprinter.  I am extremely fast. I moved to Vegas and started boxing when I was 19.  I have competed in a few bouts and have not lost a match yet.  I worked at a mixed martial arts gym and trained in boxing, Muay Tai, Jiu Jitsu and Judo.

I am a very well rounded fighter and pretty much kick the crap out of anybody who challenges me.”

Okay, what movie did we hear that from? 

Given how gorgeous she is, fortunately Electra is also available for sessions. She smiles, “I love adding role plays to my sessions. I have been doing sessions for years and should quickly hit the top of the list of GIRLS YOU HAVE TO MEET!  I have tons of references and will travel if hotel and flight are paid for or if I get enough requests from a location.”

Sounds like a great plan.

The praises from satisfied customers, though a little sore, flow in as well. “Just saw her in Chicago and she was by far and away the best session I’ve ever had.  She had such an amazing attitude during the session.  In fact I think she enjoyed it as much as I did.  We laughed the entire hour, and she’s a great trash talker too.  The hour flew by, and we actually went over the 60 minutes by quite a lot and neither of us even noticed.  As for the wrestling….she is amazingly strong for her size, has a killer headlock and reverse choke hold and her scissors are murder.  For anyone living in Vegas, you need to see this girl.  By far and away…the best session I’ve had!!!”

Here is what another admirer shared. “When we met at the door I was blown away. Electra has changed up her workouts and she is ripped!  Her body is absolutely fantastic, and she has the beauty to go with it.  I had a great time wrestling with her and chatting with her during our match. She shoved me a few moves I’ve never seen. She’s coming along great as a wrestler, and I can tell as a boxer she could cause some serious damage.”

Electra apparently is available in Las Vegas according to one site and available in Seattle as well.

Let’s concentrate on the clean living capital of the Northwest.

Having been there several times, there is so much that you can do if you decide to travel to Seattle and session with Electra from relaxing at the great coffee houses, to viewing the arts, attending big time sporting events, dining at a fantastic restaurant or just walking around the city.

My favorite excursion was sight-seeing from a ferry. Let’s walk up to the dock and have a visit without getting wet. article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

Our captain tips her hat. “Seattle ferries are a part of life in this sophisticated city and two separate ferry systems provide year-round service.

Washington State Ferries operate passenger-car ferries within the State and to Sidney BC.

Clipper operates a high-speed Seattle to Victoria ferry service with passenger-only ferries.

The Washington State ferry system is the largest in the United States and loading from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge, to Bremerton and to Vashon Island is done on a 1st come basis.

Ferry reservations are not available except to Sidney BC.”

Yes, you get the opportunity to travel to Canada and session with Electra in the same day. Okay, let’s make that a weekend instead.

The fantastic travel site smiles as well. “The most direct way to get from Seattle to Victoria is by Victoria Clipper, a 3-hour crossing from downtown Seattle to downtown Victoria. They also offer trips to the San Juan Islands. This is a passenger-only ferry. While that might sound like an obstacle, it’s not really.  Nearly everything that is of interest to a tourist is in Victoria’s downtown core. A convenient strategy is to take the Clipper to Victoria and then take a double-decker city tour. This is offered in conjunction with a trip to the wonderful Butchart Gardens. It is recommended that you visit the Gardens later in the afternoon when the crowds have thinned out.”

Nice suggestion.

What I liked about the excursions is that the water is calm and the view of Seattle’s skyline from a distance is breathtaking. The trip has a very soothing effect.

You may need it after Electra gives you a desired whipping. article, WB270 photo article, WB270 photo

We hope to see Electra do more in the industry and she can if we provide the money and receive strong fan support for ticket sales. She is unique and has a great wrestling career in front of her if the opportunities come her way.

Even though she is sweet faced with girl next door beauty, always remember to be polite and please whatever you do, don’t accidentally step on her toes otherwise get ready.………..

Cuz it’s about tah be ah……. girl fight.

~ ~ ~

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