There are variations on the expression, an opinion is like a nose, we all have one. Be that as it may, would you say that all noses are created equal?

The same could be said about philosophy.

It too is like a nose.

We all have one but wouldn’t you agree that some noses have a stronger sense of smell than others? Some look better than others? Some make a much louder noise when being blown than others? Some have wider air holes and more hair than others?

So, the caution with philosophy is that although we all may have one, are they all equally as effective?

In the fully competitive women’s wrestling world, there are as many philosophies as there are philosophers that like to philosophize; including me.

(Ms. Money Penny left, Rain Right) article, photo article, photo

My favorite female wrestling philosopher by far is a person living where else? The San Francisco Bay area of course; the premier elite league where female, male and pampered canine philosophers alike can compete and are very insistent upon getting their way.

It’s a mountainous, cool, wind swept, fresh air paradise where bringing your “A” game is required for many coffee shop and fancy watering hole pontifications.

The good news about Rain DeGrey is that she’s bright, witty, down to earth and doesn’t pontificate. She educates. article, photo article, photo

When Rain is not wrestling for HBO’s programming, here are some of the life lessons found at her Twitter. Shall we go to school?

  1. Always tell the truth. You will eventually find that you have ended up with a group of people around   you that you don’t have to lie to.

  2. Relax. It isn’t all about you. Life gets easier when you learn to accept that the universe doesn’t actually revolve around you.

  3. I wish that I was half as cool as people seem to think I am…. 9pm and I am in bed with my cat and Twitter. It’s a party.

  4. This life is your movie. Make it one that people would want to see.

  5. It is human nature, really. We love to idolize. We are so quick to hero worship, popping people up on pedestals at the slightest notice. The only thing we like more than elevating people is knocking them right back down.

Very good Rain.

And just FYI, I don’t just think you’re cool, since I have met you, I know you’re cool and I like your life movie… far. Keep it up okay? I completely agree with everything you just said and I didn’t sniff out one bit of pontification. You did leave one off the list however.

May I add another one?

Read Magazine to keep an eye on their strong need to pontificate.

You see, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Rain at a small female wrestling event at a Dojo in the East Bay. I would also hang out with her at a private wrestling shoot produced by Femwin in San Jose and when I sat next to her we talked about wrestling, San Francisco and………well, philosophy.

There are many things that I love about Rain. First of all she’s great to work with and possesses a keen sense of humor with perfect timing. She’s tall, gorgeous and drumroll please…….is also a great grappler.

She has wrestled many of the best including Penny Barber, Isamar of San Jose fame, Dragonlily, Kara, Bella Rossi, my porcelain favorite Iona Grace, sweet rookie Eden, established star Wenona, superstar Ariel and many girlie mores.

A notch on my sports resume is being a former coach in the elite high school sports world where one of our charged reached number one in California, competing in the brutally competitive men’s track and field, 100 meter event, home of the United States fastest race horses.

Being from the competitive sports world, what I admire about Rain is that I’ve never seen her mail in a performance and she always goes full tilt. Rain also accomplishes what an established wrestling star should in that she virtually never gets upset by a lesser skilled opponent.

That behavior alone earns respect in any competitive sports environment.

Once you meet Rain, not only can you not stop talking to her, she’ll make you want to write about her as well. More than once. We certainly did (please click on the link, to read the article, Rain DeGrey Is Relentless!) article, photo article, photo

Hopefully it was a pontification free zone.

This brings me back to a person’s life philosophy.

It actually is an important subject that will be the focus of a later fully developed article because having a questionable philosophy or an ineffective one can lead to long term problems and dissatisfaction.

I sense even though philosophy can be the butt of humor, it’s important to develop your own based upon education, research and life experiences otherwise you can easily allow others to shape and direct your life which no matter how well sounding or meaning, it’s often in their best interests and not yours.

Be guided that way for years and it can eventually be emotionally, mentally and financially devastating.

The point being is that it appears shaping your own personal philosophy is extremely important and equally challenging. To develop a successful philosophy that suits your needs and future goals is critical if you expect to find a strong measure of happiness and meaning on this often confusing pathway through the magical forest we call life that is filled with cute rabbits and beautiful singing birds but also with wolves in sheep’s clothing or even worse, misguided sheep. Doing so effectively is like having a Wizard for a trail partner and Hercules as a body guard.

Step one may be to define philosophy which is always a good starting place.

What is interesting about that process and I think you already know what that is; when it comes to the professionals that define philosophy, like a nose…………

Still, here goes. Focusing on the common components that make sense is the goal.

Here is one found at the respected site, home to San Francisco State University. “A philosopher is a teacher,” he said. “Philosophy is teaching. It’s not a field that exists if no one is sharing information. Anytime we are engaging people, especially people who are not philosophers, we are engaging in an art that is thousands of years old.”

Let’s try another found at, “the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, etc. or a set of ideas about how to do something or how to live.

Perhaps we’ll consult our favorite information source, Wikipedia. “Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument. In more casual speech, by extension, “philosophy” can refer to “the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group”.

I could go on, but I think I mostly agree with all of the above. The other thing I found with my personal life is that your life philosophy will continually need to be re-evaluated based upon your changing needs and experiences.

Simply put, once you develop one, it’s like an IRA. You need to keep adding to it.

I love Rain’s life philosophy. She explained some of it to FCI at an Oakland interview. article, photo article, photo

When asked what her purpose in life was, our San Francisco beauty stated, “To make the world more open, less judgmental and less worried about what other people think.”

My philosophy?


~ ~ ~

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